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    Oh Yeah Now I Remember

    By DisneyVillain, Sep 15, 2014

    I remember watching this when I was a teenager. But when it was canceled I forgot all about it showing it had little impact on me.

    The characters aren't interesting, they don't actually have superpowers It's like a lame combination of Batman and the Powerpuff Girls. I also remember the Captain's sister showing interest in a different career path in every episode that helps against the villain in the episode.

    The villain themselves are extremely lame. Some aren't even real criminals but are treated as such. One I remember was the Putdown artist who basically insults people in a comic manner. Is that really deserving of jail time? In fact most of the villains aren't even that threatening. The Birthday Bandit is like the Joker with 80% of his evil removed and replaced with a spoiled brat.


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    hAVENT watched this show but

    By I-want-Milk, Jul 31, 2014

    This show is a RIP OFF of The Powerpuff girls!

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    Can't believe I liked this show back in the day!

    By 03bgood, Jul 24, 2014

    What a poor man's ripoff of The Powerpuff Girls!

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    By nicholashui001, Apr 28, 2014

    WHOO bad show

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    Watch Batman,not this junk.

    By woahwoah678, Jun 20, 2011

    Disney Saturday morning block decided to release a show that is known for being a HUGE slap in the face to superheros. The show was called Teamo Supremo,and my god,this proves why kid shows suck at making superhero shows. It's about this kid named Crandall,who dreamed of being a superhero,and formed a team with two other kids named Brenda and Hector. Now,these kids fail at being superheros. They use a yo-yo,a skateboard and a jump rope as a weapon which has got to be lame weapons. But the worst part about them is the fact that they say catchphrases that are ear-bleeding bad that makes Mung Daal's made up catchphrase sound like a masterpiece. They all say "Buz-Sa!",Chick-A!" and "Whop-A" which is just annoying. The villains are no better at all. They are just like the Johnny Test Villains. One ruins birthdays so he can make his own, and another one turns dollar bill presidents real. What kind of schemes are these? The characters are all morons. Crandall is decent,but he can't save the show,Brenda just looks like she just got out of bed,but Hector is the worst. He's supposed to be this mexican kid,but he's just annoying. The governor is greedy and The chief is a jerk. The animation is just horrible. I know it's supposed to be like a comic from back then,but it just sucks. In my opinion,this is just plain stupid and deserved to be canceled.moreless

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    This is like watching the predecessor to Fanboy and Chum Chum

    By That_TV_Dude, May 31, 2011

    People have been all over Fanboy and Chum Chum (I included), but before that awful show, there was another really bad TV cartoon that was on the same level of F & CC, it's called Teamo Supremo. Stop me if you heard of this premise already, three children are called out of school by the governor to fight crime in the city. Haven't guessed it yet? Let me and everyone else tell you that it's basically a very poor version of the Powerpuff Girls. Now supposedly the show is inspired by comic books from the 1950s, but I honestly think they went out of there way to make sure they were mocking them. The three kids are Captain Crandall, Skate Lad, and Rope Girl, and they are the worse superheroes ever. They don't even deserved to be called super or heroes, their main weapons of attacking are (I'm not kidding here) a yo yo, a skateboard, and a jump rope. If that hasn't caused you to switch off the TV, then trust me when I say it gets worse. Also why do the kids say BUZ SAW!, CHICK A!, and WUP A! all the time? The villains for the show are downright ridiculous, they use weapons like pogo sticks or balloons, are you kidding me?! I know this is a kid's show but couldn't they have made the villains more intimidating and have them carry guns? I nearly die of laughter each time I saw them because they are so stupid. The artwork and animation weren't too bad, but I have seen better. There is also a running gag with the police chief, he always says some corny line with the words, to jail! For example, "Here's one giant leap, to jail!" IS this supposed to be funny at all? The answer: no it isn't. It's just horrible writing. The plots are just simply bland and very generic with no new things brought in. About the only good thing I could say for this show is that it lasted for a little over two years before being canceled and I have to say good riddance. This show was horrible for many reasons, the villains were awful, the characters are cardboard devices, the plots are bland, and it rips off a better show. Just avoid this mess and stick with the Powerpuff Girls instead.moreless

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    I got a bunch of reasons this show doesn't suck, and here's what they are!

