Tanner '88

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    "Exercise your right to vote..."

    By HelloStuart, Jan 23, 2014

    I had the pleasure of watching the entire Criterion Collection set of "Tanner '88" a couple of months ago and was throughly entertained by its scathing look at the political system, an insider's view that remains relevant to this day. What really enhances the movement of the story is its focus on trials and tribulations of three "families"- Congressman Jack Tanner and his doting daughter, Tanner's much-put-upon support staff, and the ever-present media. Some characters mature (like Andrea and TJ) and some devolve into attention-hungry man-children (like Molly and Deke), all the while exposing the fact that just because you look presidential doesn't mean you have the "right stuff" to run the country.

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