Teen Wolf "Alpha Pact" Review: The Trouble With Triples (PHOTO RECAP)

By Price Peterson

Aug 13, 2013

Teen Wolf S03E11: "Alpha Pact"

Parents love to do a lot things: Sneak into teens' rooms to find all the drugs; hassle everybody about chores; be ten minutes late picking people up from hockey practice; failing to understand the Fresh Prince at all let alone DJ Jazzy Jeff. Parents love doing all of these things so much! But what parents love to do MOST of all is get murdered on supernatural teen dramas. Go ahead, ask any parent what they love to do, and getting murdered on supernatural teen dramas will be right up near the top of the list if not #1. Murder by ancient deity and a nice glass of white wine, that's any parent's dream. This is why teen supernatural dramas usually have a crazy-high parental fatality rate: Because teen supernatural dramas KEEP IT REAL. 

Take the current gold standard of the genre, The Vampire Diaries. Uh, have you noticed that almost 100% of the parents have been brutally murdered on that show? The show has even introduced dozens of surrogate or replacement parents (aunts, teachers, long lost birth parents, uncles) just to kill THEM off too. The premise of The Secret Circle involved no fewer than EIGHT murdered parents. And let's not forget the infamous Episode 14 all-parent massacre of My So-Called Life. Haha just kidding, Patty Chase would've TORE UP a demon. (But no joke, that show had at least TWO episodes with supernatural phenomena, never forget.) 

What I'm saying is, the writers behind supernatural teen dramas must find a still-alive parent so tantalizing. See, killing off a character's parent both increases our sympathy for that character and also increases that character's agency. (Dead parents enforce no curfews.) Among the many ways Teen Wolf has embraced the tropes of this genre only to later transcend them, its treatment of parents is probably the best I've ever seen on any teen show. Sure, at least two characters' parents have died on-screen, but for the most part this show seems to really value the lives of its parents and the impact living parents can have on their kids' lives. This has never been truer than in Season 3 where most if not all of the parents are now fully aware of their kids' extracurricular activities, and better yet, actually getting in on the action. Further, and this shouldn't seem so shocking to me, but especially in "Alpha Pact" these kids seemed SO UPSET when their parents were endangered. Like upset in real, heart-wrenching ways. I just don't know how many times I can bear to see Stiles' eyes well up in tears or Allison collapse into sobs and not follow suit myself. These kids really, really care about their parents, and by extension so do I. (It helps that the parents are legit awesome characters anyway.) That's one reason why "Alpha Pact" was a truly phenomenal episode: With three characters' parents now in danger, the stakes have never felt higher. 

Okay fine twist my arm, let's talk about "Alpha Pact"!

The story began--as good stories always do--with a teenage boy straddling a grown man in an elevator trying to slap that man awake. 

Seriously Stiles slapped Derek SO MUCH. But it wasn't until he decided to start throwing closed-fist punches that Derek decided to wake up. Be careful with Derek's face, Stiles! Anyway, then Stiles told Derek that the Darach stole Scott's mom and Scott stole away with THE DEMON WOLF.

Meanwhile the Argents were still all scrambling around outside and Derek showed up just long enough to grab Cora out of the backseat of Isaac's RAV4 while Peter Hale ran off and hid in the bushes because he was still afraid of Mr. Argent? Something like that. Everybody was a mess!

Also Derek broke the news to Allison about Scott having joined up with the Alpha Pack and also told her he was now OFF-THE-CLOCK as far as rescuing people was concerned. Dying sister stuff, who knows.

Meanwhile a tall FBI agent with a suspiciously asymmetrical face started questioning Stiles like they'd had a long history of hating each other.

I guess it made sense, since (and I'm about to get real here) Stiles' dad was not that great at his job and maybe the FBI had been hassling him about it for a while now? Just putting that out there! Anyway, Stiles was still not about to tell this dude that his father had been taken by moths. That is just not something you tell a stranger, you know? But especially when that stranger is super judgey about what kind of a job your dad is doing. Carried away by moths does not look good on paper.

Oh, but look at what the possibly-good-at-lacrosse FBI agent pointed out: Somebody had taken a can of spraypaint and put the Argent family ON BLAST. (Spoiler: The Darach's a tagger.)

