The Road to Macadamia

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Quotes (3)

  • Princess Lotta L'Amour: Don't fight. You see, I'm very fond of you both. (to Louie) You're so brave. (to Baloo) And you're so strong. Baloo/Louie: And you're so right!

  • (as Louie is hung over a pit of fire) Louie: I predict you can't do this to me! I'm a very famous medium! Chancellor Trample: Good. I like my medium rare!

  • (last line in the episode) Louie: Wanna go back to Macadamia? Baloo: Oh, no. I've had my fill of those nuts. Louie: We going out on that joke? Baloo: Looks like it.

Notes (2)

  • Originally released in syndication

  • Jim Cummings origianlly did the voice of Chancellor Trample, but later was replaced by Michael Rye.