    By NintendoMaximus, Mar 15, 2011

    In January 2002, I got my hands on the then-semi-recent "House of Mouse" soundtrack CD. I remember taking out the insert and looking through it. In that insert was an ad for some new show about a trio of midgets "coming to save the world" "this January 2002 on Disney's One Saturday Morning". About a day or two later, I happened to catch the series premiere on ABC, not really paying much attention to what was going on, other than the fact that some geeky little boy had recruited two other kids his age to help him prevent a power failure being caused by wax presidents, or something like that. "Bah, sounds like a Powerpuff Girls parody to me," I thought.

    Boy, did those little suckers get back at me. Today, I now have every single episode of "Teamo Supremo" there ever was recorded on eight-hour VHS tapes. And yet people still think it sucked, just because Michael Eisner demanded it to be cancelled without even letting it continue to a 65th episode. Christopher Finch's Art of Disney book doesn't even bother mentiong the show in the TV Animation section. "Teamo Supremo" is an underappreciated show, and I have good reasons as to why it's much better than most people think.

    There are different types of Disney TV Animation shows. There are the ones that feature new characters made for their own shows, and there are the ones that are spun off from the theatrical films. But somewhere in the late 1990s, Disney's original TV cartoons took a turn for the worse, turning out school-day drivel like "Pepper Ann" and "The Proud Family", giving all the action to the shows that were based on movies. From what I recall, the last original action show Disney had done by then was "Gargoyles". But "Teamo Supremo" marks Disney's first original action-adventure show since "Gargoyles", predating even "Kim Possible". Sure, it's no match for "DuckTales", but considering that I don't like school cartoons like the ones Disney currently wastes their time making, I'd much rather watch two episodes of "Teamo Supremo" than an eight-hour marathon of "The Proud Family".

    And contrary to popular belief, the show is not a rip-off of "The Powerpuff Girls". The characters are proof of that, because instead of copying the characteristics of the people of Townsville, Disney actually made thier own characters and gave them different personalities. (Captain) Crandall may not be as comedic as Darkwing Duck. But then again, Darkwing has been known to have an ego problem. Crandall, on the other hand, wants to be a hero because he likes doing the right thing, and isn't that what's important in being a hero? Plus, his voice is provided by Spencer Breslin, which makes Crandall one of the few tweenage cartoon protagonists to not be voiced by a 30something-year-old woman. His two companions, Brenda (Rope Girl) and Hector Corrio (Skate Lad), both voiced by Alanna Ubach, are also well-done characters that Disney hasn't tried before. Plus, Brenda is cute too. Not much can be said about the main trio's family members, but Jean, though living up to the TV stereotype of "older sibling to main character", reminds me of myself somehow. Police Chief Epsilon, who resembles Mr. Spacely of "The Jetsons", is also another addition to my favorite Disney characters. The villains? Well, while much of the show's baddies are frustrated costumed weirdoes with henchmen trios, some of them have the workings of great Disney villains. Baron Blitz, a German-ish dictator who appears to be an alien is a cool villain for being able to make slaves out of statues and animatronics. Another good example is Madam Snake, a mutant with the ability to change into anyone she can disguise herself as. So as you can see, "Teamo" has a good cast.

    And another thing - if the show was ripping off Cartoon Network's little fingerless feminists, Teamo's members would be able to do everything the Girls do, such as flying around, shooting lasers from their eyes, breathing ice, speaking Spanish to squirrels, and curling their tongues. But instead, the only superpowers they seem to have is the ones Crandall displays at the end of the show's series finale, which consist of super-strength, leaping great distances, and taking control of enemy fire. I haven't seen the Powerpuff Girls doing that, and even so, it doesn't change the fact that Crandall's really the only one of Teamo with superpowers. And furthermore, if Teamo was PPG as two guys and a girl, Governor Kevin would be calling Teamo up to get his pickle jar open, and would have a sexy secretary whose face is never shown onscreen. And Baron Blitz would be constantly repeating his speeches like he were a children's dictionary. (Oddly enough, though, the water-themed villain Dehydro seems to have that trait.) Besides, even if it's a PPG rip-off, what's the big deal? It's not like Disney has never made ideas stolen from other people before. ("The Lion King", anyone?)

