I Only Have Ice for You

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Quotes (22)

  • Karnage: I will ask the prisoners. No... I will boil them in vinegar first. Vinegar, and maybe some salt... THEN I will ask them!

  • Karnage: 100 tonnes of ice? Why would anyone want 100 tonnes of ice?! (Gibber whispers in his ear) Karnage: Perhaps... But where would they get a straw big enough.

  • Karnage: I do NOT want any of your stinking jam!

  • Rebecca: Give him the rubies, Baloo, before he gets angry. Karnage: Yes, Baloo, before he gets angry!

  • Rebecca: Course you still don't have a license, Baloo, not for another week. I'll have to fly the runs til then. Baloo: What?! You're crazy! Gimme my cap back! Kit: Can I fly? Can I?? Baloo and Rebecca: No!

  • Baloo: This things jammed, I can't fly! Rebecca: I can... Baloo: You!? Rebecca: If you tell me how. I'll listen! Baloo: Then strap in sweetheart. Rebecca: Now, which one is the starter button?

  • Baloo: What's this red button do? Maddog: Oh, that's the bomb bay door release. Baloo: Thank you!

  • Rebecca: I can't believe they chopped up the WHOLE thing! The prince will nev-

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Notes (4)

  • Originally released in syndication.

  • This episode was released on Talespin Volume 1 DVD.

  • This was the first episode made, though it wasn't the first one aired.

  • The Disney Channel previewed this episode May 5, 1990.

Allusions (1)

  • The episode title is a spoof of the popular song title I Only Have Eyes for You.