Teen Wolf Season 4 Premiere Review: Y Tu Monster Tambien (PHOTO RECAP)

By Price Peterson

Jun 24, 2014

Teen Wolf S04E01: "The Dark Moon"

Hi, how was your Spring? If it was anything like mine it was just a straight-up garbage existence. I can't even count the number of dumpsters I fell asleep in or the number of discarded, half-eaten burritos I consumed. Twelve? One hundred thousand? It was a bad time, to be honest. My only friends were seagulls. And my enemies? Also seagulls. Do you know what it's like to wake up covered in slime and not know whether you'd been haunted by a ghost in the night or if you just have a serious medical problem? I do. But I will be honest with you right here and right now. All my bad times can be traced to one thing and one thing alone: Teen Wolf was on hiatus. I think we can all agree that without new episodes of Teen Wolf to watch and discuss, life is trash. What is even the point of it? Anyway, I'm pleased to report that those dark times have passed and I am currently sitting in my condo wearing a white fur pashmina sipping champagne out of a geode. Because Teen Wolf is BACK and life is BETTER now.

I am nearly 451 years old, for reasons that are a whole story in itself and I frankly don't have the energy to get into it at the moment. (A curse is involved.) But believe me when I say I've been around for a while now and I recognize certain patterns in not only pop culture but in human culture. What happens is people fall in love with a piece of art or entertainment, demand more of it, and then grow tired of it. The weariness with a work of entertainment can be traced to one of two reasons: It changed too much over time or it didn't change enough. I am here to tell you that all GOOD works of entertainment need to grow and change, and for the viewer to cling to a first impression out of some kind of nostalgia is not only misguided, it's a shame. You are really missing out! It's one thing to reminisce about the old days, but to outright reject new things because you miss the olden times is a depressing form of nihilism. To put this in more specific Teen Wolf terms, MALIA IS AMAZING. 

But yeah, in a general sense, my favorite kind of person is one who loves new things. Right off the bat, "The Dark Moon" felt new, different, larger in scope, but fundamentally consistent with what we know Teen Wolf to be. Giving each season a different international spin is a fantastic idea, and while Allison (and Isaac!) will never be replaced, the newer characters have so much to add to the lore that is this beautiful, frightening, shirtless monster saga. So that's all I wanted to say. Let's appreciate the old but have fun with the new. Because "The Dark Moon" was a VERY fun prologue to what's looking like a very entertaining new chapter. 

Let's talk about it!

I don't know why anybody would want to build a small Mexican town on top of a forbidding, untraversable mesa, let alone a CGI town, but here we were! (You could tell it was Mexico because everything was yellow.)

Stiles and Lydia were clearly on a mission, so that's why they talked about being on a mission for a few minutes. I think maybe they sat in silence on the cab ride over because they wanted to present a unified front to the driver, but now that they were out in the open on the streets of Mexico (which also looked a lot like the streets of Mexico of Arrested Development) they could openly question each others' instincts.

Anyway, then night fell and they did something very unrealistic: They walked right by a street hot dog vendor and didn't even buy a delicious dog! Ugh, guys, come on. But then they gained entry to a secret underground club by showing this thing to the security camera:

And they were in!

It was just your typical underground Mexican dance club in an otherwise destitute-looking, semi-abandoned CGI Mesa town. And it was BANGIN.

Yep, Mexico or not, this was still definitely Teen Wolf!

Then the bartender gave the kids free shots but they didn't shoot them? Very rude. Anyway, then one of those Mexican hunters came and found them and brought them to their mother, who I guess is Mexico's answer to Mama Fratelli from The Goonies. That's when they all got down to business.

That's when we found out they were there to FIND DEREK. And they would buy him back if they could! But here's the thing: Mexican Mama Fratelli did NOT want to sell Derek to Stiles, not for 50 G's of Yakuza money, not for NOTHING. 

And that's when Stiles had to threaten her with brute force. Well, BRUTES force, plural. And then we got the superhero roll call of my dreams! All the other canine monsters were up in the club dancing and posing for the camera in powerful stances!

Ugh, so good. When it comes to superhero stories, the only thing better than a team standing in tableau is the roll call introduction. So this was perfect. (Also hi, Malia, you look perfect.)

OH and if that roll call wasn't enough for you, check out the brand new roll call credits! (But spoiler alert?)

Also Malia and Kira are both in the credits now, and Scott no longer levitates like a Jesus Werewolf. 

Also Jeff Davis' card has a cactus on it so I guess this season will officially have muy caliente Southwest flava?

This part was as charming as it was very gratuitous!

Just two female hotties trying to blend in and stay low-profile by grinding up on each other in the club. (I love the girl behind them giving them the side-eye.) And you know what? It's only fair that we get some female homoeroticism for once. I'm not even mad. But all vaguely bisexual moments have to come to an end and in this case it ended when two armed brutes attacked the ladies! Luckily they were ready.

Oh gosh, Kira's glowstick nunchuks were really funny to me. I couldn't decide if this part was hilarious or awesome, and that's why this show is so special. 

But then the trio went to go look for Stiles and Lydia and ran into trouble!

That's when they all got captured! Also at this point Scott realized that the Mexican Fratellis probably didn't even HAVE Derek, so what was even going on anymore?

Rhetorical question, because it was suddenly flashback time for some reason:

They were at the vet's office and Scott wanted to know if Derek was dead so he made Lydia hold all the bullet casings from when the hunters (and then a were-jaguar) invaded Derek's loft:

But of course Lydia didn't know anything. Just that he wasn't dead. But also might not be alive. Which, I guess that was true? But still, get better at this stuff, banshee woman. Anyway, then Scott looked at the skull logo on the bullets and decided they needed to go to Mexico. Why didn't he decide that earlier? It had been like two months since Derek's disappearance. Were they waiting for Labor day or something? Nobody knows, and nobody will ever know.

