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    Best 80s show ever

    By morgancate7, Feb 10, 2013

    I just got the complete collection I love this show so the episodes are and good

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    Creepy opening and a good show.

    By Queshin, Feb 06, 2012

    Tales from the Dark Side does not compare to Tales from the Crypt, Alfred Hitchcock Presents,and The Twilight Zone. With all of this said this show is still good, I feel that this show has some good and some bad. When it comes to good the episodes are great , but when bad they are pretty cheesy and mediocre. But this show is good and is most definitely worth a look, one thing that you may not know is this show is actually based off the film Creep Show, one thing even stranger is that Creep Show was inspired by the EC horror comics. Which consisted as Tales from the Crypt, The Vault of Horror, The Haunt of Fear, Crime Suspen Stories, and Shock Suspen Stories. In which would mean that this show was inspired by Tales from the Crypt. As said before a good show worth a shot. But needs much improvement.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Tales from the Darkside was a post Twilight Zone/Night Gallery anthology series that delved more towards the side of horror. Even though it was a syndicated series, it had enough good to great episodes to make a lasting impression on the horror landscape.

    By TJFranchise, Apr 13, 2009

    Tales from the Darkside was a tremendous horror anthology series. Where the Twilight Zone and Outer Limits went towards the sci-fi genre, and Night Gallery was geared more towards suspense, this show was a pioneer in the horror genre. Episodes from George Romero, Robert Bloch, Stephen King, and Clive Barker, just to name a few, contributed stories to the series. Episodes ranged from selling souls, old trickers getting their due on Halloween, Santa's evil neighbor from the North Pole making his way down south, a family trying to convince Grandpa that he did really die, and things coming out of the closet (keep it locked!). Several episodes were on the lighter side, but by and large this was a show that swung for the fences trying to scare you to death. The staying power of the show is on full show, either by watching the repeats of an '80s show on the Sci Fi Channel, or watching the show on DVD, as the first season has just been released. Overall, this was a trailblazing show, taking a risk on a genre that really hadn't been tapped on television at that point. I believe that it made it's mark, and a lasting, favorable one at that.moreless

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    Writer can't sell work, can't get paid. Responds to radio ad by an agent who keeps screaming things like "you don't even need talent!" And you don't; you just need to follow a few simple instructions. And never stop, or else . . .

    By Whattatwist, Oct 07, 2008

    I happened upon this the other night when I couldn't sleep. I remember the series from back in the day, but had never seen this particular episode. The thing I wanted to point out is that they are totally poking fun at L. Ron Hubbard. The agent looks like Hubbard (sorry GameraTrekkie, not Hitchcock) and there's a part where the agent pulls out this box that looks suspiciously like an e-meter, that classic Scientology tool. And what does it measure? How much money the client is going to make for them, natch!

    Otherwise, the story is fairly predictable. But dig those crazy 80s getups on the assistant, they were trying very hard to make her look edgy and the effect is fairly hilarious.moreless

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    This episode of Tales scared me as a kid. I had nightmares after seeing that one. Anyways, its one of my favorite Tales From The Darkside episodes.

    By dreiden_music, Jul 04, 2008

    What can I say about Tales From The Darkside? Its always been one of my favorite tv shows. I watch it alot. The concept of this particular episode is of a woman subletting an apartment and there's a telephone that keeps ringing a whole lot.So, as the ringing phone keeps annoying her, she finally goes over to the apartment and goes into the apartment. However when she goes in there, no one's there. She goes back to her apartment and tries to relax. However, the phone starts ringing again and something keeps banging on the wall from the other apartment. She goes into the apartment once again and the phone quits ringing. By the end of the episode, she gets fed up with the phone and goes back into the apartment and answers it. An eerie oporator answers thhe phone and tells her that the last tenant that lives there got strangled by the telephone! She hangs up the phone and rips the cord out of it. However, the phone chases her and strangles her with the cord. Its a really cool episode! One of my top favorites of that show! I once had a black rotory phone that looked like that one. Needless to say it spooked me when I looked at it once in awhile. However it doesn't scare me now, but I remember it scaring me as a kid. The ending is still pretty scary. Its such a great episode. April.moreless

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  • 8.1

    Some hits, some misses, mostly good entertainment

    By MajLorne, May 01, 2008

    Starting off there are the really good episodes like "Seasons of Belief", "Cutty Black Sow", "Don't Open this Box", etc. And then you have the really poor ones like "...Comes out in a wash", "if the Shoes Fit".

    So it's really a mix of the very good and the very bad. So in a way I'm conflicted on how to rate this series. If they had grouped all the better episodes and separated them from the bad then without a doubt this series would totally be up there in the same leagues as the Twilight Zone. But the really good episodes are the real reason that keeps this show from being totally forgettable.

    Though I must say there were a few episodes that I felt were not that bad and are under appreciated like "Distant Signals" and "Red Leader", but that's just me.moreless

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  • 8.4

    What ever happened to spooky but not gross?

    By nicid28, Apr 11, 2008

    This show is truly a classic, it is up there with One Step Beyond and Night Gallery (not Twilight Zone though). Some of the episodes were just flat out corny but the actors seemed so serious, and some actors should have gone back to school. I just love the show, it is a must see and must bring back. My absolute favorite episode has got to be The Devils Advocate. That Mandrake was pure evil, but the one who stole the show for me has got to be the night watchman that hung up in his face. Just good tv.moreless

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  • 6.9

    Not the best or the worst horror show out there.

    By twilightboy, Jan 18, 2008

    Another show with amazing and scary stories that completely fails with its flaky delivery. Only if this poorly made show would have gotten a little better crew and a better budget, it would have been one of the best, sadly, it looks and feels like it was done merely as a filler or to simply fulfill a contract. I am not saying you shouldn't watch this show but if you have watched The Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt which are far superior to this show you will sense that you are watching something not comparable to those works of art of the horror genre.moreless

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    This offbeat horror series was underappreciated at the time, but it offered plenty of chills and thrills and thought-provoking plots to keep one scared and entertained. The special effects were quite good at times, and so was the dialogue.

    By robitaille03, Oct 15, 2007

    When I was in high school during the mid- to late '80's, I used to stay up until 1 a.m. just to see the next installment of "Tales From the Darkside." Sitting in my dark, quiet T.V. room downstairs, while everyone else in my family was sleeping upstairs, I used to enjoy every bit of campy yet thought-provoking horror that George Romero had to offer. My favorite episodes are "Seasons of Belief," "The Last Car," "Strange Love," "The Casavin Curse," and "I Can't Help Saying Goodbye." I used to go to school the next morning a little groggy from a lack of sleep, but it was more than worth it.moreless

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