Teacher's Pet

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Quotes (9)

  • Mr. Jolly: (Crying) Oh it's so sad. So very very sad! I can't stop crying! (Crying more & then dehydrates). Pretty Boy: Now look what you've gone & done. He ended up dehydrating himself!

  • Mr. Jolly: Listen to your Jolly! It's love that counts. L'amour, l'amour! Give me more l'amour!

  • Scott: Then you leave me with even less choice then I had when I said I had no other choice!

  • Leonard: I'm skipping a step! Scott: You fool! You'll kill us all!!

  • Mr. Jolly: Please turn away while I enter my password. Pretty Boy: You think I care what your password is? Please. I got better things to do with my life... (looks anyway) "Pretty Kitty"? That's your password? "Pretty repulsive kitty" is more like it!

  • Scott: Trick or treat, smell your feet, give me something good to eat. If you don't, I don't care, I'll pull down your...Well, you know the rest.

  • Mr Jolly: Oh my! There's a loud, growling monster in the house and I'm all alone! (stomach growls) Oh. It's me.

  • Leonard's Mom: Spot will be quoting Shakespeare before that lazy old cat catches a mouse. Spot: Ah, what fools these mortals be.

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Notes (11)

  • This episode takes place a week after the first episode.

  • We learn Principal Strickler's first name is Crosby.

  • This is the only episode that features Leonard wearing a red cap. It appears that he may have only worn this hat because when came the part where he generously gave Spot his clothes to wear as a disguise, Spot would've needed a hat to cover his ears.

  • This is the only time Spot/Scott goes to school without wearing any clothes.

  • This is the first appearance of the little kindergartener. She also appears as a cameo in the movie during the beginning song.

  • From here on, half the episodes in this season premiered Fridays on Toon Disney.

  • Debra Jo Rupp wasn't in this episode.

  • Alternate title: One Dog's Junk.

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Trivia (12)

  • Leonard's hair changes back and forth between orange and blue.

  • When Mrs. Helperman is about to announce the winner, Scott is standing in front of the class next to Ian and Leonard. When she finally announces the winner and the entire class cheers, Scott can be seen sitting at his desk cheering along with the rest of the class. Afterwards he's back at the front of the class standing next to Leonard.

  • Spot gets opposable thumbs when he's Scott.

  • Where did Spot get his glasses?

  • Leonard says he's 10 years old, but he didn't turn 10 until Party Animal.

  • How does Fifi know Leonoard's clown act isn't funny? She's never seen it.

  • Normally, passwords would be hidden.

  • Mary Lou (Leonard's mom) wakes up without any slippers, then puts some on to call the substitute. Then, she comes back in, gets out of the slippers into the bed. Later, when Mr. Jolly grabs the blanket and rips it off, Mary Lou's slippers are on again!

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