Meanwhile at Derek's loft, Cora was not looking great. I've definitely seen Cora looking better than in this scene. 

You know who was SO MAD at Derek? Isaac. Isaac was hella mad at Derek for not only boning the Darach but also choosing to watch his sister die rather than be pro-active and find the Darach or help his friends or anything else Derek should've been doing. It's very upsetting seeing Isaac lose his temper with his new dad/brother/friend, but he had a good point. Derek was clinging to Cora because he was afraid if he lost her he'd have no one else? Like Isaac had no one else until he fell in with the coolest hunks in California? Get real, Derek. So basically, Isaac's feelings were hurt, but Peter Hale had a different theory. He thought that Isaac was just transferring his loyalties away from Derek and toward Scott. Which, fine, they share a bed. 

Anyway, tons of strife going on at the werewolf loft. In my opinion they needed to put on some Iron & Wine and just relax for a bit.

It was pretty cool that Stiles decided to go hang out with the Argents as they armed themselves for battle. But it was obviously even cooler when Isaac popped by all bragging about his werewolf manicure.

Stiles ended up having to go to school because there was a chance his dad would survive all this and ground Stiles for cutting class? I don't know. But Isaac didn't have a dad anymore (his dad was killed by a lizard) so he could obviously miss school all he wanted, thus he decided to tag along with Allison and Mr. Argent on a quest to find that darn Darach.

So at some point Peter Hale changed out of his cashmere deep-V and into a new shirt, which either means he keeps a duffel bag in Derek's loft or he was wearing one of Derek's shirts. This isn't an important thing to think about unless of course it is VERY important to think about. 

Anyway, at this point Derek was using his werewolf powers to suck out Cora's pain, but Peter decided to tell him about a much more drastic way to save her life. Basically, Derek could use his "Alpha spark" to cure her, which sounds like something out of Transformers but also would have the side-effect of turning Derek into a beta again! A werewolf demotion, basically.

It kind of seemed like Peter Hale was angling to regain his Alpha status (I'm not sure how the line of succession works necessarily), hence his sorta creepy grin when Derek was ALL ABOUT trading his red peepers in. On the other hand, the plan seemed like a reasonable idea. How else would Derek save his sister's life? But then again, maybe Peter Hale had cut a deal with the Darach and Cora's illness was just an elaborate scheme for Peter Hale to regain Alpha status so that he could turn back into a cartoon and destroy more Blockbuster videos. We'll see, I guess!

This was a nice scene. For one thing, I'm just glad that Susan Walters gets to still be a mom on at least ONE good TV show seeing as Klaus drowned her TVD character during some kind of weird springtime Christmas party. But also I liked how creepily heartfelt this scene's message was: Lydia opted not to cover up the strangulation marks on her neck. I feel like an entire academic paper could be written about this tiny character moment, but in a general sense I liked that it commented on both Lydia's bravery and vanity. Clever and illuminating, imagine that.

After looking at that weird UV map of his, Mr. Argent decided that the Darach would be doing some Darach-related business at the bank vault again. So that's where they went! 

Unfortunately for Isaac, Mr. Argent had a trick up his sleeve, and that trick was shocking Isaac nearly to death and then handcuffing Allison to the wall while he offered himself up as a sacrifice to the Darach.

Yup! This whole thing had been a way for Argent to become the third member of the parental sacrificial trio! Clever girl.

Allison was understandably shaken by the whole thing. It's always pretty rude when people don't trust you with their secret plans, but also she was probably pretty tired of having her parents be in mortal danger. Fortunately she still had Isaac.

Like, sorry, but don't tell me this scene didn't make you feel something. I ship everybody with everybody but in this tiny intimate moment I was so happy for both of them. Not because this was a hot 'n heavy romantic moment, but mostly because it wasn't. I don't know if I'm explaining that correctly, I may have mental probs.

So, of course Mr. Argent's plan involved waking up in captivity, freeing any one of the dozens of knives hidden on his person, and then cutting that druid UP. What he failed to consider, however, was just how thorough the Darach's busyfingers were.

Whoops! Suddenly Argent's plan didn't seem quite so brave as it did outrageously stupid. 

At that point the Darach walked downstairs and cleaned the blood off Mr. Argent's forehead (had she accidentally dropped him while carrying him across town?) and made some speech about how she and him were ultimately on the same team because they were both merely trying to rid the world of werewolves. Then she cut Scott's mom a look.