Then Scott woke up from his gassing:

Did I mention I really love Malia? Obviously much of that is Shelley Hennig related (The Secret Circle was so great, guys), but also her characterization here is way better than I imagined. She's this weird combination of naive new girl slash audience surrogate but also borderline FERAL. 

Like, in this scene she didn't understand why they wouldn't just leave a captured Lydia behind. And Malia even admitted that if she were still a coyote she'd consider straight-up eating Lydia before abandoning her. SO FUNNY. I mean, she spent what, ten years as a wild animal in the woods? I really hope we get to see more hints of that. Like, yeah, as a human Malia is gorgeous and clever, but it's such a funny backstory that she used to be a full-time COYOTE and I hope this season plays with this joke way more. Also, it should be pointed out that she and Stiles have really good chemistry. After she admitted she'd eat Lydia, his line "this is actually progress" legit cracked me up. 

In this scene Mexican Mama Fratelli decided to test Lydia's banshee powers and see if she could predict an imminent death:

But of course she couldn't. Lydia's powers are as random as possible. I'm sure they'll shift or get better this season, but for now they're basically just theoretical.

Um, not going to lie, this whole scene made no sense to me:

Like, okay, the Mexican Fratellis might be jerks but they're ostensibly good guys, right? Most hunters are, even human Kate Argent had a plausible wish to protect humans from monsters. So I'm not sure I understood why this woman was straight-up torturing innocent teenagers (whom she knew to be on the up and up, and who really HAD been trying to find their friend) just to make a point about Kate still being alive. I guess it was a test to see if Scott was a murderer or something? But then why involve Lydia or Kira? I guess to see if he was heroic enough to prevent them from being harmed? I don't know, it seems like a major violation of the Hunters' code for Mexican Mama Fratelli to be endangering non-werewolves. And again, couldn't she have just told him that Kate was alive? I'm pretty sure he would have believed her. Scott believes most things. But anyway, here he was in his tank top gripping an Ikea chair and getting shocked a ton.

Meanwhile in the bathroom Malia was trying to listen in on the carnage but she couldn't concentrate so Stiles helped her out.

So I guess making out with Stiles has the same effect as, like, banging a radio and getting better reception, so suddenly she could hear, but none of it really made all that much sense to her. 

Meanwhile Scott was telling Kira it was okay to shock him with the machine. They were making her use the knobs because electricity wouldn't hurt her, but shocking her boyfriend would. Or something. Again, this is the kind of scene that might make sense by reverse-engineering everybody's intentions but in the broadest sense I had no real idea why any of it was happening.

And that's when Scott started having flashbacks about Kate and then he realized she must've changed into a were-creature instead of dying. I mean, Mexican Mama Fratelli already knew this, but now Scott knew this too. And also WE knew this because then the camera cut to Aunt Kate looking like a creep in a dark place:

Oh and she had Derek locked away in a tomb or something:

So yeah! I don't know! Sorry, don't ask me. All I know is, after this small bit of horrible torture, everything was suddenly very chill:

Except Mexican Mama Fratelli warned Scott that if he ever murdered anybody she would come up to Beacon Hills and literally kick his butt. Scott was like, duh.

Then guess who showed up? Braeden, the lady mercenary who once rescued Isaac, which earns her a permanent place in all our hearts. Anyway, Mexican Mama Fratelli hired her to take the kids to find Kate and, I guess, kill her? Also to rescue Derek. 

So they were off!

But again, because Malia had spent most of her life as a full-time coyote, she had tons of questions about this Kate Argent character.

Luckily we got tons of flashbacks from Season 1 (including Peter Hale as a CGI werewolf, my favorite kind) but also some new scenes of the Mexican Fratellis retrieving Kate's body from the morgue and watching her come alive again, and then offering her the customary suicide that all turning-hunters must undertake. (Remember Mrs. Argent? Just kidding, she is literally unforgettable.) But Kate didn't go out like no chump!

She faked suicide and then escaped, killing her own brethren on the way out! Way harsh, Aunt Kate.

Meanwhile the desert caravan hit a snag when Stiles' Jeep had issues.

Somebody had thrown an ivory dagger at it? Or was that a dinosaur tooth? Not our business. But the Jeep was broken and Stiles suddenly had to pop the hood and take everything apart for some reason.

But Braeden was in a hurry to get to Kate's lair before sundown so Scott volunteered to go on alone. But before he left Kira got all emotional and hugged him goodbye.

AWKWARD. Guess Scott and Kira haven't really been dating for the past two months? Later on Braeden asks him about it and he shrugs it off like what a silly question. Him and Kira? Pshht. Okay, show.

Here was this brokedown church that was built on an Aztec temple devoted to were-jaguars. OBVIOUSLY.

In my opinion this was a frightening location. 

Speaking of frightening, the two canine ladies stood watch while Stiles tore apart his Jeep and almost immediately they sensed trouble in the area.

So Kira used some quick thinking to shine a little bit of razzle dazzle onto the surrounding rocks:

And without missing a beat Malia straight up CHASED that mysterious figure! At that point Kira ran after her and waved around her sword and Malia snuck up behind her (a cool thing to do when someone is waving around a samurai sword all frightened) and was wounded but ok. Whatever the thing was had gotten away. Meanwhile Stiles was NOT happy about Malia's instincts.

This was a cute moment when Stiles assumed Malia might've just simply ran away from them forever, but she insisted she would never leave him. She'd leave the other girls, sure, but not Stiles. SAME. 

Look at this little fella:

So cute!

So then Braeden and Scott entered an underground catacomb and almost immediately a shadowy monster that looked to be wearing Predator drag started rustling and coming toward them:

But that wasn't the ONLY frightening thing in this scene. Look out behind you!

Ugh, skeletons are the biggest creeps, always and forever. If it were up to me I would NOT let a skeleton hang out inside my body all the time. I hope future scientists can work on this issue.

Anyway, then Scott realized the only way to keep this creature away from them was to shout at it!

And it worked! But also some walls caved in and Braeden's ears were ringing.

