Unlikely Alloys

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (6)

  • Mac: Hey, take only the big bills, Molly!? Molly: Duh! What do you think I was gonna grab? Ones?

  • Mac: Go ahead, insult me. I won't even get mad. Molly: Can I call you bucket-butt?

  • Molly: Mac, you're in one piece. (Mac's head is attached to a food processor) Well, sort of. You look like one of them food processors. You know, I've always wanted a food processor. Mac: HA! You can't even cook water.

  • Feral: I suppose you're responsible for this... T-Bone: Hey, don't try to blame us for this one! Feral: Actually, I wanted to thank you! But I changed my mind!

  • Mint Manager: This door is twenty-five feet of reinforced titanium on a quad-bolted timelock that won't open for twelve hours. Mac: Very impressive! Molly: But we're in a hurry!

  • T-Bone: Crud! What is that thing? Razor: Giant monster of the week?

Notes (2)

  • This is the series finale.

  • Turner Entertainment ordered production on the series to cease and all the workers laid off, claiming the series wasn't moving merchandise.

Trivia (4)

  • What happened to the Turbokat? The last time it was seen, it was damage so much the engines wouldn't work and it was left in the middle of a road, presumably unguarded. T-Bone would never let something happen to the Turbokat. So what came of it?

  • In the scene at the hangar, when Razor was hanging on the ceiling he wasn't wearing his helmet, but when he got down the helmet was there.

  • This is the only time that Feral's first name (Ulysses) has been mentioned in the show.

  • The Metallikats make their fifth and final appearance.