Tarzan (1991)

(ended 1998)
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  • S 3 : Ep 25

    Tarzan and the Return of the Bronx


  • S 3 : Ep 24

    Tarzan and the Fiery End

    Aired 5/31/98

  • S 3 : Ep 23

    Tarzan and the Curse of Death

    Aired 5/31/98

  • S 3 : Ep 22

    Tarzan and Cheetah's Desperate Adventure

    Aired 5/24/98

  • S 3 : Ep 21

    Tarzan and the Dangerous Competition

    Aired 5/24/98

  • Cast & Crew
  • Lydie Denier

    Jane Porter

  • William S. Taylor

    Dan Miller [3]

  • Wolf Larson


  • Sean Roberge

    Roger Taft, Jr.

  • Malick Bowens

    Simon Govier [1]

  • show Description
  • There are mixed feelings among E.R.B. fans on this attempt to bring the Lord of the Jungle to TV. Cons for the show were the time period just coming out of the 80's our hero is a blonde coifed mono-syllable retread with leather boots and Jane had a French accent. Readers of E.R.B. know Jane was American and Tarzan spoke English with a French accent. Pros for the show were a rewriting of Jane's character as a strong female who's also a scientist trying to help mankind and nature understand each other. The other major credit to the show was its strong stance on enviromentalism. Something any Tarzan fan can see through the series of movies from Elmo Lincoln in silent films to Johnny Weismuller in sound and Joe Lara in the more recent series, the difference in the landscapes but mostly the animals and what mankind has done to their habitat.Each episode began with Simon (then Jack, then Dan) reading from his journal, which provided the audience with a brief synopsis of the episode. The second and third season of this series never aired until after the first season of Tarzan The Epic Adventures. When their second season with Xavier Declie fell through the same syndicated stations began airing season two and three of this series.moreless

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  • Quotes (27)

    • Roger: You know, uh...if you want, I know the jungle pretty well. Kendra: Really? How well do you know Tarzan? Roger: Well, what can I say? We're like brothers. Kendra: Is there a Mrs. Tarzan in the picture? Roger: [laughs] "Mrs. Tarzan"? No, no, he's single...like me. Kendra: What about your little friend Jane? Are she and Tarzan an item? Roger: No. Jane's a very professional woman. See, she's a scientist...like me.

    • Kendra: Hi, I'm Kendra. Who are you? Tarzan: Tarzan, friend of Jane. [beat] Kendra: Lucky Jane.

    • Roger: (as music blares behind him) I'm following in the footsteps of my hero, Albert Schweitzer. I've been reading up on him. Did you know his first consulting room in Africa was a chicken coop? And he went up from that to build a hospital where thousands of people were treated.
      Simon: What in the world does that have to do with this terrible noise?
      Roger: Noise? Simon...this is classical music! Albert Schweitzer always listened to classical music in the jungle.
      Simon: He listened to nice, quiet classical music.
      Roger: How do you know?
      Simon: Because he won the Nobel *Peace* Prize. That's how I know.
      Roger: (frowns) That...is the most illogical thing I've ever heard.

    • Tarzan: Jane is very stubborn.

      Jane: I had a good teacher.

    • Tarzan: They died, Tarzan lived. Why?

      Jane: There must have been a reason.

      Tarzan: What reason?

      Jane: The jungle needed you.

    • [After scaling down a mountain on Tarzan's back]

      Tarzan: Jane is brave.

      Jane: I didn't do anything. Just ride.

      Tarzan: That is not true. Jane did not fall.

    • [Roger is pretending to struggle with a crate]

      Simon: Roger...it would be more impressive if we didn't already know what was in there.

      Roger: Would you believe me if I told you, a box of anvils?

      Simon: Test tubes...and a lot of straw.

      Roger: Oh. Well, I'm gonna go find something heavy.

    • Jane: Is something wrong? You slept out here?

