The Dark Side of the Swat Kats

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    The SWAT Kats get zapped into an alternate dimesion, where THEY are the bad guys.

    By Aelitarocks, Jul 16, 2007

    Come on. This was a great episode. Sure, the old evil version things isn't new. But the SK counterparts were so completely opposite from the originals, that you just enjoyed watching them argue as they went about their dirty work. In contrast, the originals worked together as a team. Funny that Dark Kat was still evil, considering this was an alternate dimesion. You'd think Feral would be the evil one, would've been really cool though. Imagine when the originals were first locked up, to have them come face to face with the one they loathe, only to have him spring them from prison.

    But still a really great episode.

    Loved it.moreless

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  • 9.5

    The Swat Kats are stucked in an alternate dimension in which the SK are the most dangerous criminals of them all!

    By McRazor, May 17, 2006

    This is a preety basic storyline for every cartoon of this type. But the great thing about this show was that it may start with 100 times seen before cliche ,but it will end totally unpredictable. The excuse itself for Swat Kats being transported into another dimension is preety ridiculous ,but beside that ,the plotline is exciting enough. The Dark Swat Kats are great villains ,and their charateristics are preety nicely described ,cause wherever good Razor and T-Bone are agree and depend on each other ,the Dark SK are arguing and fighting. That is preety nice way to describe the relationship between the SK. I don't think the Dark SK are actually died at the end of the episode. They ended safely enough to have a decent excuse to appear in the third season ,if it was a 3rd season. All in all ,great and memorable episode.moreless

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