But it led them directly to a wall with a were-jaguar on it, so Scott immediately knew Derek was buried behind it.

And they busted him out! But something was wrong, at least according to the looks on their faces. And soon we discovered what it was:

Derek was a TEEN again! WHAT THE? That is a werewolf ability I was not aware of. Yes, I know they can turn into animals and sometimes CGI monsters or maybe even lizards, and yes, they can use moon voodoo to come back to life, but I was NOT aware of this return-to-twinkery thing. Why wouldn't they ALL do this?  I don't know. But I guess Kate Argent has a thing for young boys. It was not explained how often she'd been licking Derek's abs over the previous two months, but my guess is she might be a real creep if she'd been licking Teen Derek's abs also. Aunt Kate is truly a weirdo.

So that was "The Dark Moon," which was a term used to describe a time of contemplation or sadness but then the episode was just sort of crazy and fun. Title was not accurate in my opinion. Episode title, I mean. The show title is still pretty accurate. Teen Wolves, even more than before! I liked this episode. It was hard to feel TOO crazy passionate about it, because, again, it was merely a prologue to the Beacon Hills drama to follow. But as a one-off excursion to a new locale and an introduction to new concepts and characters it was a very fun and intriguing beginning. I miss the parents, I miss the bedrooms, and classrooms, and dear gosh, I miss lacrosse. But those are coming! This was a mere appetizer. And I very much liked it. Ugh, so happy it's back. Teen Wolf forever.


... Should Derek stay a teen and re-enroll in high school?

... How should Lydia's powers improve? 

... How much do you like Malia?

... How do you think Isaac spent his summer?

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  • _Fire_Ice Aug 07, 2014

    Totally forgot to mention my theory on Derek and Kate's intentions. I'm thinking she was trying to change him into a were-jaguar or something. I'm not sure if she is an alpha or if it's possible, but I'm wondering if she used that magical were-jaguar temple she might be able to alter his shift into a were-jaguar rather than a wolf and maybe have more control over him. I don't know if she still has some weird crush on him or something, which fair enough he is hot, but I still am not sure why he reverted to a teenager. Also how friggin old is Kate, I want to know, because it seems like she very well was "with" Derek illegally the first time around, when she killed his family.

  • _Fire_Ice Aug 07, 2014

    Ok so firstly let me just state my concerns over the lack of Derek in the opening credits. Unless my brain spaced out, I don't like that he isn't there. It makes me very nervous about his life expectancy. That being said I do like young Derek, I am just gonna miss the baby blues of Tyler and I will want him back quickly. Overall the episode was blah, standard first episode. I loved the "Hills Have Eyes" moment where they were trapped out there in the middle of nowhere. I'm assuming we are gonna finally get our berserkers. I do hope they don't drag out the Kira and Scott thing, they need to either get together or not, the stares will get old fast. That mushy relationship drama was why I didn't like Allison, I don't want them to ruin Kira's character with it. That being said I have faith in TW and last season Allison was great. As for Malia I thought I would hate her, but I actually lover her so much, she is awesome. Braedon I'm not sure about, I can foresee an attempted relationship between her and adult Derek coming, but I'm already not interested in it. She seemed like a badass before when she saved Isaac, but since than every time I see her I'm like errr... blah, I just don't know how I feel about her.

  • LisaSmith9665 Jul 22, 2014

    I'm surprised to say this given her first episodes didn't stand out to me...but I'm loving Malia. Everything she says is truthful and hilarious at the same time. She's my new favorite character--and if she helps Stiles finally have some reciprocated hanky panky I'm all for it! (Yes I used the word hanky panky--I'm old like that)

  • mwieberg Jul 21, 2014

    I would like to point out, the "Mexican Town" in the beginning shots of the episode is actually Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico. It is not CGI. Here is the location via Google Maps - http://goo.gl/HTmpMn

  • mrramirez26 Jun 30, 2014

    I LOVE Teen Wolf, and was so looking forward to Season 4.
    A less-screwed up (but still damaged) Stiles!
    The gross and scary Mummy Guy gone!
    Evil Twin Stiles finally vanquished!

    More than anything, though, I wanted to see how all the characters were going to respond to Allison's death. Sure, Scott appeared extremely torn up about it in the moment, but I wanted to see more of Lydia and Stiles' feelings on her death. Oh well, maybe it's all still coming...as S4 heats up.

    "The Dark Moon" didn't feel very Teen Wolf-like, to me, overall. When they opened the episode in Mexico, I was a bit confused. It made more sense when Scott finally flashed back to the conversation with Stiles and Lydia; but I was still confused. Maybe I'm just too used to the show being set in the dark, woodsy area of Beacon Hills. (side note: I cannot believe that the fictional "Beacon Hills" is located in CA. It's dark and/or cloudy almost all the time! When I was first getting into the show, I legitimately thought they were in Oregon, or Washington...suspension of disbelief; but still. Anyway, I digress.)

    I like Malia (Stiles may finally end up with a girlfriend!! YAY!!) but I'm not a fan of Kira yet. I didn't mind her last season, but now with Allison gone, I feel like they're pushing Scott and Kira together too quickly. Part of my skepticism though, comes from the fact that Kira is not Allison...I admit it. I really liked Allison; she was strong, and brave, and skilled. And Kira, so far, just seems to be skilled (the nunchuk scene! Now that was funny. :) but maybe her character's still developing. I'll give the writers the benefit of the doubt, for now.
    Even though this episode felt a little off, I can't wait to see where the rest of the season is headed. Maybe Stiles will finally get back to his old self completely. I don't know if he's simply matured, or whatever, but I miss his constant quips, and one-liners. They're still there, but not as much as they used to be.

  • SnowflakeWolf Jun 29, 2014

    Love Malia! Love Kira! Love. . . every freakin' character in the show! (even the scary granny hunter) :)
    We know Derek won't stay a kid (seen him in the promo as a grown up smooching Breaden and doing other grown up staff) ;)
    Love love loved the episode! Can't wait to see more!

