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  • 9.5

    Switched at Birth

    By StephanieRivera, May 11, 2015

    Amazing!!! No me gusta que nos pongan a nosotros los Puertorriqueos como brutos.. Hahahahaa pero la mejor serie que e visto!!! Bay me hace reir un monton!!! I love it!!!! <3

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  • 9.0

    Great show !

    By couchkamote, Apr 21, 2015

    Very engaging characters. I'm hooked !

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  • 5.0

    EPISODE: There Is My Heart.

    By DonaldDack, Mar 13, 2015

    EPISODE: "There Is My Heart" BAY. Shows up in California where Emmitt is producing film for school. SURPURSE. Now, Emmitt is confused. After some discussions with Emmett, Boy still doesn't want to admit that the affair with Tank wasn't partially her fault. Finally, Emmitt realizes his life is changing. School is important to him and he wants to succeed. Bay want to hang on with little $$ and prospects. After sad discussions send her home, she has just a couple things to say about Emmitt. Emmitt is WEAK and a LIER. The truth is BAY IS WEAK, A LIER, and a TRAMP. DAPHNE. Daphne gets a D in chemistry and an overall C grade for the semester. Then, when a couple deft friends get into a traffic accident, she goes berserk at the hospital because then don't have a deft interpreter. She should realize not any hospital can have a special language available for any and all languages at all times. Daphne was wrong this time. The scenes ends with Daphne and dorm junky back together or are they. Remember he is a girl chaser. REGINA. In business at a coffee shop with Eric. Eric wants to sell the shop. The final scene has Regina and Patrick agreeing to not sell and, maybe, moving on with each other. Does he know all of Regina's past. TOBY. The son who has had little income for his life experiences. He has been a youth gambler, his dad's car wash manager of sours, and a singer with a church girl, married to church girl, ran away with wife, divorced, and connected with a new girl who has a boy friend and no job. This typical rich parents fault. MAYBE IT IS TIME FOR SWITCHED AT BIRTH TO BE RENAMED SWITCHED OFF. EPISODE-Player's Choice. Going back to previous episodes gets confusing. 1 stupid scene. Mother/Bay signing when talking. DAHPNE. Room mates want her to pledge to a sorority. Daphne was too honest in interview-rejected. TRAVIS- Got caught cheating on home work. Travis blew off Mary Beth to be one of the buds. BAY- Helping John with the ball team couldn't even draw a straight line on the ball field. TOBY- Does he have a sweet pony tail? Overall this once confused family story now has 17 different plots. Maybe it is time to go into syndication. Highlights: Bay- The rape that wasn't a rape continues to haunt the series. Emmett came back to support Bay and, finally, Bay had to tell the truth. Emmett would believe Bay's story. Daphne caught Regina kissing her new bed partner, Eric. The Nacho, Daphne's vandalism buddy, show up and tried to black male Regina. Eric threatens him with his gang tattoo. Enough. Kathryn's mother shows up with a friend. Tell all she is suffering from Alzheimer and is moving to France with friend. Kathryn goes ballistic. Settled. The key point this is very prevalent throughout this series MONEY CAN BUY YOUR WAY OUT OF ANY MESS. Personal agenda's have been pushed by one side. Spoiled kids keep getting away in mistakes. Woman jumps into bed with man after man after man. Maybe it is time to say GOOD NIGHT.moreless

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    Sexual Assault

    By alyssajames3994, Mar 07, 2015

    This episode honestly made me so annoyed. During Bay's interview, she said that they were both drunk but Tank should of been the one to walk away. WHY?! Why is it Tank's responsibility to know exactly what's going on in Bay's head?! If she didn't show any signs of not wanting to have sex, how is Tank supposed to know that she doesn't want to do it?! If you wake up in bed with someone after a party and you realize you cheated on your boyfriend, you don't just go and say it was rape. That's not fair at all. And when Bay confronted Tank she kept asking if he had even a little bit of a feeling that what he was doing was wrong but if they were both drunk and hooking up, then that turned into sex, I really don't understand why that became Tank's fault. And the fact that he was expelled!!? This episode was not written very well..moreless

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    Tank Rape

    By Haide1, Mar 02, 2015

    I love the show but this episode made me cringe. It is basically saying that if you wake up in the morning and have regrets that you can call rape. All of the women in the show were show as being on a witch hunt.