    If you ask me, "Teamo Supremo" deserves all the attention it can get. Ever go to the Disney Store sometime? If you do, you've no doubt noticed that about 80% of the merchandise that place has for television shows are for JETIX-airing shows that Disney didn't make. Sheesh! "Teamo"'s far better than the Power Rangers, and yet those stupid live-action, Toon Disney-killing glory hogs get a whole bookshelf of merchandise in those stores. In all my searches, the only "Teamo Supremo" products I've found, not counting articles in children's magazines, were picture puzzles. I understand giving a merchandising line for "Kim Possible", since that's a great show too. But why is it that "The Proud Family" gets its own soundtrack when it's not anywhere as cool as "Teamo Supremo"? I don't see why Disney even bothered showing interest in buying the Power Rangers anyway. Disney created Teamo, and they ignore them to the point that they pretend that they were never around. But let me tell you this - if they released the entire "Teamo Supremo" series in a DVD set (which they probably never will), I'd definitely buy it!

    But the #1 reason I watch this show lies in two-thirds of the main characters. Crandall & Brenda make the cutest Disney couple. Ever. 'Nuff said.

    Simply put, "Teamo Supremo" should not have been cancelled. That said, why don't you sign my petition to get it back in production?moreless

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    What the heck is this????

    By marioman687, Jul 14, 2010

    This is the dumbest show of life within! Three stupid and ugly kids that saves the state from villans. All the charaters are lame, all the plots are boring, and all the episodes are just plain weak. People think this show is a complete successes but I totally disagree and im proud of it. If I liked this show, I would be a geek right now but I dont so I am one of the lucky ones. Who in there right mind would make a stupid show like this or watch it? Im glad they dont show this anymore. There are plenty of other greats shows out there that is better than this stupid disgrace for a show. People that loves this show I have to say that I feel very sorry for you.moreless

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    We got good teams of shows, and bad ones. Then... Teamo Supremo was the bad teams of shows.

    By toonsday1234, Dec 24, 2007

    Yes, there are good shows & bad shows. Then, *shudder* we have Teamo Supremo.


    This is the worst show ever and one of the worst shows ever. And also one of the worst ripoffs of the Powerpuff Girls (I hate that show), Superman, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spiderman & Justice Leauge. And that says alot latley because I always watched Sonic X after this.

    Sonic (Anime): I'm a hedgehog!

    So, it's a non-spiritual action show about 3 kids with crazy adittude. And also have weird skin colors, human likes (including the crowd that rescembles a South Park character, Butters). And that says alot, the yell is annoying. Including the voices. The voices are actually dumb.

    And ya know what's worse, Captain Crandall has the greatest (sarcasm) superpowers, the boomerang & a yo-yo? Ha ha ha ha, you've got to be kidding me! A cow has more powers than he does. And Captain Crandall looks like he's a brother of Stewie from "Family Guy."

    And Rope Girl & Skate Lad, no comment, they're so lame. Even if their noses look like mountains. Well, um uh... sort of.

    And the govener, I believe is just giving advices to act weird. Really, including the chief. I have never seen a chief & a govener act weird. Really!

    For the animation & the drawings, they're okay, the animation, not perfect, not good either, but not bad. But, the plotline, voices & etc. it had no plot, and even worse, the voices are annoying as hell!

    And even if it has worst skin color, Butters crowd, and the voices, it has good guys that says that they are villains. I had fears about this show. It reminds me of an angry eagle.


    Just stay away from Teamo Supremo. It's a horrible show. Really!

    But, I'm glad Toon Disney & ABC no longer air it. Good idea.

    Shame on you, Walt DIsney Television. Shame on you for your crappy TV shows and/or your crappy TV logo! Crappy than my mom! You made babies cry.


    Myself: What happened?

    Baby: It's scaring me. *SOBBING*

    Myself: You're not suppose to watch Teamo then.moreless

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