    . . . . . . . Is it just me or do weeks really go by annoyingly slowly during teen wolf season?

  • ginadelisa9 Jun 28, 2014

    Here's why I'm afraid Teen Wolf has shot itself in the foot- the writers have no vision. Season 3 was probably the best so far, and yet left the audience with a ton of unanswered questions.

    First and foremost, the one thing still on everyone's mind is how in the world are these characters not more affected by the death of a major character last season? Crystal Reed requested to be written off, which is fine, but killing her character abruptly instead of leaving it open for her to return or still be part of the story is a major mistake and a TREMENDOUS waste of past character/story development. The whole point of Allison's character was to be that female catalyst between between the supernatural characters and the normal characters. She didn't need to be supernatural to fit into the world and be badass, which was the show's medium. But now they've desperately made an attempt to replace her with two incredibly weak female characters with supernatural powers. I'm sorry, but it's just not working. The show's formula is now unbalanced. The characters almost felt awkward around each other, and the acting was horrendous compared to past episodes. I'm sorry, but Malia's character is completely ridiculous. Why is she a main character? What has she done to early their trust, besides be mildly hot? It's just a stupid form of character replacement.

    I'm well into college now, but have been avidly watching this show since High School because it was witty , clever, and focused on more adult themed aspects, but now I'm not so sure. It feels like a teeny-bopper show. I know it's only been one episode, but in my mind, this show has now lost all of it's meaning. My hopes/best advice for this show, find a way to counter balance the supernatural again. Even if that means talking Crystal into returning as Allison as a guest star in a later season. Hey, it's possible people, I mean her crazy aunt that nobody likes returned after having her throat ripped out two seasons ago.

  • ChiefWiggums Jun 29, 2014

    I too mourn the loss of Allison. She was a great character that we saw develop over time. I always sensed that the writers put time and effort into making her a unique and multi-layered character. And Crystal Reed did a great job portraying her.

    Sadly, I'm not getting that sense with Malia. As I've said elsewhere, Malia is basically a Mary Sue (poorly-developed female character dropped into the story to be a love interest of the writer/creator's favorite character, will be loved and accepted by all of the other characters and will be special in many ways, all in spite of having no real character development if the writing of her character in 3B and S4E1 are any examples). She (along with Cora) are also meant to be female versions of Derek so that Jeff Davis can try to capitalize on Sterek chemistry while still safely keeping Stiles with a straight white girl.

    All of which is frustrating, because we know from some of the earlier story arcs and characters that the writing for this show CAN be very good. But JD is being lazy with Malia.

    Kira, at least, has been introduced more slowly and I appreciated that during the first part of her S3 arc, though I'm not happy with how quickly she's come into her own with her special powers. Honestly, I'd prefer if she had no special powers and was instead an ordinary human being whose awesomeness would develop naturally as a result of learning and growing and making hard decisions. But I guess Kira will be just another super-special being. It's too bad, because I think she has potential but they're rushing her a bit, too. Not as badly as they're rushing Malia, who so far has been a complete mess AFAIC, but JD clearly isn't bringing the care and effort into developing his characters that he used to.

  • wolffanatic Jun 29, 2014

    I think the writing was off, more than bad acting.

    There are 4 spots where I felt the writing just let us down.

    The first was the scene when Lydia and Stiles was talking to Mama Fratelli (sorry I can't help calling her that). When he said they were there because they didn''t like to lose. That line should have been "because they don't turn their backs on a friend". After Dereks big speech to the twins about scott doing anything for his friends, I'm disappointed that they messed that up so bad. (Jeff Davis, I hope you read this)

    The 2nd was the whole debacle that was Scott and Kira, after the jeep broke down. How about cut most of the dialogue and just have her give him a hug. (I thought this was the worst part of the episode)

    3rd was the line between Stiles and Malia about her running. Not sure how they could have written it probably should have shown him being worried and her not running off by herself.

    4th--I hated the dialogue in the cave between Braeden and Scott. They hardly know each other but she is commenting on his love life. If anything as they go into the temple, maybe I would have had Braeden say, I bet you wish you would have kissed your girlfriend now, and Scott says she is not my girlfriend and then he catches a scent and says we aren't alone.

    Really honestly sometimes, I think Jeff isn't paying attention to what he has written before. He has all this teen wolf rolling around in his head, he needs to realize that probably changing 4 lines in my opinion would have take episode 1 from good to really good for me.

  • ginadelisa9 Jun 29, 2014

    I do agree with you on the writing, completely. It's just so upsetting because this show is becoming your typical teenager supernatural soap-opera. Jeff Davis had something great going up until the last few episodes of season 3. Now it just feels like he's grasping at straws to make the show work again. The characters feel stale because the writers have given them nothing to work off of. With Malia's background and the huge deaths that happened last season, they should have plenty to work with. First of all, they would not be over the death of their friend in just two months. There is so much these characters can talk about and explore in both mourning their fallen pack members and the addition of two new characters. Instead they're too focused on writing what they "think" fans want. In reality, they're just scaring off their older audiences. As a studying, aspiring screen writer, I've done my share of hair tearing out and endless revisions, but it doesn't take a genius to know that this show is one step away from "jumping the shark" for me. I know the producers go through to see what fans think, so I really hope they can read what were all frustrated about.

