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    Two episodes: One bad, one good.

    By KurtmanJP, Feb 15, 2009

    The Man From Mars: First off let me say this first half of the episode is filler in my eyes. I never did like Marvin. In fact, he kinda creeps me out cause he talks without a mouth. How does he even eat? Brrrr. Creepy. Anyway, Marvin takes a vacation in Tazmania and tries blowing up the Earth when Taz gets rude with him. Pretty stuipid, huh?

    Friends For Strife: This story is much much better. Anything with Digeri Dingo in it never gets old, since he IS my favorite and all. Digeri reveals through flashbacks of how he was Taz's very first friend when they met at the hospital. Digeri manipulated Taz even as a child and was revealed to be extremely bright for his young age. In one scene (Cut out from one of the versions) has Digeri kicking a ball off a cliff, Taz refusing and Digeri making a sad tear-dripping face that could melt even the coldest of hearts. Taz of course goes off the cliff to get the ball. Excellent episode!moreless

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