Yikes, ladies. 

Meanwhile at school, Stiles found out that Allison's dad had been taken, thus giving the Darach all she would need to make her sacrifices. He did not take this news very well.

I was amazed by how much I liked this moment. Well, there was the kiss aspect, yeah, but also just the fact that a character in a stressful situation had an actual panic attack. It's amazing that TV characters aren't constantly experiencing them, if we're being honest. Anyway, Stiles couldn't get it together, and Lydia knew exactly what to do.

So that happened! Stiles and Lydia kneeling on the most disgusting surface in all of town mashing mouths together to a smooth jam. It was very touching, and since Lydia has been in a pretty earnest and subdued mood lately, she didn't say anything super mean afterward. In fact, it seemed like she was pretty into it? I don't know. I just liked that this happened, it seemed very earned and 100% charming.

So then the two of them decided to pay Kendra the guidance counselor a visit, but she hadn't shown up to work that day. Which, duh. Honestly, Stiles and Lydia really shouldn't have gone to school either. What a weird choice they made. Anyway, look who was sitting in Kendra's office? That girl from the house party in episode 2 who had won a contest to be on Teen Wolf. The BEST girl, basically.

I mean, really. Make her a regular pls! 

So at this point Stiles and Lydia rifled through Kendra's desk and found their own files. That's how they figured out two things right at the same time: Where the final sacrifices were going to be happening and also why the Darach had tried to kill Lydia earlier.

Remember that time the Darach was an English teacher still and saw Lydia drawing this tree-thing in her notepad? Turns out Lydia had been drawing upside-down versions of the roots where the Darach was making sacrifices. That's why Lydia had to die. So now they just had to find out where the roots WERE and to do that Lydia had to pay a visit to the werewolf loft.

There was a highly amusing run-in between Lydia and Peter Hale, which, oh yeah, I guess they hadn't seen each other since the incident in Season 2 when his ghost seduced her into using moon voodoo to resurrect him. Let's be real, Peter Hale should be in jail for macking on a teen like that, but whatever. Unfortunately this meeting didn't come to much because Derek's mom had erased the location of the tree root thing from both of their memories. Ugh, Mrs. Hale was kind of the worst, right? I mean, the live wolf aspect alone was enough to put her on my bad side.

So the episode was more than halfway over by the time we finally caught up with Scott and his new bestie, a blind a-hole named THE DEMON WOLF.

For a minute there it seemed like dude was about to explain why there were fireflies in California all of the sudden, but then he basically just shrugged and chalked it up to animals being sensitive to supernatural phenomena and whatnot. Whatever, guy.

Meanwhile, we found out why Kendra had skipped school that day: Because she was being chased by werewolf twunks! Fortunately she's basically a sorceress and threw down a mountain ash circle like it wasn't even a thing.

So yeah, if it wasn't clear by now, druids are officially Teen Wolf's answer to witches. Like, I'm sorry, but there has been some straight-up MAGICK afoot this season. Not a complaint.

As it turned out THE DEMON WOLF wanted Kendra to shed some light on what the Darach is trying to do, and also he wanted to know why she'd infiltrated their lair prior to the season premiere (when Isaac was rescued by that rando on a motorcylce). The answers weren't super interesting, but it WAS interesting when Kendra proceeded to rat out THE DEMON WOLF for having murdered that super tall Alpha that Kali had a thing for. 

So yeah, expect some dissension in the ranks after that one. At first THE DEMON WOLF tried to pretend he didn't care, but then he did this:

Yup, a mountain ash circle doesn't really protect you from super sharp sticks, it turns out. But before the Alphas could descend upon Kendra, Scott fought them back and protected her. Then she told him the same information the other characters had learned by now: The Darach was at that cluster of tree roots. 

But yeah, again, nobody seemed to know WHERE exactly that cellar was. Inconvenient!

Another nice moment: Mr. Argent and Mrs. McCall and Sheriff Stilinski talking openly about being "in the know" with regard to their children's hobbies. After Mr. Argent all but rolled his eyes at Stiles' dad for not catching on sooner, the sheriff admitted to having looked past obvious supernatural phenomena, even one specific incident that will haunt him forever.

