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  • Bay Kennish and Daphne Vasquez learn that they were switched at birth and try to unite their families on the ABC Family series "Switched At Birth".

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  • S 4 : Ep 20

    And Always Searching for Beauty

    Aired 10/26/15

  • S 4 : Ep 19

    A Mad Tea Party

    Aired 10/19/15

  • S 4 : Ep 18

    The Accomodations of Desire

    Aired 10/12/15

  • S 4 : Ep 17

    To the Victor Belong the Spoils

    Aired 10/5/15

  • S 4 : Ep 16

    Borrowing Your Enemy's Arrows

    Aired 9/28/15

  • Cast & Crew
  • Constance Marie

    Regina Vasquez

  • Vanessa Marano

    Bay Kennish

  • Sean Berdy

    Emmett Bledsoe

  • Lucas Grabeel

    Toby Kennish

  • Katie LeClerc

    Daphne Vasquez

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  • Quotes (52)

    • Daphne: Besides, this is my room.
      Bay: It's actually my room, technically.
      Daphne: Very funny.

    • Daphne: Oh good, did you two meet?
      (Ty shrugs)
      Daphne: Bay this is Ty. He's like my big brother.
      Bay: Not by blood right?
      Daphne: No.
      Bay: Okay cool.
      (Daphne rolls her eyes)

    • Kathryn: She's hiding something. I can feel it. (About Regina)

    • (Emmett arrives on his motorcycle) Daphne: So everyone's Ok with this ? Bay: Don't ask just go. Kathryn: Actually I'm not Ok with it, I'm sorry I wanted to be Ok with it, I'm trying but I'm just not. I mean I wouldn't let my other kids go on a motorcycle, so I can't. Regina: She's not your kid, she's mine. I don't have a say in how Bay is raised. We agreed to move in together so we could get to know each others girls, not co-parent them. John: Well Regina that's not how we saw it. But Ok. Regina: Ok. Daphne: Sorry.

    • Bay: I love that guys works. I've never met him but he always uses a lot of masks and helmets, stuff about conformity, it's totally inspiring.

    • Bay: Ok so this has to go up there. Ty: You're allowed to cover hem up ? Bay: Um not the mural, there's sort of an unspoken rule about those. Posters can be covered up if they're coming apart already. Ideally if you work on a space someone's already tagged, you answer it. Here hold this, its kind of like, these two. You see it looks like this guy is shooting him. But clearly they're done by two different artists.

    • Kathryn: That woman has a lot of nerve to sit out there in our backyard in judgment of us, when we have done nothing but welcome her. Bay: Oh mom please. Kathryn: Its true, talk about ungrateful. Bay: Yeah cause having her move into the guest house we never use was such a huge sacrifice. Kathryn: I do not like the way she talked to us, I do not like her temper. Bay: You just don't like her ! Kathryn: No I do not ! Ok what did I do ? Bay: She's my blood I'm linked to her in a million different ways that I don't even understand yet. So if you hate her, maybe you kind of hate me too !

    • Regina: All this over a bike I mean its not like I'm handing her a shotgun. John: It'll be a hell of a lot safer. Regina: Don't you tell me there are guns in this house. John: It's the 2nd amendment of the constitution. Regina: Oh my god !

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    Notes (7)

    • Although they were never on the show at the same time Vanessa Marano and Blair Redford played Step Aunt and Nephew, Eden Gerick and Scott 'Scotty' Grainger Jr. on hit CBS Daytime Soap Opera, The Young and the Restless.

    • Music Featured

      More of You by MoZella
      I Thought About You by The Beautiful Girls
      Kick In The Teeth by Papa Roach
      Tear Myself Apart by Gods of Macho
      This Is War by Unknown
      Monday by The Sea and Cake
      Lucy Schwartz by Gone Away

    • Music Featured

      Come Home by Yael Naim
      Don't Wanna Go Home by Val Emmich
      That's The Way We R by Mine All Mine
      Free My Mind by Katie Herzig
      What We Want by Bess Rogers
      Brighter Than The Sun by Colbie Caillat
      El Bantu by Ray Barretto
      Anywhere Place by Katie Costello

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: March 12, 2012 on YTV

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: March 19, 2012 on YTV

    • "Uprising" was the first episode of a national mainstream scripted television series to be told almost entirely in American Sign Language (ASL), with open captions for hearing viewers.

