Monsters in My Room

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  • 9.8

    A young boy who's loved by his nice mother, and bullied by his mean step-dad is tormented in his room by monsters at night. Problem is, no one believes him...

    By hugz_3179, Oct 25, 2006

    When I think of TFTDS, I think of this episode in particular. Seth Green was great as good boy Timmy, (he was such a cute kid) The monster first appearing out of the closet gave me a good scare when I first saw this years ago. And the bullying step-dad got just what he deserved.

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  • 9.5

    Really good episode!

    By granolahead, Dec 10, 2005

    This episode of TfTD is about little boy Timmy(Seth Green) being picked on by his jerk step-dad while his mom tries to be as nice as possible to him. Meanwhile, at night in his room, there is a boogeyman in his closet, an octopus under his bed and various other demons. There are some geniunely scary moments and young Seth Green does a great job. You might classify this episode as one of those "happy ending" ones, but it needs that ending or it would be a worse episode.

    You can find it on VHS volume 5 of Tales from the Darkside.moreless

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