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  • 9.7

    This was the show I use to run home and watch after school

    By lutomboy, Sep 19, 2011

    Talespin was a cartoon that used all the Jungle book characters like Ballo and Louie plus several more new ones and places them into a present day setting. In the cartoon talespin was one of the best cartoons that Disney ever product it had adventure, romance, comedy and the funniest pirate ever to come onto T.V. The episodes are so thought throe some of them might even make you cry and all of the episodes were good (not like some cartoons where you might have 1 bad cartoon for every 5 they came out with)

    If you liked DuckTales you will love Tailespin just as much and it is a must have for little kidsmoreless

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  • 8.5

    Another solid show during the 90's. This was a show that was epic, exciting and very creative.

    By LaserAlloy, Sep 19, 2011

    Talespin is one of the best shows Disney ever did.

    Why? Because it had everything you could want, a solid cast of characters, epic music, and adventure.

    The only thing this show seemed to lack was a larger cast of villains.

    For the most part, Don Karnage was the only solid top notch villain of this show. Not saying that's a bad thing, but I'd like to see Baloo tangle with more foes than just one off's that weren't more versatile. As for the supporting cast, well, they speak for themselves.

    Rebecca Cunningham was the best gal in the show hands down. She was smart, tough and a true buisness person. But the thing I loved most about her was the way she would yell at Baloo and argue with him. It was just downright hysterical. Too bad they didn't have an episode with Baloo and her getting married. Kit Cloudkicker was another I liked. He was the kid who had a bad situation in his life, but made the most of it. Even Wildcat was funny from time to time. The fact he was a brilliant mechanic, yet very stupid in another areas was interesting. Finally, I loved the one off gals they brought in during Baloo's travels. Females such as Katie Dodd, Clementime, Myra and Princess Lotta Lamour deserved more episodes instead of one offs and cameos.

    All in all, this show was a big hit. It wasn't the best show ever, but it was really well done. Thumbs up Disney!moreless

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    A bear flying a plane, a monkey slinging drinks, an empire run by a ruthless tiger, and a pack of dogs who are fierce air pirates... there is nothing today that can even come close to this!

    By oilcowboy, Jun 05, 2007

    One of the all time greatest cartoons! Kids today are really cheated with all the special effects and computer junk, it takes so much out of the show because it seems there is no thought put into the story anymore. There were enough different characters that everyone was able to relate to at least one of them really well. A general problem with today's shows is that you have to watch them in order, where as most of the old ones were stand alone eps and you could turn them on whenever and still understand the plot. I have all the eps on my computer in poor quality, I would love to buy the DVD's if they were ever released.moreless

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    i never saw on disneychannel and i saw it on dvd this year

    By noorboness, Nov 19, 2006

    i never had a time to watch this show because it comes on different time and same with ducktales and others shows i watch only 3 shows only aladdin and timon and goof troop and then school starts and i miss like 10 good shows and when i come home is teen night no more cartoon and then i did not had toon disney till know and now tonndisney suck so bad it not toondisney is jetix now jetix need to be gone or something disney need to stop buying fox shows and i saw talespin on dvd and i said how come i miss it on tv and or did not watch on toondisney at all and i had toondisney but the good shows comes on like 11pm to 6am i miss it all i saw bonkers and others shows and now jetix is getting big and big it on like 24 hours and toondisney is 6 hours or something or less hoursmoreless

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  • 10

    A well written show with excellent storylines and exciting moments.

    By CrunchBandicoot, Nov 10, 2006

    Talespin is a show starring "The Jungle Book's" Baloo the bear as a pilot for a cargo company. With his navigator, Kit and his boss, Rebecca Cunningham, they go on exciting adventures flying the Seaduck, Baloo's plane. In some episodes they encounter air pirates, gangsters, unfriendly nations, and much more in this classic show. It's sort of like a new version of the show "Ducktales", another classic from Disney. Each episode of this show is exciting and well-written which makes this one of the greatest shows of the 90s. If only they would bring this awesome show back on the air, though!moreless

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  • 10


    By tigerblood_1983, Sep 22, 2006

    Man, what can I say about this awesome show? I know: FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! This was (and always will be) my favorite Disney cartoon from back in the 90s!!! And to have Disney bring it back to the new generation on DVD, it just gets even better! If you are new and haven't seen the show, I suggest you watch it now!

    My vote: 10/10.

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  • 8.7

    Childhood memories

    By blackwolf_13, Sep 09, 2006

    Okay, here's another cartoon from my past. You know, I'm starting to see a pattern here... they're almost all Disney. I don't seem to remember this one as well as I do the others. I remember it took the Jungle Book's Baloo and turned him into like a delivery pilot or something of the sort who worked for a business woman. And Sher Khan was some big time corporate guy. Their were also air or plane pirates, I can't remember exactly what they were called. I don't know why this one is so fuzzy, oh well.moreless

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  • 7.4

    Tale spin was an animated show that aired on weekdays on 'the disney afternoon'it was a pretty funny cartoon and it was born right out of 'the jungle book'disney movie.

    By jcarlos, Sep 09, 2006

    the show was really funny and I would always look foward to watching the show right after coming home from school way back in the early 90's.along with ducktales,chip n dale's rescue rangers and the gummybears it would make a pretty sweet lineup.It even co starred all in the family's sally struthers as 'hire for hire'boss rebecca.

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  • 9.0

    This was a cute caper cartoon that didn't take pot shots!

    By ez1jb, Aug 16, 2006

    All of the cartoon characters had personality-Baloo was the most loveable of all. Rebecca was the sassy spitfire boss who ran the airport Baloo flew from. It's amazing how this show and Darkwing Duck right after it used to keep me riveted for an hour after school every day. I loved everything about this show. Accept when they took it off. Again, another huge disappointment. I guess I can still enjoy the little McDonalds wind up toys that I got of the characters. Again, another classic that needs to be modeled after today. I miss the innocence of the late 80's and early 90's.moreless

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