    • Title reference: From the 1901 painting, To the Victor Belong the Spoils, by Charles Marion Russell.

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    Trivia (15)

    • All of the episodes including this one are named after famous paintings.

    • Music Featured We Got It All by Right The Stars Jumping Trains by Katie Herzig This Changes Everything by Thomas Jefferson's Airplane In Hurricanes by Pablo Sebastien Get Up by Breaker I Can See by Sierra Nobel I Don't Know A Thing by Lucy Schwartz Worried About by Lissie Scary Fragile by Butterfly Boucher Where Do We Go by Sandrine

    • When Liam shows up at Daphne's school to talk to her, he says there's only one deaf school in Kansas City. However, when they first met, Daphne told Liam the name of her school was Carlton.

    • During the episode Bay and Regina talk about Frida Kahlo who was a Mexican painter. Born in 1907 in Coyoacán, she was known mostly for her self-portraits and died in 1954. She is known for making the statements; "I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best." and "I was born a b*t*h I was born a painter."

    • Music Featured Best Day of Your Life by Katie Herzig Record Collector by Lissie Break Off The Bough by Cary Brothers We've Just Begun by Persephone's Bees My Shoes by Daphne Willis Which Way To To by Clare Bowditch

    • Music Featured Lets Go by Hipjoint ft. Sherry St. Germain Do What You Want by Daphne Willis El Tiempo by Kinky Girls of Athens by Pet Lions Heartprints by Kingsfoil The Walk by Marko Bokun Pushin by Ninfa One Word Rescue by Brad Senne I Saw Them by In Waved You Bring Me Home by Brandon Chandler

    • When Toby says, Hey Che why don't you pull out your smartphone and tweet about your new found love of social justice. He is referring to Che Guevara.

    • Music Featured Hey by Stephen Wayne Baird My Own Drum by Jules Larson Pleasures (That I Call Mine) by Ten Year Vamp Starting Over Starting Now by Brandon Chandler A Rising Tide by Dagger Shady by John Neal All I Want Is by Lucas Grabeel Love is Everywhere by Andrea Perry Sunshine by Lucas Grabeel Darker Side of Me by Numa Helpless, Hopeless by Ryanhood Fragments by Rocky Votolato Uh-Huh I Think You Know It by Aleesha Impulse by New Faces Take Me Away by VM A Better Way by Buddha Belly Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

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    Allusions (96)

    • Title reference: From the 1928-29 painting, The Treachery of Images by Rene Magritte, which has the caption, "Ceci n'est pas une pipe", meaning "This is not a pipe," in French.

    • Regina: I'm just not one of those people that sues someone when they spill hot coffee on themselves.

      Alluding to the 1994 lawsuit Stella Liebeck filed against McDonalds Restaurants after she spilled hot coffee on herself.

    • This episode is named after the painting American Gothic. That was painted by Grant Wood in 1930.

    • Title reference: From the 1970s painting, Portrait of My Father, by Stephen Kaltenbach.

    • Bay: I may not be Anne of Freaking Green Gables but that's what I would have done!
      Anne of Green Gables is a book by L.M.Montgomery while the title character is very similar to Daphne in her looks and general temperament.

    • This episode is named after the painting Dance Amongst Daggers. That was painted by Henryk Siemiradzki in 1881.

    • Bay: Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

      This is a reference to a quote from Dante Alighieri's poem Devine Comedy that was written between 1306 and 1321: "All hope abandon ye who enter here."It is supposed to be inscribed above the interference to hell.

    • This episode is named after the series of oil-painting Dogs Playing Poker. That was commissioned by Brown & Bigelow in 1903 as part of an advertising campaign for cigars. It was painted by C.M Cooligde.

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