All a Clone by the Telephone

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    A writer looking for new material finds an answer machine to all of his answers, even if doesn't want to hear it

    By GameraTrekkie, Oct 14, 2010

    This is definitely an aged episode that feels like something straight out of the 80s. You have heard of Kit the talking car? Well, this episode lets you get introduced to a talking answering machine. The reason the answering machine is talking is because it is in an alternate universe, which doesn't make much sense since it wants fresh batteries. Is it human from an alternate universe or a machine? It makes the case of being from another universe, but asks for what machines want. Are people answering machines in another universe? Who knows, it is just a silly story that makes it into the mediocre category. The only good thing about it is that Harry Anderson is on the episode, and I'm a Night Court fan.moreless

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