    Tank has only been shown as honorable in the series to date and they flip his core character into being a now expelled rapist when Bay does not even remember what happens. I have met plenty of people that are 100% responsive and can act fine all night but in the morning have blackouts about what happened or even totally forget. This doesn't mean that they get to call rape and actually have action taken.

    I hope at the end of the season Bay gets her memory back admits it was consensual and that Tank gets to sue everyone for deformation of character. This episode just made me sick.


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  • 9.5

    smile beautiful

    By KrystalHagerthey, Mar 02, 2015

    need a nice boyfriend

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    Tank 'Rape' episode devalues men and women

    By janeinma, Feb 15, 2015

    By saying Tank 'raped' Bay they say women do not make responsible sexual choices. The message here is that when Bay got drunk and made choices she regretted in the morning Tank HAD to be sober enough to figure Bay would regret it. He has to decide Bay isn't making rational choices, he has to stay sober when she gets drunk. That labels Bay as a stupid brat who holds no responsibility. Not every choice a women makes is right, we sometimes regret the choices we make BUT you do not blame some one else for their realistic responses. Tank was drunk he felt his dreams had come true, his beloved bay was saying yes to a sexual situation. he was blameless and now is ruined. If he had been sober pouring drink into Bay to get into her pants then yes he would have been guilty of rape but this was wrong on so many many levels.moreless

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    it a program i think i will not watch anymore

    By chrischappy, Feb 11, 2015

    I am angry at the outcome of the bay and tank sleeping together. We need to protect men as well as woman.

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  • 5.0

    This show makes me so mad!

    By Pinkpandakiss, Feb 11, 2015


    Switched at Birth was my favorite until this last episode! It literally pisses me off!! Why did they blame Tank for everything? He was drunk too!! He is a good guy! That is how the writer made him and I am going to be even more pissed if she makes him a bad guy! They were both drunk! Just because the girl (in this case Bay) had too much to drink and doesn't remember what happened does not mean that she was sexually assaulted! Also, why is everyone pressuring her to say that he did? They don't know what happened so they need to stop putting ideas in Bay's head!!! Lizzy Weiss (the writer) really needs to stop changing characters personalities! Also, I know that it is just a show but people need to stop blaming everything on the guys. It is not always their fault. People make mistakes. That's just life. Bay made the choice of drinking too much and then she felt guilty for cheating on her boyfriend. It the writer makes it any different than she needs a reality check. She better fix this or I'm done watching this show because I can't stand to watch a good show be torn apart by an idiot.moreless

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  • 7.5


    By mccullemcharina, Feb 08, 2015

    I'm still a newbie & just on season 1. I think its a good series so far that dhows real family drama. I've been reading many reviews so I know that drugs & sex are coming up & sum don't like it, but it happens in real life. I think many of the viewers are diluding themselves if they think this doesn't happen w/their children. Peer pressure & temptation is around them every day. They may be able to learn from this show & see the signs so that they can make better decisions than these parents. I see it happening w/good kids every day & parents saying; "Not my I have gotten to watch more episodes of this show & cannot for the life of me understand why nobody can see the reason Bay acts out is because all her life she's been spoiled & then here comes Daphne & it's like she didn't exist to anyone. I think both set of parents put all their time into Daphne (creating another selfish spoiled brat) because she's deaf & they thought she was this great wholesome kid & Bay not so much. Very sad that parents are worse bullies than children. Don't like the Angelo thing either. He's made mistakes but all the parents have too but their mistakes seem to be blamed on him. Good ole fashion, It wasn't my fault it's his scenario. Its really sad when the adults are really the bullies of the show. But it happens everyday. The bullies just don't want to admitt it.moreless

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