Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron

Unlikely Alloys

Season 2, Ep 10, Aired 12/24/94
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  • Episode Description
  • The Swat Kats stop the Metallikats from robbing the Megakat City Mint, and in the process the two robot gangsters are severely injured, Molly moreso than Mac. When Mac finds out about Dr. Lieter Greenbox's new invention, the Micro-Brain Repair Unit which can fix anything, he immediately takes himself and Molly to Greenbox's lab and steals the device. The Metallikats use it to repair themselves, but in the process the device becomes contaminated by their criminal programming. Achieving sentience, it names itself Zed and proceeds to go on a citywide rampage, assimilating all manner of metal and machinery (including Mac!) onto itself, constructing an ever-growing armored shell. Naturally, only the Swat Kats can stop Zed, with some help from a vengeful Molly. Unfortunately, Zed's next stop is Puma-Dyne, where it plans to get its hands on the Mega-Beam laser weapon. Worse, Greenbox has become so impressed by what his genius has wrought that he's gone completely crazy and is doing everything he can to ensure that Zed's goals are met.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tress MacNeille

    voice of Callie Briggs

  • Jim Cummings

    voice of Mayor Manx / Enforcer Sergeant

  • Barry Gordon

    voice of Razor (Jake Clawson)

  • Gary Owens

    voice of Commander Ulysses Feral

  • Lori Alan

    voice of Lt. Felina Feral

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (6)

    • Mac: Hey, take only the big bills, Molly!? Molly: Duh! What do you think I was gonna grab? Ones?

    • Mac: Go ahead, insult me. I won't even get mad. Molly: Can I call you bucket-butt?

    • Molly: Mac, you're in one piece. (Mac's head is attached to a food processor) Well, sort of. You look like one of them food processors. You know, I've always wanted a food processor. Mac: HA! You can't even cook water.

    • Feral: I suppose you're responsible for this... T-Bone: Hey, don't try to blame us for this one! Feral: Actually, I wanted to thank you! But I changed my mind!

    • Mint Manager: This door is twenty-five feet of reinforced titanium on a quad-bolted timelock that won't open for twelve hours. Mac: Very impressive! Molly: But we're in a hurry!

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    Notes (2)

    • This is the series finale.

    • Turner Entertainment ordered production on the series to cease and all the workers laid off, claiming the series wasn't moving merchandise.

    Trivia (4)

    • What happened to the Turbokat? The last time it was seen, it was damage so much the engines wouldn't work and it was left in the middle of a road, presumably unguarded. T-Bone would never let something happen to the Turbokat. So what came of it?

    • In the scene at the hangar, when Razor was hanging on the ceiling he wasn't wearing his helmet, but when he got down the helmet was there.

    • This is the only time that Feral's first name (Ulysses) has been mentioned in the show.

    • The Metallikats make their fifth and final appearance.

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