In what had to have been a series highlight for this show, Sheriff Stilinski described the night his wife died. We'd always known that Stiles' mom had passed away from an unspecified illness (NOT an animal attack), but in a truly moving monologue (seriously, huge, huge props to Linden Ashby) the Sheriff Stilinski recounted the night she died and how he wasn't there with her because he'd opted to stay with a dying highway crash victim despite the fact that the victim had had a psychic premonition that the sheriff's wife was also dying at that very moment. Anyway, it's almost too devastating to properly recount here, but suffice to say if you didn't already feel so badly for the Stilinski family, you did now. So good.

So, haha, oh man. Deaton the Veterinarian came up with quite a plan to stop the Darach. 

Now I'm definitely not a genius, so the fact that I didn't quite grasp the plan shouldn't shock you. But I think the idea was that Scott, Stiles, and Allison would all kill themselves in lieu of their parents getting sacrificed, imbue the Nematon (tree root thingy) with the energy that the Darach wanted, and then Deaton would bring them all back to life. But it would also mean that Beacon Hills would become a monster-magnet and also the three of them would have permanent scars of evil branded into their hearts. I really don't know, I'm so tired.  

But then Deaton went and got HILARIOUS with it. Not only would the three of them have to be drowned, each of them had to be paired with someone he or she had an emotional bond with. And because Deaton is nothing if not highly perceptive when it comes to burgeoning teen romance, he immediately paired Lydia with Stiles and Allison with Isaac!

Which created a bit of an awkward situation for Scott:

Aw poor guy. To Scott's credit, he seemed relatively cool with it. And to Isaac's credit, he hadn't really actively pursued Allison necessarily. Like, yeah he's into her, but he hadn't done anything obvious about it that might betray his friendship with Scott. Guys, I normally hate love triangles, but I don't think I hate this one? Here's why I think that is: Usually these shows really oversell the love triangles, like jam them down our throats basically. In this case it's just three decent people not necessarily looking to fall in love who've started to forge connections both subtle and deep. The fact that they are all three very likable and trying to do the right thing by each other just makes it all so much more painful. Do you know what I mean? I guess love triangles are just more effective when the people in them don't seem too interested in love triangles. I dig it.

ANYWAY. (Sorry.) The montage that closed out this show was so intense that it made me feel even MORE emotional. But that doesn't mean we can't have fun with everybody's "ice dippin' faces"!


I vote Allison. She looked SO ANNOYED about about having to kill herself in ice water.

Oh, and Stiles was a rascal because just before they all three went under, he dropped THIS bomb:


Did NOT see that coming! Teen Wolf has been holding onto certain backstory nuggets for a while now, and the story of Stiles' mom was one of them. We had no reason to expect this would ALSO be the episode we'd meet Scott's DAD! Or that he was a super tall FBI agent who, I guess, broke into Scott's house to cry on his bed? Dang, what a trip this episode was! And it wasn't nearly done getting real:

Yep, that's right. Derek traded in his Alpha status to suck away all of Cora's sickness! On the upside, those beautiful blues were back. 

And nothing definitive was revealed about Peter Hale's werewolf status, but he was clearly ready and willing to accept any new titles floating around. 

But then came time for the gang to get serious. In what had to be a situation that created mixed emotions all around, the triple murder/suicide pact was put into action.

And it was kind of upsetting! Hey, I LIKE these people and they were drowning!!

And then, most upsetting of all...

NOOOOOOOO! How dare you, Teen Wolf

Actually, go ahead and dare, Teen Wolf, I'm into it. Obviously this was going to be a two part finale and I'm just thankful this title card didn't appear after NEXT week's episode. Could you even imagine? A chill went down my spine just now when I imagined it. 

This episode was an instant classic. Hear me out. Just kidding, I have no further arguments, your honor. "Alpha Pact" was an instant classic. I cried. Yeah, I can say that here right? There were A LOT of emotions at play in this episode, plus it was exciting and revealing and surprising. Like, SO surprising. MR. McCall? WHAT? A surprise kiss? A compelling love triangle? A triple suicide? How did the writers even brainstorm this episode? "Everything. Let's just put everything in this episode." And then they did and it was terrific. (Sigh.) I'm not doing so great. WORTH IT. 



... Is Deaton's plan a good one? Be honest.