  • noonelamron Jun 28, 2014

    --I don't like the whole young Derek thing cause it's just gonna make him more messed up and the poor man needs a break already.
    --Lydia's powers will hopefully improve with the help of her friends & there is going to be an episode with Jackson coming back so maybe he might help with that.
    --Malia is an odd character cause of her background & also she's Peter's daughter so she might have some unwanted traits there. It's gonna take some time to get used to her as she also adjusts to normal life. The twins weren't liked at the beginning of season 3 cause of their involvement with the alpha pack but they managed to redeem themselves.
    --Isaac spent his summer in mourning and he probably tracked down Jackson to tell him about Allison & to visit Lydia & the others.
    --Also I have to say I am a Sterek shipper & I don't care what others say. But besides Lydia he had to give mouth to mouth to Cora when she was in the ambulance & said "The next time I do that you better be awake." So he must've had a crush or something. Then he was all interested in Derek's background with the nemeton & Paige and no one questioned that. Now he's with Malia who is a Hale. Maybe he's getting a little closer to his goal cause she reminds me of Derek.
    --The other thing I noticed is that two of the themes from fan-fictions have been used. Demon Stiles last season & now de-aged Derek this season. So fingers crossed.
    --Finally I think the image is of Stiles & Lydia because the hair looks redder & in these pics you can see Lydia is wearing the same outfit. Especially the jacket I don't think Malia would wear anything like that anyways it's definitely more Lydia's style.

  • ChiefWiggums Jun 29, 2014

    Unfortunately, Cora and Malia are both just attempts on Jeff Davis' part to recreate Sterek chemistry but still keep Stiles with a straight white female. It's weak, and I think it's cowardly. If JD doesn't want to go there with Sterek, fine. But if he wants to keep Stiles with a straight white female, he could at least make the effort to write an original character instead of just plopping his female versions of Derek into the plot and expecting everyone to love the idea of them. At least be original. But JD is taking the lazy way.

    It's unfortunate, because this is a good show and in the past has been great. It still has potential (whether or not they make Sterek canon). But it's potential won't be realized if JD keeps giving us Mary Sues.

  • AbiOlasunkanm Jun 29, 2014

    looool recreate sterek chemistry.That is so funny how you people ship straight males together. Now imagine this a lesbian woman and a straight male are best friends. If it wasnt that she was a a lesbian they would probably be together. Now you have stiles and derek who both like women. plus who probably wouldnt even talk to one another if it wasnt for scott. Sterek is beyond ridiculous. The most bizarre thing about it is that not even one of them is gay then maybe you would have a leg to stand on. I dont know if youre gay so its making you biased or whether youre a woman and fancy both or them together. I suppose youre entiled to your opinion. stiles is just a great charachter he has that witty sarcastic banter with nearly everyone. Issac,derek and peter.

  • noonelamron Jun 30, 2014

    Stiles is bi. Jeff Davis has said it on multiple times. Stiles has asked during most of the first season if he was attractive to gay guys. During season 3 when the sacrifices were of virgins this conversation happened:
    Stiles: And you know who else is a virgin? Me. I'm a virgin, okay? And you know what that means? It means that my lack of sexual experience is now literally a threat to my life. Okay, I need to have sex, like, right now. Someone needs to have sex with me, like, today. Like, someone needs to sex me right now!
    Danny: [At the locker next to them] All right, I'll do it.
    Stiles: What?
    Danny: Come to my place at 9:00. Plan to stay the night. I like to cuddle.
    Stiles: Oh. That was so sweet. Are you kidding?
    Danny: Yes, I'm kidding.
    Stiles: Okay, you know, you don't toy with a guy's emotions like that, Danny.
    Seems to me like Stiles was fully interested & a straight guy wouldn't be.
    Also when they had the rave in 3B & he was talking/making out with Caitlin: There's a director's cut. http://youtu.be/NYN6GzM4KP0
    But I think that's good enough for Stiles for Derek you don't know what he could have done in New York all those years before coming back to Beacon Hills & I doubt he would come out straight away since people still talk about him & his family. Or it could also be because his record with women isn't very well so he's probably hesitant to explore a new side. His first love Paige died in his arms when he thought he was helping her, Kate manipulated him & killed almost his entire family and Jennifer turned out to be an evil creature wanting to kill him, his friends & almost killed Cora. And he basically was with her because he was lonely. Finally in 3A ep 21 when they had the chess pieces with everyone's names on them why did Stiles put Derek's name as the King's after he was the dark knight. I have more points but that's enough for now.

  • ChiefWiggums Jun 29, 2014

    Okay, it's not letting me answer your other response so I'll try to answer it here.

    1 - Just because Derek has only been shown with women, that doesn't mean he can't be bisexual. To think so would show a lack of understanding of the complexity of human sexuality. You claim that there've been hundreds of guys walking around shirtless in Beacon Hills and Derek hasn't been interested, but we haven't seen that. You're confusing the show with something that seems to be going on in your head.

    2 - I'm not saying Derek is bi. I don't have any idea whether he's supposed to be or not. I'm just not excluding the possibility.

    3 - I don't expect the show will actually make Sterek canon. Frankly, I don't think they have the courage to. And if they did, they'd probably screw it up.

    4 - I maintain that Cora and especially Malia are meant to be safe white heterosexual females that Jeff Davis created in order to try to recreate Sterek chemistry. I don't think it succeeds, but I think it's what he's trying to do.

  • AbiOlasunkanm Jun 29, 2014

    welll when this imaginary fantasy of yours happens reply to me and tell me "i told you so" as of right now actual facts are what youre missing.

  • ChiefWiggums Jun 29, 2014

    This isn't about whether I ship Sterek. It's about the fact that Jeff Davis knows there are a lot of fans who DO. And he's trying to tap into that chemistry by coming up with a female character who's basically a stand-in for Derek in her scenes with Stiles.

    1 - She's a Hale
    2 - She's snarky with him
    3 - Early on, she's even borderline abusive towards him, punching him at Eichen House
    4 - She's a werewolf

    You certainly don't have to ship Sterek to see how Malia (and Cora before her) are written as if Davis wants to make Stalia (and Stora) a version of Sterek that would be more acceptable to the homophobic elements of the audience.

    Also, Stiles isn't a straight male. He's bi. Jeff Davis has said on multiple occasions that he envisions Stiles as bi. And we don't really know whether Derek is or isn't bi. Just because it hasn't been shown, that doesn't exclude the possibility.

