News Briefs: Nathan Fillion Is Heading to Greendale

By Kaitlin Thomas

Oct 04, 2013


Rejoice! Captain Tightpants is enrolling at Greendale! Translation: Nathan Fillion will guest-star in an upcoming episode of Community. His character Bob Waite is the politically savvy custodian with whom Alison Brie's Annie and Jonathan Banks' Professor Hickey must contend when they team up to "navigate Greendale's corridors of power." [Deadline]


... A few weeks ago I mentioned a new reality series that would feature celebrities competing for a chance to visit outer space. Today I'm here to tell you that even if you're not a D-list celebrity, you too can go to space. Mark Burnett and Sir Richard Branson's new reality series Space Race just landed at NBC and will feature ordinary people competing for a ride on one of Branson's first Virgin Galactic suborbital space flights. In related news: Suck it, all the people who said I couldn't be an astronaut! [NBC via press release]

... Rachael Ray, the syndicated talk show hosted by ahem, Rachael Ray, has been renewed through 2016, which will bring it to its tenth season.  [Variety]

... Amazon Studios is working on three new comedy pilots in order to beef up its original content slate. Mozart in the Jungle, from Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman and Alex Timbers, explores the seedy underbelly of a symphony. The Outlaws, created by Jeremy Garelick and Jon Weinbach, follows a professional football team from the differing perspectives of the team and the coaches. And lastly, Transparent, from Six Feet Under's Jill Soloway, stars Jeffrey Tambor and begins when Tambor's character reveals a secret to his adult children. [LA Times]

... Tim Kring, who created Heroes, is working with The CW on a high school drama. The catch? It's about high school kids with powerzzzz, of course! Exp deals with the proliferation of an illegal foreign drug that's designed to make humans faster, stronger, and smarter in American high schools. Somewhere along the way, politicians and law enforcement will get involved, but let's be real, law enforcement officials—and adults in general—generally don't last long on The CW. [Deadline]

... Drum roll, please! The most talked-about new fall shows on Facebook are: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (1.13 million “interactions"—likes, posts, comments—within 48 hours of the premiere), Sleepy Hollow (932,000 interactions), and The Crazy Ones (254,310 interactions). [Variety]

... David Blaine: Real or Magic is an actual special that is happening in November on ABC. We at have a better idea—Gob Bluth: Real or Magic. [ABC via press release]

... Fans of Starz's Spartacus saga will soon have the opportunity to re-watch the entire series. Beginning October 26 at 10:05pm (and switching to 9pm on November 30), the network will rebroadcast three episodes every Saturday night starting with Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Gods of the Arena, Vengeance and War of the Damned will follow every week until the the series finale (re-)airs on January 18, 2014. [Starz via press release]

... When I say Spike TV, you say the first thing that pops into your head. Spike TV! And you said "reality cooking competition," didn't you? I knew it. Spike TV is getting into the food business with Frankenfood, in which contestants will compete to have one of their dishes added to the menu of a popular NYC restaurant. They'll also compete for ca$h money. [Eater]

... MTV has renewed The Challenge for Season 25. I propose that we all gather together as a society and decide to stop watching anything that is even remotely related to The Real World before our brains turn to jelly. Can we do that? I think we can. I believe in us. [Variety]

... Casey Wilson sure is busy this fall. Last month she sold a comedy to ABC, and now she's working with NBC on a new project with writer partner June Diane Raphael. Tentatively titled The Mason Twins, the project focuses on fraternal twins who are still living together in their 30s and who aren't exactly happy with the way their lives have turned out. [Vulture]

... FX's The Bridge, which just wrapped its first season, was watched more via DVR within a week after each episode's debut than on Wednesday nights when it aired. Live + same day numbers averaged 821,000 viewers, but Live + 7 jumped to 1.684 million viewers. I, of course, fit neither of those groups. But once they figure in Live + 120 days, those numbers will slowly tick up by 1. [Variety]


... RJ Mitte has landed his first post-Breaking Bad role. He'll recur as Campbell, a pre-med college student who was paralyzed in a snowboarding accident, on the new season of ABC Family's own critically acclaimed drama Switched at Birth (admit it, you thought I was going to say Baby Daddy). [TV Guide]

... Tyler Labine (Animal Practice) has landed the lead role on Hulu's 10-episode supernatural comedy series Deadbeat. A perennial underdog, his character Kevin gets by on his one skill, talking to ghosts. As a medium-for-hire, he helps New York's ghosts settle their business. Labine, of course, is no stranger to supernatural comedies, as he co-starred in Reaper (R.I.P.) alongside Bret Harrison, Rick Gonzalez, Missy Peregrym, and Ray Wise. [Deadline]

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  • terminaltrip421 Oct 04, 2013

    cory baker got his panties in a bunch when I said pretty much the same thing on his post about the challenge or one of those shows being the best serialized show on tv or some crap.

  • JT_Kirk Oct 04, 2013

    Fillion as a custodian? This is the sort of odd character choice another show could not pull off, but I'm hoping Community can.

    What are the odds that NBC's "Space Race" will have a disclaimer about maybe not actually getting into space even if they win? 1 to 1? Ok.

    I'm surprised The Crazy Ones is doing so much business on social media. I wonder for each show how much of that interaction response is negative though.

    Not watching Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael be awkward together, they're too similar, gonna feed off each other's worst comedy instincts like a pair of twin cyclones sucking up trailer parks.

  • Larrystrawberry Oct 04, 2013

    Congrats to RJ

  • MooncalfReviews Oct 04, 2013

    Combining two of the greatest things on televission. Love it.

  • Svanehjerte Oct 04, 2013

    Exp sounds OKish

    Deadbeat sounds interesting, but I doubt how good a show on Hulu can be...

  • Tjsmooth0 Oct 04, 2013

    I love Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman, but if Wes Anderson isn't involved I can't say I'm overly excited about it.

  • DavidJackson8 Oct 04, 2013

    I kinda saw the Fillion casting coming. I didn't know when it would happen, but I often wondered why it hadn't happened yet. I forget where, but I remember hearing and reading maybe a year ago about Fillion visiting the set and how he absolutely looooves the show.

  • TrevPlatt Oct 04, 2013

    Did I die last night? I drank quite a lot of beer, so I guess it's possible. Maybe I'm in a coma? What other explanation is there? Nathan Fillion on Community. Maybe there's a less drastic explanation, like I'm still asleep, because if I am awake then a dream of mine has literally come true. All hail the demigods and daemons of Cult TV.

  • headclub Oct 04, 2013

    Sorry bro, you did die.... You're in a sort of Purgatory-like place now. But don't fret: ALL the stuff that happended on the Island was real!

  • TrevPlatt Oct 04, 2013

    I'm not sure how to take this news? At least I probably won't have to wait long for a Winchester to come along and drag me back!
    Hang-on a sec, does this "Puratory-like place" get cable? I should probably start looking for a bunker with a TV.

  • JayAtkinson Oct 04, 2013

    Nathan Fillion + The once again Harmon-helmed (and therefore awesome) Community = the explosion of my brain from sheer overwhelming excitement.

  • Air-man77 Oct 04, 2013

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