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    This is a most refreshing show.

    By wsca, Jun 17, 2011

    It has all off the primary and basic ingredients for great long lived series. This show is getting better with every episode and its so a series for the now the past as well as the future.

    I'm absolutely liking Tom and Trina but my favorites are Susan, Roger and Doug. The show inspirited me too look up some oldies and I want to thank the cast as well as the producers and writers for giving the public a show that keeps the seventy's living on in our hearts and our lives.

    These series are up there with shows like Star Trek and Stargate.moreless

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    All good shows getting cancelled and all shows like this one is not... Waste of time...

    By saras2uk, Dec 05, 2010

    The show probably would be better if it would be set in present days, would have at least couple pretty actors...

    Now I could write whats bad about it... everything... I repeat everything... total waste of time... not funny, not catchy... actors not pretty... and that list could go forever... only one good thing about it... is idea... I think if you would do such a scandalous show... do it right... not like this... you can see some money have been invested... and screen writers and directors wasted them... Its really nothing more to say about this show just kids... dont even bother...moreless

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    I thought this show was awesome too... underrated is a good buzzword for swingtown. I am bummed that we will not get to tune to this neighborhood anymore. I loved those pool parties.. This would be a great pick-up for HBO

    By flitcraft, Dec 17, 2008

    I thought this show was awesome too... underrated is a good buzzword for swingtown. I am bummed that we will not get to tune to this neighborhood anymore. I loved those pool parties.. This would be a great pick-up for HBO HBO could really take this show to the next level. the characters are rich and complex. The storyline, sets and costumes really take you back to the day. I would HIGHly recommend this entire series. at least watch the first episode, you will want to watch the second.

    the friendship between the new neighbors is is a nice plot element as both couples learn from each other in a variety of ways from different ends of the spectrum. Which culminates in the swinging couple becoming more together with each and the "prude"ish couple yearning for more action.moreless

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    Swingtown is an Awesome show.

    Where can I purchase The 1st season?

    I am very unhappy that I heard that it was cancelled.

    By DCMilliere, Dec 07, 2008

    I honestly believe that it should be brought back.

    It was insightful and influentual, the writing WAS Phenomenal I loved the character developement and the plot developement was superb. I can count a few times where i was on the edge of my seat with excitement!I know that there are many different directions it could take, and I really want to see them! Seriously!



    Do Something!


    I also believe that it would do much better in the HBO/Showtime Market.

    The writers would have more freedom to express what they wish.

    Call me if it comes back I want to work on it!

    I control a production crew that could help! LoL DCmoreless

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    A new family(Bruce and Susan Miller) moves into a more upper status neighborhood and meet two neighbors named Trinia and Tom Decker. What they don't expect to find in this neighborhood is full of adventure with swinging and "free love" to go around.

    By GiverSSJ, Sep 10, 2008

    I find this show to be entertaining because it has a plot to it which people can find dotting to the individuals in this show. You have underage drinking, unexpected romances, especially between a student and a teacher, and a conflict of interest between characters like Susan and Roger and Bruce and Melinda. The 1970s was a time of experimentation and finding "yourself" as these characters are demostrating. They are now trying to experiment with new choices in their romance/love lives. Because of this, we can sometimes relate to the characters of this show since they are showing conflict within themselves most of all which is sometimes we often have to do in our daily lives.moreless

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    By far this is the best show on TV. The writing is brilliant. The cast is phenomenal. I look forward to staying in on Friday nights just to watch it! I still record it on my DVR though, so I can watch it whenever I need a fix! Amazing, amazing show!

    By Mel5875, Sep 06, 2008

    The writers have developed some of the best and most complex characters on TV today! Bravo!! I love the fact these characters are so real. Emotions are exposed, such as jealousy, excitement, understanding, trust and adapting with the ebbs and flows of relationships. It's brilliant! I feel like these characters are my friends! This show gets people talking and creates reactions, whether good or bad, and that is really something! Finally something of substance has taken back TV from the boring and overrated reality shows. Swingtown is real and fantastic and deserves many more seasons on the air. CBS nailed it with Swingtown! Awesome move on their part!!moreless

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    Incredible show, excellent characters, shows how the liberalization of the 70's affected everyday people & families.

    By swingtownlover, Sep 02, 2008

    What an incredible show, it's such a shame that CBS isn't going to be showing another season of it!! Just insane, another great show that goes over the head of most americans. Just a shame, my favourite show out there. More info on Swintown's future..."Audience interest dwindled as the summer progressed. After a strong pilot episode, the ratings for Swingtown got progressively worse, aided by a mid-season move from Thurdays to Friday. The ratings problems have led CBS to see if any cable networks, or perhaps DirecTV, are interested in picking it up.[12] According to executive producer Alan Poul, the first season ending was shot with the show's uncertain future in mind:[13] The season ends with a cliffhanger, but it's also a completely satisfying ending. So, if we go forward, there are many new things that are set up to explore. And if we don't go forward, there's no feeling that we've been left with something incomplete."moreless

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    One of our favorites!

    By sclark25, Sep 01, 2008

    We look forward to this show every week. It keeps getting better and better.We are so tired of reality shows,crime scene shows, violence and reruns of old comedy series. We like this show because it is about life, people and relationships. We will be really disappointed if it is cancelled. These are people with who real life people can identify with. We all have gone through flirtations in life that we couldn't help, felt guilty about and either followed through or ended it.The characters are so unique in this show. I keep shifting what I think about each one as each new episode unfolds.This week is the season's finale and I hope it is not the last episode ever. Please bring it back!moreless

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    By LISAEMMA, Aug 31, 2008

    we love i wish it was friday everyday for a new reason! if you dont keep this show i will never watch cbs again. i am serious please keep this show..... all my girls watch and we talk about it all the time. i wish it was the 70's again. So this is what my parents were doing back then. If anyone doesnt like this show they are lieing and watching it behind closed doors. I even watch it with my mother in law. We think it is sooooo great thank you cbs for making my weekend start with a bang.moreless

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