    But anyway, it's not about whether I ship them. It's about what Jeff Davis is doing with Malia. She's a poorly-rewritten female version of Cora who was only meant to be a girl substitute of Derek.

  • AbiOlasunkanm Jun 29, 2014

    "And we don't really know whether Derek is or isn't bi. Just because it hasn't been shown, that doesn't exclude the possibility"

    1 derek has been with paige
    2. derek has been with kate
    3 derek has been with jennifer
    4. 100s of straight and gay guys running around with tops off in beacon hills. derek has no interest. Im sure we can say he is 100% straight.

    Lets just say stiles is bi or gay there are atleast ten guys i would say he would be with before derek.

    cora poor substitute for derek? you are aware stiles likes nearly every girl he has been around. I know stiles was the virgin before but to be honest he has had more action than scott. he kisses childhood girl friend. He got kissed by lydia (may not count) he kissed the lesbian girl. He sleeps with malia.

    seems like you see what you want to see.

  • mifuneko Jun 27, 2014

    There are many characters I dislike but there are very few I truly hate... And Kate Argent is one of those. I hope she dies, for good this time.

    And if Jennifer comes back... I'll be done with this show.

  • bleumystique Jun 27, 2014

    • Baby Derek has his own sex appeal, but I like my Derek tall, brooding, muscly, and with killer scruff. The turn of events with Baby Derek has intrigued me though, so I'm okay with this development for however long it'll last until Grumpy Cat Derek is back shirtless hugging Braeden.
    • I think Lydia needs to be cut some slack. Chica didn't even know what she was until a deranged Daruch told her before attempting to slice her throat open. Unlike the werewolves (or other shapeshifters) she has no one like her to teach her the ropes, and the other half of Team Human Brain hasn't investigated Banshee-ism because he tends to be occupied with bigger more dire issues. I think Lydia has done remarkably well given her ignorance on the subject, and I look forward to them maybe exploring that more now that she isn't occupied with shirtless hunks and girl time with Allison. R.I.P babe. Miss you!
    • I don't not like Malia, but I'm not as caught up in the hype around her either. My problem with Malia is the truly insane backstory they gave he knowing good and damn well that they will never make the time to adequately and properly explore it. It's Teen Wolf, obviously a girl has to suspend belief to the max, but even though I'm watching batsh!t insanity that's highly implausible they still make it feel like it's possible 80% of the time. But I can't...I can't get beyond the fact that Malia is a teenager who spent eight years of her life in the form of a mother fudging coyote. Intellectually, socially, mentally she should be a freaking 8 year old. She should have the mental capacity of an 8 year old. 2 months of chilling with Stiles will not make up for the fact that she should have the mental capacity of an 8 year old. Honestly, the two month jump annoyed me and don't even get me started on the Stalia thing. If she didn't have the history that she had I wouldn't mind that my boy Stiles finally has a girl who is into him...and I don't deny that they have a nice chemistry, but when I see them together (especially when she has this overtly sexual way of carrying herself) I keep thinking about her being emotionally 8. So now we're supposed to go along with the fact that this girl with her background is in high school with them (special ed or not...get real!) and she wavers back and forth between being socially inept and socially normal (enough to help poor awkward Kira be less awkward). You can't give a character that type of backstory, seriously jump the gun by prematurely making her a series regular (because if she was recurring it would have been more acceptable for us that her development happened offscreen), and give us funny throwaway lines to remind us of her condition rather than doing the work and showing the journey. In the premiere it felt like her stuff was glossed over like they plan on her stuff being glossed over from here on out which is insanity. She went from an 8 yr old coyote to a super sexy, relatively stable teenager and then they threw her in a relationship with Stiles to boot. It feels like they're more interested in her being Stiles gf/friend/person than her standing out as her own character. It doesn't help that she has the feral and feisty quality of Cora and Erica who were presumably meant to be love interests for Stiles as well, and the impulsiveness and temperament of Derek, and sex appeal of Lydia (to appeased the fans who ship him with those two perhaps? I don't know). I can suspend my belief a great deal...but I'm really having a hard time swallowing all the stuff around Malia. I love Shelley, her character here though...the writing frustrates me and I don't want it to. I want to enjoy Malia, I don't dislike her because the issues I have with her character have nothing to do with Shelley or the idea of Malia...I just hate some of the writing around her. I think they shoehorned her in too. The feral, impulsive were-coyote whose obviously about self preservation doesn't really feel right being in Scott's pack where they're all about friendship and loyalty etc. I know the lines about her abandoning the others etc or charging into action doing her own thing were supposed to be funny, cool, or badass but they didn't do it for me. I kept thinking that she's more of a liability than an asset. But I did like her interaction with Kira.
    • Father/Son time with Papa Argent only to be truly confuzzled when Chris up and abandoned a grieving orphan teenage werewolf with abandonment issues behind. Maybe he's modeling somewhere. Reinventing himself as a witch and moving to Nawlins. I love Issac. Wherever he is may he be happy.
    -Malia is knowledgeable enough to know how to grind in a club isn't she? WIth all that pelvic thrusting a new sapphic ship is born. Mira. Kalia.
    -I know most are stoked about Malia and all but can we talk about Braeden? That girl is hella badass. I love her in all her motorcycle-riding, leather wearing glory. I read another review elsewhere where the reviewer didn't even bother mentioning her and when asked about it she said that Braeden was simply uninteresting and not relevant and has done nothing worth noting....Ummm...sure lady. Now Braeden has a backstory I'd be interested in seeing. There's a story behind a teen/young adult supernatural mercenary/retrieval specialist whose signature line is "get behind me". Sweetie....you jump in front of werewolves to protect them like you're something more than human. I mean, how badass is that? Not to mention her weaponry. Girl has a kickass arsenal. She makes me think of how Jenny Mills (from Sleepy Hollow) would have been at that age and I love it. I'd love to know her connection to the Hales and Scott and how she knows everything about all of them and no one knows anything about her including who she really works for. More Braeden. Please.
    -Baby gringos in Mexico. Baby Gringos in Mexico!! I hope they had a buddy system and remember to hold hands. Hold hands with you buddy!!! Seriously how did they (especially Malia whose adopted father just got her back etc and I imagine wouldn't let her out of his sight) manage to sneak off to Mexico? And more importantly, does this mean that Mama McCall and Sheriff Stilinski finally had a date night with the boys gone? I ship it. Hard. So what.
    -The Mexican Argents are scary as hell.
    - I'm not all that excited about Kate returning. I never cared for her, and if I have to be perfectly honest (and I hate saying it because I try not to judge actors for their roles but in this case it's true) Jill Wagner irritates the hell out of me. No surprise that sociopathic Kate didn't follow the code. I mean, did she ever? This were-jaguar business is coocoo and it weirds me out that whatever mojo she put on Derek...she transformed back to the age he probably was when he first met her. I really hope she wasn't licking his abs while she was doing it.
    -"Whats the shape for sociopathic Bitch?" was the line of the night. Love Lydia and her sass.
    - This premiere was pretty much filler...it didn't give us much to work with. I almost wished it was an hour and a half just so that we could have had more pizzazz because it didn't really pick up until the end and then of course it was over.
    -I loved the supernatural roll call so much! All the supes and their gorgeous glowing eyes being all hot and stuff. These kids are so cute.
    -I loved Stiles and Lydia's part in the beginning. I mean they walked in their with a confidence that only comes after you've seen some twisted up ish. Like these kids have seen some things....some serious things, and they seem so indifferent to it all now. Throwing 50g's down and staring down hunters like they don't give a single eff.