... Are you concerned that the reappearance of Mr. McCall will interfere with the single-parent love triangle currently forming in that root cellar?

... Did Derek make the right choice?

... What kind of monsters will come runnin' to Beacon Hills NOW? Pinhead? Pumpkinhead? The Grimace?

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  • hihun36 Aug 20, 2013

    Teen Wolf is about to get their very own Hellmouth! I dig it!

  • Karesa-Ann Aug 20, 2013

    Oh man, I laughed so hard at the "Everything. Let's just put everything in this episode." Haha - awesome.

  • Daliaticdhanny Aug 19, 2013

    Well,Deaton's plan sucks!!! It's risky for trio and extremly dangerous for Stiles & Allison (Humans) than Scott....

  • Big_Pecks Aug 19, 2013

    The scene in the guidance councilor office was hilarious. I didn't know Danielle was a lucky fan.

  • saoirsecoylew Aug 18, 2013

    Ok so does anyone remember when Kali & Derek had the fight in his loft when she made the twins hold Jennifer blake captive in order for her to fight 1 on 1 with Derek? Well why didn't Kali notice that Jennifer was her emissary, Julia right away? I mean Kali recognized her outside of the hospital right away so why didn't she notice her before? Anyone else confused?

  • harpier Aug 19, 2013

    I'm not sure Kali "recognized" her in the hospital as much as she now knew, mostly by conversations with Deucalion, that her emissary was still alive. Once Jennifer/Julia was outed as the darach, she knew. Before, thanks to some extensive facial mauling and druid beauty-magic, she didn't recognize her face. After all, Jennifer/Julia looks nothing like the picture attached to her hospital file.

  • Kerkesh Aug 18, 2013

    So I've just seen the finale as it was leaked and it's too awesome not to discuss now.However, I am not going to spoil it to no one and will stop commenting here until Monday.If anyone who has seen it and would like to discuss it with me, please don't hesitate to message.
    Honestly, though it is just plain stupid to wait for so long.

  • SweetMissJaye Aug 18, 2013

    Where did you watch it?

  • Kerkesh Aug 18, 2013

    I downloaded it from Kickass Torrent. But I have to add that downloading torrents is not illegal in my country in any way shape or form and if it is in yours, then maybe you should wait until Monday, however, many of my friends have seen it already.
    Finally, I have been told that this site being an American site cannot recap or mention the I Tune leak officially as it is illegal once I Tune recalled the link.
    My position, and this concerns but me, is that once I Tune leaked it , it became legally aired as streaming and downloading torrents have become a major method of watching TV series.

  • Kerkesh Aug 18, 2013

    This comment has been removed.

  • bleumystique Aug 17, 2013

    So, two years later (damn, really? Bleu girl gotta get a life) and I still feel compelled to apologize beforehand for the million words I may or may not type on this TW masterpiece of an episode (and this review obviously was the best Price. Obviously.) So, um, sorry guys, I ramble and stuff, I don't plan this shizz, I swear.

    -I can't even, I just can't with Teen Wolf being this awesome...I just can't. The last two episodes were just spectacular and this season has been the best yet. I swear, I haven't cried in like half a decade or something, but if I could cry, I'd have been reduced to a sobbing mess so many times this season. So many, this episode alone. Ugh.


    -It sounds sketchy as hell. The thing is, it's deaton, and if anyone knows how to pull this off, it's Deaton. I suppose it beats the alternatives which is...waiting for the wolf pups to hear Mr. Argent's dog whistle, which could also bring the Alpha pack running as well.
    -Um, no. Single parents stick together, and nothing will interfere with the single parent, supernatural, "we're totally surviving a harrowing life threatening situation together" bond, that is forming between Mama McCall, Papa Stilinksi, and Daddy Argent. Nothing. Their scenes together were the best. MM is just super cool and sassy even when she's tied down in a root cellar. PS just brought all the feels with that story, all. the. freaking. feels, when he described the supernatural thing. I'm willing to take back everything I said about not wanting him in the know. I take it all back. Shame on me. This works. Seeing the cute interactions he has with MM works. Watching the three of them bond works. And DA was hilarious, searching for all of his hidden weapons and being told by the others (only after he was frantically searching) that they were all gone, baby, gone! What I wouldn't have given to see the Daruch feeling him up while he was unconscious. Good times. I just want these three to go out for a drink afterwards and bitch about all the trouble their kids have gotten them in biological and adopted (that's for you Isaac). I'd love to throw Peter Hale in too. He and Mama McCall would have a tense thing going on between the something between "you used me to get to my son" and "maybe we should meet up sometime", he and Argent would be super tense with the latter itching to kill the undead dead, non werewolf-werewolf with some standoff out of an old western, and Papa Stilinski staring and trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Awesome side show.
    -Which time? Tough call all around. Peter had an incentive with having Derek giving up his power for his sister. His smarmy smirk said it all. I freaking love Peter Hale. I do. Not going to help the kiddies. Staying with his half dead sister that no one really cares about...eh.
    - All the monsters. Monsters I wasn't creative enough to dream of. I was with Stiles...how is this any different than before? I mean, they already have werewolves of all varieties, banshees, ghosts, druids, kaminas, supernatural hunters...

