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  • Sean: The snakes we can see aren't what scares me. It's the snakes we can't see that bother me, because I know they're out there.

  • Jenna: We'll adapt to jungle living - it's hard but we have to. The real trick is proving to others that you belong on the island.

  • Susan: Going in I thought this was going to be tough, but the hardest part, though, is the people. You gotta make them like you or they'll vote you off.

  • Sonja: Go get 'em you guys. (Sonja's departing words to her tribe)

  • Susan: (voting for Sonja) I'm removing the weakest link in the crew.

  • Richard: (on Rudy) They think he's arrogant; I'm out of here.

  • Susan: The chicks think I'm voting for one person, and I'm not.

  • Rudy: (on Richard) He's fat, but he's good.

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  • This episode began filming on March 13, 2000.

  • The tribes names, Pagong and Tagi, are named after the beaches the two tribes were staying on.

  • The complete first season of "Survivor: Borneo" was released on DVD on May 11, 2004.

  • When Susan votes for Sonja, she misspells as "Souna".

  • The Pagong tribe wins the first challenge of the series, which serves as both Immunity and Reward challenge. The challenge, entitled, "Quest for Fire," is a long obstacle course involving fire, and the reward, besides being immune from Tribal Council, is 50 water proof matches.

  • The first season is sometimes referred to as Survivor: Borneo, for example by Jeff Probst and staff during introductions of the All-Stars. Is also sometimes referred to as Survivor: Pulau Tiga. This season filmed in Pulau Tiga, Borneo.

  • Sonja is the first person ever to be voted off of Survivor.

  • B.B. Andersen passed away on October 29, 2013 from a stroke and brain cancer.

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Trivia (441)

  • In a one-time-only event, three weeks after the first season finale, CBS re-ran the entire season on 13 nights between Friday Sept. 15, 2000 and Friday Sept. 29, 2000 (every night except on Sundays) at 9 p.m. The show ran under the title-card text of: "Survivor: Back to the Island". This was a ratings move to compete with NBC's running of the Sydney Olympic Games.

  • Jeff Probst and Phil Keoghan were the final two candidates to be host before CBS picked Probst. Phil Keoghan later went on to host The Amazing Race on CBS.

  • The three items from Pagong that Sean and Jenna choose to bring to the Tagi camp are the wool blankets, the mosquito net, and the cooking pot.

  • At Tribal Council, a record number of castaways receive votes. While Gretchen gets the majority of the votes (from Richard, Susan, Rudy, and Kelly), the other six players who receive votes are Richard (from Colleen), Susan (from Gervase), Gervase (from Jenna), Jenna (from Greg), Colleen (from Sean), and Rudy (from Gretchen). This is also the first episode where Sean employs his alphabetical voting strategy.

  • Before the Reward Competition, the castaways are given a clip of their video from their family in order to get a taste of what they would be playing for. Featured in the videos are Chris (Richard's son), Tracey (Kelly's boyfriend), Julie, (Greg's sister), Tim (Susan's husband), Colleen's parents, Rudy's wife, and Gervase's girlfriend and daughter. The only person who does not receive a video from home is Jenna.

  • Richard celebrates his birthday in this episode. To celebrate, he spends the entire day in his "birthday suit," naked.

  • Gervase receives cigars, which he shares with the other castaways, in this episode upon receiving news of the birth of his son. This the first time tobacco use has been allowed during game play. Under official rules, tobacco is not allowed in the game.

  • When the camera pans to the jury during Tribal Council, a crew member in a blue shirt can be seen on the walkway the jury uses to enter the Tribal Council area.

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Allusions (70)

  • Jenna prompts this episode title when she says of Ramona during her tribal council vote that she “tried to redeem herself, but…too little too late.”

  • After Pagong receives the tree mail announcing the tribal council, Greg begins singing a song to his tribe. While he doesn’t point out what song it was, the song is instantly recognizable as “Something’s Coming,” from the beloved musical West Side Story.

  • After waking up, Greg and Gretchen begin singing the famous song from Mister Rogers' Neighboorhood, "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood." The series, which first aired in 1968, ended production in 2001.

  • This episode title refers to Gervase's comment that, "women are the stupidist things on this planet next to cows." All of the women take offense to the comment, and somehow, the blame winds up finding its way to Joel, who is voted out of the tribe.

  • This episode gave rise to the now-universally accepted term "Pagonging", which is when one of the initial tribes' members agree to all continue to vote the same way together after the merge to pick off members of the other former tribe. What made this situation unique was that the Tagi alliance of Rich, Susan, Rudy, and Kelly was able to start the 'Pagonging' despite not having a clear majority over the former Pagongs.

  • Kelly mentions that she “kind of [feels] like Luke Skywalker or something, like [she] crossed over to the dark side.” This is a reference to the ever-popular Star Wars series.

  • Richard refers to the game as “Machiavellian.” This is an allusion to Niccoló Machiavelli, a 1600’s politician who wrote The Prince, a historic book much like today’s Hardball, by Chris Matthews. It gives politicians advice and is a complete guide to politics.

  • The Immunity Challenge’s name and concept, “Survivor Witch Project,” is a spoof on the 1999 horror film The Blair Witch Project, which is now famous for it’s jumpy photography, almost as though the entire movie is filmed with the camera people running.

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