      Tarzan: Treehouse was hot. Tarzan had bad dreams.

      Jane: Does sleeping outside help?


      Tarzan: No.

      [walks away]

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    Notes (20)

    • First appearance of Karl Hauser, Tarzan's arch-enemy. Hauser appeared a total of four times over the course of the show, making him the series' most prolific (and most persistant!) villain.

    • James Healy was the only guest star to appear on the show more than twice.

    • Adrian Paul actually auditioned for the role of Tarzan in this series. While he didn't win the part, he impressed the producers enough that he was given a guest spot in two episodes as Jack, Jane's ex-fiance.

    • Ron Ely (star of the 1966 "Tarzan" series) appears as the villain of the week. Ely was the first actor to play the apeman on the small screen; Wolf Larson was the third.

    • In this episode, we learn a little more about Tarzan's background. He was brought to the jungle by a plane crash that killed both his parents (although it isn't clear how young Tarzan was able to escape the plane before it exploded.) He appears to be about 4 or 5 years old in the dream sequences.

    • Tarzan seems to know a crude form of CPR.

    • We get to see Tarzan and Jane's first "kiss" of the series (although it only appears in a dream-sequence; the "real" kiss is just a quick peck on the check.)

    • First appearance of Errol Slue as Jack Benton. Malick Bowens (Simon Govier) quit at the end of the first season, so the part was recast and the series was retconned, as if Jack had always been there and Simon had never existed.

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    Trivia (25)

    • Marisa Pare, who plays Jane's body-building cousin, is better known as "Lace" from the show American Gladiators.

    • Goof: The postcard Jane receives from her sister, inviting her to join the family for Christmas, has no writing on it.

    • The spider that bites Jane is actually a Mexican Red Knee Tarantula, which isn't found in Africa and isn't poisonous; in fact, many insect lovers keep them as pets.

    • Tarzan's 60-foot dive off the waterfall is one of the only stunts that the producers forbade Wolf Larson to do himself, deeming it too dangerous (although Larson insists, "I was up for it, honest!")

    • Goof: Simon tells Jane that the tropical storm about to hit has been named "Eloise" by the authorities. There actually was a Tropical Storm Eloise that hit the Southeastern US and the Yucatan Peninsula in 1975--but because the storm caused extensive damage (around $560 million) and substantial loss of life (80 deaths), the name "Eloise" was officially retired from Atlantic storm naming lists.

    • Murphy's niece Lisa, the woman in the photograph at the end, is played by Melissa Stubbs, the show's lead stuntwoman.

    • The third Amazon woman has no dialogue and is never credited onscreen. She is played by lead stuntwoman Melissa Stubbs.

    • Enrique Morlett (Jim Miller) has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and was a member of the 1984 US Olympic Team. Heinz Altieri (Ben Hurst) is a personal trainer who specializes in boxing and hand-to-hand combat. Needless to say, both gentlemen performed their own stunts.

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    Allusions (4)

    • MTV MTV, short for Music Television, is a cable network that airs music videos and other related programs. Roger lists MTV as one of the perks of returning to New York (the others he mentions are college and pizza.)

    • Dan: I haven't seen anything like it since Angola...Cuango River.

      The Cuango River Valley is one of the richest mining areas in Angola. During the mid-nineties, it was home to a diamond mining operation employing nearly 100,000 workers.

    • 1990's Pop Music At one point, Starr accuses Tarzan of being a spy for Madonna. Later, she tries to bribe him with tickets and backstage passes to a Michael Jackson concert.

    • Roger: [getting ready to take the elephant] Hang on. I saw this in a movie once.

      The movie Roger's referring to is Raiders of the Lost Ark, starring Harrison Ford. Indiana Jones is able to take the treasure off the pedastal without triggering the temple's booby-traps by quickly substituting an object of equal weight for the treasure. Roger and Tarzan do the same thing, leaving Tarzan's knife in place of the Sapphire Elephant.

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