    PRICE RECAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them. Missed them. Gotta get back here more this summer.

  • ChiefWiggums Jun 27, 2014

    I love this post. You highlight a lot of the things that bug me about Malia - things that I think are relevant to her story and her place in the show, but that we're apparently supposed to ignore. I don't hate the character or the actress, but I hate the fact that I'm apparently expected to become a "Little Coyote" (the actress' name for her fans) even while the writing for her is inconsistent and lazy.

  • bleumystique Jun 28, 2014

    Aw! Thanks babe! Yeah...I can can overlook things, obviously I'm watching a supernatural show and TW is notorious for its plotholes and inconsistencies, but they were ambitious with what they gave her and so far they haven't exactly followed through with accommodating that ambitious background of hers and it doesn't feel like they will. They jumped the gun with feeding her to us and it feels like they spent a great deal of time telling us that we'll love her to compensate for the fact that they thrust a new character with a very complex story behind her in the mix rather abruptly and taking the time to flesh her out. Making Malia a series regular would have been the equivalent of making Braeden a series regular...great character, limited buildup or development but here you go. It just doesn't really sit right with me, personally it's nothing against the idea of the character or Shelley, but the writing is mind-boggling at best.

  • wolffanatic Jun 29, 2014

    I forgot this in the post below, but it is a question I often wonder about when reading posts and I've tried to make the point before.

    Well first, they do need to get some follow through on Malia's character, if they do, I think maybe people will be a little more open to her.

    Now back to what I was saying. Would you rather tw be a 12 episode series that moves along quickly but may leave some plot holes for us to fill in on our own (like the conversation between the kids and the parents about going to mexico, that the first 10 minutes of the show as it is) or a 23 episode season that sort of drags on and makes us feel stupid because we are told and shown every little detail.

    I've got to say, I did not start becoming a fan of the 12 episode/ or short seasons until I started watching some of the British series, Torchwood, and then the original Being Human. They tended to move along get to the point, and then start another arch and I found them to be great. I would compare that to say Supernatural which I love, but I just can't set through the entire season, there are at least 6-7 episodes a season that I just don't think are there but to fill in episodes and I really think it takes away from the storyline.

    So my feeling, not saying it has to be everyone's feeling, is that sometimes we are left with some "plot holes" because Jeff and the rest just don't think its important enough to add episodes overall. And we can use our imagination.

    I will say though, I would have cut half the scene under the church for a flashback of Scott or Stiles or both telling their parents what they were doing. Since I have watched it several times now, I would have put that in right after the opening scene of Lydia and Stiles talking, maybe have Stiles say, you sound just like my dad, then flashback, and then come into the scene where they are going into the club.

  • bleumystique Jun 30, 2014

    Oh I completely agree with that wolfanatic. If they do the follow through with her character I'm sure some of the people who haven't received Malia in the premiere that well, would be fine. I mean, I know I will. I don't have an issue with the idea of her as a character at all. If/when the writing gets there for her, I'll be content. Shelley is great, she fits in well with the cast, she's more than capable of pulling off this character and personally I'm not caught up in the "shipping wars" so that aspect of things doesn't faze me like it may for a faction of the fandom.

    Basically everything that ChiefWiggums said below. No one is hardly expecting them to bog down a series with unnecessary and inconsequential little moments that don't have any significance to the overall storyline. I can crack a joke here and there about how the kids got to Mexico. Them not mentioning that isn't even considered a plothole. I mean sure they could have did a five second flashback or throwaway line if they wanted too. But there is a huge difference between "How did the kids get to Mexico without consent?" (something that COULD be a throwaway line) and "Oh look Malia is now a relatively adjusted Teen girl who is already part of Scott's pack (something that WAS primarily throwaway lines but shouldn't have been). The first is a rather insignificant detail that you poke fun about but never expect to actually see much of because...time. The last one is a plot hole. Hell, it's a freaking plot crater. The time they spent staring at the were-jaguar temple could have been used to give us a hint of a flashback of Malia over the previous two months. At least it would have been something. Or the pretty long danceclub scenes could have been cut back if they really needed too.

