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    By crystaldragon18, Jun 03, 2007

    This shows funny. After MadTV I enjoy this show. This show is original and basically plays by its own rules. Like 2 weeks ago someone a guest showed their butt on tv :P Then Spike in the last weeks episode did something so stupid. I know its all acting but its hilarious!! ^^ This show should be watched after MadTV trust me, its worth it!!

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    A glaring error: the Tom Green episode of "Talkshow With Spike Feresten" is not Episode 105 -- it is actually Episode 103. (I have no idea what the real episode number is for the Michael McDonald episode which you now have listed as Episode 103

    By IanRay, Nov 05, 2006

    I know because I worked on episode 103 and received a DVD of it with the show's official label. If you wish, I can scan the label and email it to you to verifiy this, or you can just check with FOX or the show's production office. Yahoo TV had the correct episode number when it aired so it must be in print in some TV listings.

    Sorry, this is the only way I could find on the site to contact you. I thought you would like to know. Now, if you are a member of and this is still here for you to read, PLEASE click the "report abuse" link -- so the webmaster can read this!!!moreless

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    I've got 3 words FAB-U-LOUS!

    By bleep32, Oct 26, 2006

    The is a really good show. I enjoy it very much. Everyone in the whole wide world should see it. No, make that the whole universe. l love the fact that the show doesn\'t have a monologue which make the pace flow and fun to watch unlike those other cheezy Johnny Carson wannabees. It is a very creative show. My favorite is idiot papazzi that is the most halirious sketch ever! I would love to see that in every episode. I wish TALKSHOW With Spike Feresten was on 5 nights a week. It would definetly give all the other talkshows a good run for their money.moreless

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    This show is FUNNY

    By SQUAK25, Oct 26, 2006

    I love this show. I haven\'t really loved a late night show since Johnny Carson. Spike\'s really good. Give him a prime late night spot and a year, he\'ll be at the top of late night. I got a good feeling. I watch tv with my dad all the time - Always stone faced. (I think I once saw him laugh during an episode of Three\'s Company, but that was in the 80\'s) We were watching the show last Saturday night - my dad was dying (and I\'m pretty sure he wasn\'t high). Spike rocks. If given enough time, I KNOW the show will explode.

    Keep up the good work...moreless

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    My New Favorite...

    By CBronson4life, Oct 24, 2006


    It's one of those shows that you know you're gonna laugh your butt off every time you find it on (I wish I can say the same for SNL.) I grew up on Carson, watched Letterman throughout the 80's, and Conan in the 90's. Spike's my new guy. 'Idiot Paparazzi' - Genius. 'Comedy for Stoners' - Hysterical. There's a reason why the guy's had such great success in the world of comedy. HE'S REALLY FUNNY, plain and simple.

    Spike deserves more than a half hour on Saturdays. I would watch him every day and so would all my comedy-loving friends. Congrats to Fox. They finally did it! It took them long enough, but they finally found someone who I can envision leading the late night ratings wars. Keep the good stuff coming...I'll be watching.moreless

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    I love this show. Its better than any other late night talk show.

    By sstarj01, Oct 09, 2006

    Great show. I love it!! ts differe that other night talk show :-)

    I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!I love it!!moreless

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    This show came out of nowhere. Good thing too.

    By Aucturo, Oct 05, 2006

    TALKSHOW with Spike Feresten. No one had heard of him, but nonetheless, his show is great. I can guarantee most people will be entertained through the whole show. Move over Letterman, here comes Spike. The show contains all of the basic talkshow things. Skits, guests, and music. Do not let the low budget scare you away though. The insane ideas make up for the budget. It holds an 11:30-Midnight Timeslot, bad news for people who do not stay up late, good news for everyone else because it is some extra assurance of no cancellation. If this show goes on long enough(its timeslot sort of guarentees it.) I can see it becoming big. So stick a tape in for Mad TV every saturday, then stick around for the extra half an hour for Spike. You won\'t be dissapointed. If you are like me, you will think the whole thing is stupid, then you will get roped. I don\'t know what happens, but you will find yourself waiting for the next week. Give Spike a chance, and he will grow on you.moreless

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    This guy could be the next Conan O'Brien.

    By lschober, Sep 17, 2006

    Well, what can I say... just finished watching the show, and I have to say that it was pretty impressive for a start. The opening sketch of FOX'S Late Night curse was hillarious, and Idiot Papparazzi was alright. Andy Richter being forced to degrade himself on live television was well-written and reminded me of a Dave Letterman Sketch.

    Even though the last time I saw a half-hour talk show, it was hosted by Carson Daly, this show of course is written by the guy behind Seinfeld's "The Soup Nazi" and "The Reverse Peephole." It simply can't go wrong, and I'm eager to see more.moreless

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