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  • Marty DePolo: As soon as I start working my angel magic on you, you're gonna be hanging out with that crowd. (He points down the hall) Steve Beauchamp: What, the janitors? Marty DePolo: No! Look, them. (The group of janitors move aside and we see a group of students that were standing behind them) Marty DePolo: Over there. Jordan Labelle and his buds. The cool kids. Steve Beauchamp: Sure, they're cool now. But where will they be in 20 years? Marty DePolo: Well, let's see. (Marty snaps his fingers and everyone freezes. Jordan, the cheerleader and the other guy step forward) Cheerleader: I'm going to be a supermodel and marry an 80 year old billionaire. Jordan Lubell: I'm going to be vice-president of the United States. Guy: I'm going to sell shoes to the vice-president of the United States. Steve Beauchamp: Wow, they are cool! Except for Shoe Boy.

  • Marty: I'll do my best God. (Turns to leave but stops and turns back) You are God, aren't you? Head: Well, um, no. I'm God's cousin, Rod. But I got this job on my own merits.

  • (After the test is announced) Jordan: Man, I had three dates lined up for tonight.......and now I have to cancel two.

  • Kyle: Just thought you should know, you're a dead man. Marty: Duh! Oh, you mean him!

  • (After being told he will be Steve's guardian angel) Marty: Me? I'm sorry, you're making a big mistake. (Starts to walk off) Head: Hey! We don't make mistakes! (Marty stops and turns back) Well, there was the Bubonic plague......oh, and that awful Chevy Chase show, eww.

  • Steve: Hey, are you stuck in those same clothes forever? Marty: Yeah! I'm just like Gilligan!

  • (Before eating the burger) Marty: It's not like it's gonna kill me.

  • Head: Your friend, Steve Beauchamp, is going through the worst time of his life. Marty: (Sadly) My death. Head: No, his puberty.

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Notes (8)

  • This episode featured a recap at the beginning of the episode by Marty.

    During the Titles with the three Angels, Marty says:
    "Cool! Hey, so what'd you die of?"

  • This is the first, and only, crossover episode for Teen Angel.

  • Apparently, witches can see guardian angels, since they are not what witches or guardian angels would consider "mortals".

  • Ben Savage guest stars as his role of Cory Matthews from the series, Boy Meets World.

  • Series Crossover: This evening saw Sabrina, from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, go through various shows while chasing Salem and a time ball.

  • The character Judy's full name is Judy Rudy Faludi Beauchamp.

  • Jerry Van Dyke was last seen in the episode "One Dog Night" as a guest star in this series..

  • Jerry Van Dyke joins the main cast as Grandpa Max in this episode.

Trivia (9)

  • Burger: First of all, the burger wouldn't be there after 6 months, or if it was, it wouldn't be in perfect condition - it would have rotted and the burger bun probably wouldn't even be there anymore. Second, Marty dies whilst chewing the burger for a few seconds. That wouldn't happen. he would at least need to have swallowed it and waited hours until it would get to his stomach and make him ill.

  • Goof: President Monroe's semi-transparent ghost casts a shadow in Mr. Nitzke's bedroom.

  • Goof: How come no one can hear Marty talk but Steve (and Grandpa), but when Marty puts a sheet over himself people can hear him talk?

  • Goof: When Bob holds four fingers up he puts his hand down and then shows five.

  • Goof: If Marty is dead then why was his reflection in the windows of the lounge?

  • Goof: Marty says that the last words he heard before he died was "Everything is going to be all right." His last words were actually, "No, no. Wait a second. You always dare me. And I always do it. So this time I dare you....to eat......The Burger."

  • Goof: When Steve has the pillow fight with Marty, you can see his dad's shadow and a bit of shirt and pants by the door, waiting for his que.

  • Goof: When the party is going on, Abraham Lincoln and another historical person are fighting. Abraham is using a big cushion from the sofa. Wouldn't people see a cushion moving in the air by itself and think that was strange? The guests just carried on as normal.

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Allusions (14)

  • Historical Reference: The Bubonic Plague was also known as the Black Plague. It was disease carried by rodents. It has occured several times during Europe's history, one of the worst being in the 15th Century.

  • Show Reference: When Rod refers to 'that awful Chevy Chase show' he is referring to The Chevy Chase Show which aired in 1993.

  • Character Reference: The fact that the deceased character is named Marty and wears white is pretty likely a nod to the British 1960's TV show 'Randall and Hopkirk (deceased)' or 'My Partner The Ghost' as it was known in the U.S.A which features the Ghost-Detective Marty Hopkirk.

  • Quote by Marty: Yeah! I'm just like Gilligan! Gilligan was a popular character of the 60's in the sitcom, Gillgan's Island. He was stranded on an island and wore the same clothes every episode.

  • Quote by Marty: You've been touched by an angel. This is a reference to the series Touched By An Angel, where angels were also on Earth to learn to become guardian angels.

  • Quote by Marty: Hey, Yogi! Sorry I made a Boo boo! This is a reference the series of Yogi Bear and to the animated cartoon characters of Yogi Bear and his best-friend Boo-boo.

  • Quote by Head: Remember what happened to Romeo and Juliet? Head is saying this in response to Steve's date with Jessica. Romeo and Juliet was a Shakespearean play about two lovers whose families hate each other. In the end they, both die.

  • Quote by Marty: Whoa! These pop in's are a lot harder than they look on ‘Bewitched'. 'Bewitched' was an old 60's sitcom, about a witch trying to live a normal life with her husband and children. She pops in by wiggling her nose.

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