Comic-Con 2013 Community Post: Six Things We Learned at the Teen Wolf Panel

By lifeofpi

Jul 19, 2013

Important Info From SDCC 2013

1- Season 3B will start shooting in August.

2- JD announces that Season 3B will premiere January 6, 2014.

3- We will learn what Lydia is in episode 3:9. Episode title is: The Girl Who Knew Too Much. Thanks God! Keep Calm and wait for episode 3:9.

4- Blue eyes will explain in Episode 3:8 next Monday. We all know that.

5- JD announces a new character for Season 3:B. Kira an Asian-American student at Beacon Hills.

6- Trailer for episodes 9-12. Spoiler Alert. I personally didn't watched it. This are the last 3 episodes and I want that everything take me by surprise. hahhaha.

Full House

If I missed some information feel free to post.

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  • KateSullivan Jul 29, 2013

    I was bored this weekend so I was reading up on Kitsune again and I had an, say Scott manages to become a True Alpha by the end of 3A or at least gets through 3A without killing anyone (though I imagine the rule is different if it is self defense, but the situation as I see it developing is that Deucalion knows when the Darach has Melissa and tells Scott where she is but won't let him out unless he can defeat Deucalion or an incapacitated Kali - hopefully that might be Peter's redemption arc - he gets Melissa or kills one of the Alphas even if at expense of himself because he still feels some leftover Alpha responsibility toward Scott), I would imagine there are other shapeshifters out there who might take an interest (like other shapeshifter species might have similar True Alphas but its a lot rarer in wolves so they are curious but with no ill intentions) and they want to test Scott themselves. So, one of their group, our Kitsune, subjects him to a test like the Fox and the Brothel tale (where he saves her life and she keeps offering him easy rewards which he refuses and finally goes along with a plot of hers that he will earn a reward by doing and she offers him two other easy reward, one she will be his wife and two she would be his concubine, he still refuses, everytime claiming that either he isn't worthy or that it was nothing basically. She finally declares him the Incorruptible One and his family is graced with good fortune and he erects a shrine to Inari. So, Scott is subject to something similar only with an obviously darker and modern twist (though that tale was a little twisted) and because he is you know, Scott, he passes without thinking about it but I am going to guess the Kitsune herself starts to fall for him during the test.

  • mysticbeam Jul 24, 2013

    You notice that scene where lydia is clearly being strangeled from behind? they wouldnt actually kill her after waiting so long to reveal what she is would they?

  • MayTanner Jul 20, 2013

    What?! We'll have to wait until January? That's a shocker.
    And finally, we'll get to know what Lydia is? Can't wait for that explanation.
    Hopefully, she isn't a figment of Stiles' imagination. ^^

  • Savvytvfan91 Jul 20, 2013

    GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had gone to Comic Con but having no money, passport and living in Sydney Australia means that it was impossible!!!! If I win the lotto before next year, then I will be there!!!!

  • AdderallAddict Jul 20, 2013

    I'll trade you living in Southern California for living in Sydney, if that helps you feel better.

  • Savvytvfan91 Jul 21, 2013

    Haha that would be nice.

  • Wizura Jul 20, 2013

    near 27:00 mark someone showed up in costume. LOL.

  • Myri Jul 21, 2013

    Thanks for posting the full panel video - that costume is very awesome btw

  • Adokensan Jul 19, 2013

    Wow, I kind of feel bad for Dylan, he looks so tired. And I totally understand, he has a lot of stuff going on with new movies in productions and such.

    And btw, the Teen Wolf-panels should totally last for two hours. One hour is not enough! Can't wait for episode 9 to figure out what Lydia is. And to be honest, if the werewolves blue eyes only means they're born werewolves, I'll be a little disappointed... (Because that's the obvious answer)

  • layton2012 Jul 21, 2013

    I don't think that's the answer, because if it was I don't think there would be a point for a whole flashback episode dedicated to telling the story of how Derek eyes turned blue. I think the more obvious answer is that Derek killed someone human(because both Peter and Jackson have also killed someone human).

  • Adokensan Jul 21, 2013

    Oh, yeah! I hope you're right!

  • Grumpyclown Jul 19, 2013

    Video has been removed by user

  • KateSullivan Jul 19, 2013

    So, also, I read up on Kitsune in immediate reaction, either poor Isaac or poor Stiles. I am guessing one of them gets a love interest and we can't figure out a) is she a good Kitsune or b) a trickster Kitsune and then apparently their default shape is actually fox, not human. Just seriously, poor Isaac or Stiles.

    And should we have been looking for sun based mythologies instead of moon based ones? That is the only sort of supernatural/paranormal or just weird thing in that movie.

  • lifeofpi Jul 19, 2013

    Yes, someone that was in the Panel said that they mentioned the Kitsune. But I didn't posted this because was an unofficial site. But is the more logic if the character is asian. Have logic think that they will include the asian mythology. They will start shooting soon and they will bring more details in time.

  • KateSullivan Jul 19, 2013

    I think I understood they are casting an actress of Asian descent (which was why my mind instantly went, poor Isaac or poor Stiles). But I think she will just be the sort of undercover mystery of next season, because I really don't think they are wrapping up the Darach thing in the next four episodes, it kind of looks totally devoted to the Alpha Pack (I am not watching the trailer again, I know that they do a lot of misdirection in it and half the characters talking to each other in the trailer are not talking to that one in the actual episode (like I am almost positive that Deucalion's line to become a killer is to Derek not Scott because I have to think Deucalion either wants to kill Scott himself or wants to kill him before he fully becomes an Alpha) and it sort of ruined some things for me in the first half of season 3A).

  • AuntyMib Jul 21, 2013

    I think that it's irrelevant to Deucalion whether Derek kills Scott- and gains Scott's power or Scott kills Derek - and gains Derek's power. The end game is that Deucalion forces the survivor to join his pack, then Deucalion kills the survivor to gain both Derek and Scott's power.

  • KateSullivan Jul 19, 2013

    This is actually what I was expecting for the mid season break (remember last off season, this is actually perfect in terms of timing because it provides plenty of time to recoup, pay some attention to all these fall shows, and just figure out how many conflicts you will now have, because I am pretty sure Mondays at 10 in the winter are Lost Girl and I know I usually watch that recorded which usually means there is something else on that I actually watch. Is that when Bates Motel is on? I might actually have more conflicts at 9 and Mondays is a night I am just behind on...

  • Whovian_Vampire Jul 19, 2013

    Ok guys just an update the full video is up on youtube by paopukitten. Gotta love SDCC, Dylan makes me giddy like a school girl.

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