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Quotes (6)

  • Didgeri Dingo: I've decided we should work on the legs for a while. Y'know the feet are an important weapon in the martial arts. Remember, Taz, the key is mind over matter (Taz runs and kicks the steel wall and it falls) Didgeri Dingo: it's like i said, Taz, mind over matter, if you don't mind the pain then it don't matter! (Taz writhes in pain on the ground) Didgeri Dingo:Ahh that's nothing, now an ingrown toenail, ohh that hurts let me tell ya!

  • Didgeri Dingo: I'm gonna let you in on a secret, I was once one of those uh, you know, kung fu masters meself. I got a black belt and two pairs of pants to prove it. (Taz gestures really)

  • (Didgeri Dingo motivates Taz while he is still strapped to a jet engine) Didgeri Dingo:Y'know I think what the problem is, you don't like bottle caps do you? Taz:Taz like bottle cap. Didgeri Dingo:Well I gotta tell ya, i'm not sensing 100% here pal. I mean sure you don't feel like it but what if George Washington didn't feel like crossing the Delaware huh? What if Thomas Edison didn't feel like inventing the light bulb. Hey and what if the producers of this very show didn't feel like producing it? And odds are they don't. Whattya say? (Taz blasts off on the jet engine) Didgeri Dingo:My words exactly.

  • (After the Hotel was destroyed...) Bob: Taz, You would'nt happen to be any bushrats at Your house, Would there? Taz: Unh-Unh. (whacks the water out of His Kazoo.) Bob: Perfect. I'll stay there. come along.

  • Timothy: You called? Bob: Yes. I did. NOW GET RID OF THOSE RATS!

  • Timothy: Do You suppose that this was part one of this humorous situation? Daniel: Yes. and I believe Part 2 is about to begin. (the nozzle drops on the brothers.) Both: Push the Off button! Push the Off button! (Taz repeatedly slams the Off button, then Taz lifts the nozzle. revealing that the brothers are as big as Taz's knee.) Timothy: I was planning on losing a few pounds, but this is ridiculous! Daniel: and no one's more ridiculous than... Both: Tha Dehydrated Platypus Brothers!

Notes (5)

  • The Main Title Theme Song Sequence was animated in the U.S. by StarToons in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Jim Cummings (as Wendell and Taz) voices a whole 22 minutes solo! Also: Wendell may be the only creature Taz can't consume comfortably; all attempts end in prolonged disgusted spitting.

  • Although he says the odd sentence in other episodes, this is the only one where he talks through most of the episode.

  • This is the only time marvin the martian appears in Taz-mania and is the only classic character that had a major impact on the story line (ie not a cameo).

  • "Baby" cartoons, the plague of the '90s, are satirized in one scene by Bull, Axl, and Taz. A decade later the joke became a reality: Baby Taz was born in BABY LOONEY TUNES. I curse this episode roundly....

Trivia (1)

  • "Unhappy Together" Running gag: Taz being blown up by a Mine.

Allusions (4)

  • Enter the Devil is a parody of the movie "Enter the Dragon".

  • Pop goes the Wendel Title pun: Pop goes the weasel

  • Gone with the windbag Title pun: Gone with the wind

  • The Outer Taz-Manian Zone is a parody of the "The Twilight Zone" show.