    - Dylan O'Brien has rocked my world this season. Someone, give this kid an Emmy. He hits me in my heart every single time. Teary-eyed Stiles should never happen. Snarky Stiles...I'm with you buddy, I'm so with you. I said early on in the season that you could tell that the kid has just gone through so much and that he was doing his best to keep it together but he was on simmer just waiting to boil over. He did. He finally did, and it was one of the best things I've seen on television precisely because so often they put characters through trying situations and hair-raising situations without ever really exploring the response to that. Sweet baby Jesus, thank the lord, they gave the kid a panic attack!! Who wouldn't have a panic attack?!! It was gut wrenching, it was masterful, it led to one of the best Lydia and Stiles scenes to date. A kiss for the sake of science. Stiles has been the MVP of the season, from his being the brains of the crew trying to figure things out, to his trying to protect his father, all the glassy eyed looks. OMG the opening with him smacking Derek repeatedly (never the face Stiles, never that face), not a trace of humor in a situation that could have gone humorous and Derek sort of got that. The standoffish defensive snarkiness with Scott's dad. Just...I'm everything Stiles. Everything freaking Stiles.
    - Lydia is amazing. I loved how soft she was this episode. She could have easily reverted to being sort of bitchy the way she typically was, but she was just so sweet, soft, supportive, nurturing, and her simple attire and fresh face appearance with the wide eyes...she was stunning in this vulnerable but strong way. She was awesome. Another reason the conversation with her mother was something special, she actually told her mother she had been strangled. For such a tiny scene it left such a lasting impression. She wasn't going to hide the scars of something she survived because it wasn't her fault. She actually told her mother instead of hiding it from her. In that moment, I remembered that Lydia is still that girl that was in the hospital and returned to school with all eyes on her. I loved how she was ready to be part of the gang again and help how she could, and her standing behind Stiles at the end...ugh. Amazing. Her moment when she first seen Peter again, mirrored Mama McCall's. Great humorous moment in an otherwise gut wrenching episode.
    - Re: the Isaac and Allison moment. You explained it properly and it made perfect sense. May I welcome you to the CPD? I consider myself the president of the club. And no, I'm not talking the Chicago Police Department. I'm talking about my being a fan of the Complex Platonic Dynamic on television. I love complicated dynamics on TV. Romantic entanglements are boring and lackluster unless they're done right, which is why I can never fully ship something unless I'm shipping a dynamic rather than an actual "relationship". To me, it takes work, and a true masterpiece is a bond that is deep, meaningful, poignant...and pretty much inexplicable. Not just two people rubbing against each other. I haven't the time for that. It isn't about romance at all (though if some, not all, but some, of these dynamics of mine end up that way I wouldn't care if it were done right i.e NOT like how the ruined my Auggie and Annie thing on Covert Affairs). It's about mutual understanding and...well, I could go on for hours. Isaac and Allison. I do love it. I love them, and I loved that scene precisely because it had nothing to do with romance. It was genuine concern, and shared grief, it was compassion...and a genuine connection that had nothing to do with Isaac trying to get in her pants. It was a touching scene. I didn't have the slightest thought of it turning into anything more in that scene, and that is what made it work. Honestly, the same went for Stiles and Lydia. They've sort of been like that all summer, and I've just loved the fact that they've gotten closer and Lydia isn't just the smart,popular, "mean girl" and Stiles isn't just the awkward, goofy sidekick who gets stepped on repeatedly.
    - Yes. Three big things that TW does right. Parental roles having some significance to the point where we're just as invested in the the parents as we are the kids. Druids are witches. Done.RIGHT. Love triangles. They don't distract from the show but they're still there. It's probably the most realistic way in which they choose to show them. It's brilliant.
