Teamo Supremo

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Quotes (8)

  • Skate Lad: Why do I get the hard jobs?

  • Brenda: Talk to the left, because you ain't right.
    Crandall: Rope me--Oops. Looks like we'll have to don our superthreads in the boys' room.

  • Baron Blitz: I am Baron Blitz. I am very insidious and cruel, and now that I have an armored car, nobody can stop me!

    Baron Blitz: Well, if it isn't the representative of the old-time superheroes' club and his little action figure!

  • Brenda: Fruity Lobster Licks sure are lickety!

  • Skate Lad: Don't worry Governor Kevin, my middle name is Speed!
    Rope Girl: I thought it was Felipe?

  • Paulson:You know these could come in useful. *everyone laughs except Paulson* Paulson:I'm serious!

  • Technor: (preparing to stomp on Capt. Crandall and Rope Girl) Soon all will feel the might of Technor!
    Capt. Crandall: grabs Rope Girl and jumps away majestically Buh-za! (They land)
    Rope Girl: Za-zow! I didn't know you could leap like that, Cap.
    Capt. Crandall: Neither did I, but I guess I...
    Technor: LET ME CRUSH YOU!!
    Capt. Crandall: ...Better do it again! (starts leaping around again, still holding Rope Girl)

  • "Get Up, Get Down" Lyrics

    What's a girl to do When she's feelin' blue? What's a girl to do When she's feelin' blue?

    She's got to...

    Get up, get down, Get on the floor And get that body movin' Get up, get down, Get on the floor And dance!

    All right!

    Hey, hey! Get up, get down, Get on the floor And dance!

Notes (45)

  • Villians of this episode: Baron Blitz, Technor

  • Madam Snake, Laser Pirate, and the Cloaked Skull make cameo appearances in Crandall's dream at the beginning of the episode. If the dream was a premonition that was telling Crandall he'd be going up against Baron Blitz soon, was it also telling him that he'd be fighting these guys too?

  • The background music in the episode openings of both episodes is different then usual

  • The Birthday Bandit is not only a parody of Batman's The Joker but is also voiced by the same person who did The Joker's voice in Batman: The Animated Series

  • Villians of this episode: Chopper Daddy, The Birthday Bandit

  • "The Sinister Stylist" is a parody of The Powerpuff Girls episode: "Mommy Fearest".

  • "Grounded!" marks the only-ever appearance of Teamo's dads.

  • Villians of this episode: Helius Inflato, Cheapskate

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Trivia (11)

  • When Gov. Kevin tells Paulson that Teamo won't be driving the car yet, Crandall and Hector can both be heard saying "Aw, man," in response, but only Hector's mouth opens.

  • When Teamo's members say "Paulson was here!?", Crandall's freckles are mysteriously absent.

  • Brenda pulls a $1 bill out of the bag, and as she does it, the camera is on her, meaning it's from Gov. Kevin and/or the Chief's perspective. And at that time, she holds it so that the front side can be seen, and that means she's seeing the back side. But in the next shot, which is apparently from Brenda's viewpoint, the dollar's front side is still facing the camera (and this time, Brenda).

  • This isn't really a goof, but does anyone else find it odd that neither Brenda nor her little brother Barclay seem to get their hair color (purple) from either of their parents? Their mom is clearly a blonde, and their dad (I think he's the one on the left) seems to have brown hair. (Perhaps their mom had purple hair earlier in her life and dyed it blonde in her teen years?)

  • Crandall addresses Hector's mom as "Mrs. Corrio" at the beginning of "Grounded!" In later episodes, though, he refers to her as simply "Hector's mom".

  • Sounds of the Songstress - Jean reads the newspaper backwards. - When Tiffany Javelins said to the girl with the non-ripped jeans that girls that do not follow her style (ripped Jeans) is not allowed to join her club, she was kicked out. Brenda, Samantha and Patience's jeans were not ripped yet they remain. Calling Captain Excellent - Chopper Daddy took the necklace from a bystander, yet it was one of his biker has it and threw it to Baron Blitz. - When Capt.Crandall fell of the ground and in front of the on-coming villains, shouldn't he got run-over by Barn Blitz's armored van?

  • In "The Big Put Down". When Rope Girl accidentally tied herself up with her rope, she fell into the punch bowl. The punch was green, but later when she joined her teammates the punch on her body was colored like water (really light blue).

  • A Monumental Crisis - The Dousens originally 3, gained another member in the latter part of the episode. - The "Gong of Freedom's" crack disappeared.

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Allusions (3)

  • "The Chief's New Groove" is named after Disney's movie, The Emporer's New Groove.

  • Episode Title: Reservoir Frogs
    The Title of this episode is a spoof on the 1992 movie, Reservoir Dogs, starring Steve Buscemi and Harvey Keitel. The plot of this episode and that of the movie are in no way related.

  • "Electronica" is a category of music, that of Eiffel 65 and others.