    - I've thoroughly enjoyed watching various characters who did't typically interact as much, interact. With this joining forces with one another against common evil things. I loved seeing Stiles working with the Hales and them actually valuing him. I've loved seeing Stiles with the Argents. (Shoutout to the Argents for having one of the best father/daughter relationships on TV these days. It reminds me of Veronica Mars) slightly surprised when they both pulled out all of their weaponry despite being retired. I've loved seeing Stiles and Lydia work together more. I've loved Allison and Derek sharing scenes together. Isaac and everyone who isn't Derek, he's been doing a great job of getting around.
    - Angry Isaac is the best. The thing is, the kid has every right to be angry. It takes moments like those when you put things in perspective. He's the orphan looking for a home. All Isaac really wants is genuine connections, and now that he has them, he'll be loyal to them and fight for them. The idea of Mrs. McCall his surrogate mother, and Scott being gone is heartbreaking, the fact that Derek wasn't making any moves to help...was unthinkable. Peter made mention that Isaac was shifting loyalties but it has absolutely nothing to do with that at all. Isaac will hold on to Derek every bit as much as he will Scott and Melissa. But what a sucky position Isaac has been in thus far. He genuinely cares for Derek, but Derek created them all and didn't exactly do anything with them. He barely trained them, Isaac still hasn't mastered his gifts. Derek lost two of them, now that Boyd and Erica are dead, and he's been slowly losing his sister. He kicked Isaac out, to protect him, but still kicked him out, in such a manner where he was practically exploiting and using Isaac's childhood traumas with his father against him. And now Derek isn't fighting to help the others, when he's been under the impression that the others actually matter to Derek, just a little. Guilting Derek the uber loner anti-hero for getting laid was sad and kind of funny. I love how Daniel S. tries to play Issac as an American but his Brit just keeps coming through, if not with the accent, it's in the words and how he uses them or the mannerisms. I love Derek, but he has kind of sucked this season, and he really sucks at being a leader. He hasn't taken much of a stance on anything.
    - So Scott's dad is an FBI prick? Didn't see that coming at all! Things just got interesting, and we got one parent on the show, that we probably won't like.
    - I don't fully get the taking the place of their parents thing and dying, but I'd be so opposed to all this ice bath stuff. There just has to be another way! For once, I didn't try to look too deep into the set up of partnerships because all foreshadowing and snippets of intimacy aside, the partnerships just made sense. If they had to be tied to someone whom they had a connection with, there was no other way for it to go where it would work. Scott is fortunate enough to be connected to all of them, so he was cake, but it all really just came down to Stiles. Stiles isn't particularly close to Deaton, and he and Isaac barely share screentime together. His only option would have been Lydia, even if they hadn't kissed. She's the only one he has any real relationship of any sort with. Allison doesn't now Deaton from a can of paint and Lydia HAD to be paired with Stiles, so that only left Isaac anyway, and she has a rapport with him. Scott is the only one close to Deaton, whom, he himself has called a "father figure". But sure, foreshadowing, and tinglies, and romance or whatever. It doesn't matter. It was awesome, and I love the idea of it leading to these complicated bonds for the kiddies, since I imagine it won't change much for Scott and Deaton.
    -So we finally learned that Kendra sent her little sister/cousin/mini-me "The Girl" as Isaac mournfully labeled her. and that her name was Brayden, and that she went out like a boss, but what was the purpose? I still keep feeling like there is more to her than we know.
    -To Be Continued is the worst/best thing to ever appear on television. I almost wish, I'd have waited it out so that I could watch them together. At the rate I'm going, I almost did that anyway, but waiting until friday or saturday to watch two episodes of TW would have been inexcusable.

  • Kerkesh Aug 17, 2013

    A breathtaking comment which i thouroughly enjoyed. I disagree about Scott's dad though. I think it's way too soon and too little information to hate him or call him a prick. Stiles doesn't like him, but Stiles does not necessarily know all that really happened between MM and her husband. In fact, we don't even know if they are separated or divorced, we assume divorced but I don't think it was ever spelled out.

  • bleumystique Aug 18, 2013

    Thank you kindly, Kerkesh. Thank you kindly. I could be jumping the gun, in fact the odds of my jumping the gun when it pertains to Scott's father are astronomical. I think that's what they're banking on though. Prick until proven otherwise, based on the tension between he and Stiles and the comments that Melissa and Scott have made throughout the seasons. Also, the fact that he's been absent doesn't help matters. To clarify, I don't hate him at all because I don't know him yet, but I love all the tension that he can cause with his presence alone, and I do in fact look forward to what his sudden appearance will mean. I merely called him a prick because of his arrogant behavior and lack of tact in every scene he had with Stiles. While a guy bailing on his family could be a sore topic (I'm well aware that we don't know the full story yet,I'm just saying), I'm again, intrigued by his father showing up. The anguished expression on his face while he sat in Scott's room...nice moment. :)

  • jessecorbett7 Aug 17, 2013

    1) It's a great plan if your trying to set up season 4
    2) phhbbbbt!!!
    3) Only choice ,all the Druidwitchplotmonkeys are too busy to help
    4) The three billy goats gruff of course because big bad wolf ,Duh.

  • Chinchi101 Aug 17, 2013

    1) It's not the most ideal plan, but given that nobody seems to know where the heck the Nemeton is, they're kinda running out of options unless Stiles and Allison want to be orphans. Besides, they can't actually have it be EASY to save they're parents.
    2) Nope. From what Scott said about his mom's watch, it doesn't sound like she thinks very highly of her ex. And given Agent McAbsenteeDad's comments about the Sheriff I'd guess they aren't exactly close.
    3) Too soon to tell. Although I suspect Peter will benefit in some way. He was working awfully hard to make it sound like he wasn't exactly telling Derek to do it. But at least Derek did it for the right reasons, which is more than I can say about a lot of his choices lately.
    4) I can't wait to find out! (Please let it have absolutely nothing to do with vampires)

  • Pizzanigs Aug 16, 2013

    Just watched the finale. It was great, with a surprise ending. I guess you can call it a cliffhanger?

  • Interestingtv Aug 17, 2013

    I KNOW!!!! So good!! The ending wasn't really surprising to me but man some super cool scenes and developments!! I've already watched it twice and will watch it on Mon @ 10pm EST haha #IhavenolifebecauseofTeenWolf

  • Bruce2113 Aug 17, 2013

    You guys make me wanna watch it so bad.. I can't if I want, no torrent for me will work :( can't wait for Monday

  • Pizzanigs Aug 17, 2013

    I mean I kinda saw the ending coming, but when it happened I was still surprised. I don't know, it just happens I guess haha. I wonder what they're going to do with that in the rest of the season.

  • ItsAllAboutTv4 Aug 16, 2013

    Just saw the episode amazing but who leaked it.

  • Bruce2113 Aug 16, 2013

    Where did it leak at?

  • Pizzanigs Aug 16, 2013

    iTunes leaked it, but I downloaded it from the pirate bay.

  • Bruce2113 Aug 16, 2013

    What do u mean by finale?

  • Pizzanigs Aug 16, 2013

    The midseason finale, episode 12. The one that airs this Monday. It was leaked this morning.

  • Bruce2113 Aug 16, 2013

    Where at?

  • Pizzanigs Aug 16, 2013

    Nah don't worry, even though I saw the episode already I'll still watch it live to support the show.

  • mediawood Aug 16, 2013

    Hah, you have no idea the questions I have that are driving me up the frigging wall! But I'm glad to see some fans are still planning to watch Monday regardless. I just have to try to avoid the spoilers that I'm sure are going to be rampant. I don't think I could find out if 3b looks fun on a general level without getting spoiled out the wazoo on the finale.

  • mediawood Aug 16, 2013

    Apparently iTunes accidentally released it early, and before they pulled it again some people managed to get copies floating around the usual ways, like torrents and putlockers or whatever. I haven't looked for myself, though. I plan to watch Monday. I hope people don't flock to the leak, skip the actual airing and cause the ratings to drop. That's a sure way to prevent a season 4.

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