    I just feel I shouldn't have to use my imagination about how she developed in the months offscreen. That's ridiculous and asking a lot. That was the most interesting thing about her character. I can use my imagination about what Allison's funeral was like (because Holland said they never did it). I can use my imagination about what Chris Argent was doing in France and why he left Isaac alone there. I can use my imagination about what Peter was doing in the two month time jump. I can use my imagination about the awkwardness between Kira and Scott while they were both grieving in different ways. Hell, I'm still using my imagination about Danny and how he knows about werewolves and the creepiness of Beacon Hills. But asking the audience to use their imagination or blindly accept gaps and plot holes surrounding Malia that is crucial and relevant to her character makeup is lazy writing and they are better and more capable than that.

    I watch shows with 12 episode seasons too...although Teen Wolf goes in cycles now and is longer than 12 episodes but around 20 now if I'm not mistaken. You can tell the story right if you edit and do it concisely. She's now a series regular involved with a main character...they could have made the time if they really wanted too, they just didn't. That truly is unforgiving. Her being a series regular implies that they expect her to stick around for a bit, which means they have ample time to really flesh her out...so why not start with showing the most crucial part of her as a character? The part that endeared so many...her being this girl who was formerly a wild animal. Show her transition. Don't tell me about it in funny ways and downplay it. Now, that is in part why I wished it was maybe an hour and a half instead. They could have did 15 minutes giving us a flashback, nothing too fancy...but something, a short montage or something. It's Malia's first official episode as a series regular, it should have been a bit of an introductory episode for her (and it some ways you can tell they meant it to be) but a few minutes at least giving us a glimpse of what her transition was like would have worked. Maybe they'll do it later on, but it should have been upfront in the beginning. Malia's storyline will most likely be one of the bigger ones of the season when she finally connects with Peter so there is no excuse to gloss over aspects of her character that you used to endear the audience to begin with.

    And there I go again with another long and redundant post. LOL! Hopefully the episode tonight will be better for me.

  • bleumystique Jun 30, 2014

    This comment has been removed.

  • ChiefWiggums Jun 29, 2014

    I think TW should be able to do tightly-constructed 12-episode arcs without leaving major plot holes. I don't have a problem with filling in the obvious - for example, that the kids had conversations with their parents about going off to Mexico (or giving them some kind of excuse about where they're actually be). That's no big deal to me. I don't even consider that a plot hole, really. Knowing the characters, I can imagine for myself that Scott and Stiles talked with their parents, and that Lydia probably told her mom she was going somewhere with friends.

    I can't imagine what Malia told her dad or anyone else, because the show hasn't bothered to take any effort so far to make Malia consistent enough in character for me to get that kind of read on her. I still don't even know what she was doing in the mental institution last season or how she got out. So how can I fanwank what she may have told her dad?

    MAJOR points, like how Malia is socially advanced enough to take along with them, and to get into dirty dancing, and yet in the two months she's been human again since she was eight years old, has not learned that you don't tell part of your "pack" that you'll leave them behind if they're hurt or sick or missing? Those I'm less forgiving of. Especially when it concerns a major character that the show is trying to sell to me.

    But I think it also needs to be said that a good writer can do a tightly-constructed 12-episode arc and not leave any plot holes at all. It's a matter of skill and effort, and of respecting your audience enough to think from their side of things about what details they'll need to have seen for a plot to work.

  • ChiefWiggums Jun 28, 2014

    TBH, I think the speed with which they made Malia a regular is much worse than if they'd done that with Braeden. Braeden, at least, would have come into the story with limited known backstory and the fourth season could have slowly allowed us to know more about her.

    Malia, OTOH, is essentially a Mary Sue. And yes, I know the term is thrown about loosely, but look:

    a - A Mary Sue tends to be a female love interest for a main character - most often for the writer/creator's FAVORITE character (and Jeff Davis is very fond of Stiles);
    b - A Mary Sue tends to be "special". She either has special abilities or she's extremely smart, able to fit in with people (i.e. at the club), or is extremely beautiful and/or exotic looking, and may have an exotic or unusual name;
    c - A Mary Sue often has an unexpected relationship to a major family in the show (Hales, anyone?);
    d - A Mary Sue usually ends up being loved or admired by all of the other main characters, and if a character doesn't love her, it's portrayed as something wrong with the character who doesn't love her.
    e - A Mary Sue tends to be poorly written.

    Malia is the very definition of a Mary Sue, and I fully anticipate that within a couple of weeks all of the main characters will accept and adore her. Jeff Davis isn't even trying with her. He just expects everyone to love her. At least if it were Braeden he'd done this with, there's a chance he'd work at making her backstory make some sense.

    Unfortunately, none of that will matter, because enough fans of the show will not care that Malia is badly written. They'll just love her the way JD wants them to.

  • wolffanatic Jun 29, 2014

    I would think that its totally possible that getting Shelly on the show may have taken offering a major part, and to be in the credits.

  • bleumystique Jun 29, 2014

    Ohhh! Yes! Agree!

  • wolffanatic Jun 27, 2014

    Wow. I thought I wrote alot. I agree with most of what you said. I'm not however critical of the Malia storyline. I think were going to be left to just take the leap on this. I think it is crazy to think, her brain did not develop over the time. Not something I'm concerned about though.

    I totally agree with the sociopathic bitch comment being the quote of the night.

  • bleumystique Jun 28, 2014

    LOL! Either you're relatively new, I've been gone longer than I realized, or i'm just that forettable. Probably all three. ;) Hi, I'm bleu, I'm known for long rambly comments/posts, being equal parts sweet and snarky, and analyzing things to the max. Nice to meet you. :)

    Yeah taking a leap on that doesn't work for me. It's lazy writing and unacceptable. They wrote themselves into a corner with her backstory so they have an obligation to do it justice. I can take a leap on underage kids going to Mexico unsupervised or a dozen other little inconsistencies and nuances, because it's a supernatural show and fiction of course. But the Malia thing is asking me to suspend my belief too much and not in a necessary way. The psychologist in me can't wrap my head around the human/coyote transformation development. Even if she did develop in that time, which naturally she would have, she developed as a coyote not as a human. She would have missed out on the crucial human development in those childhood development stages that would have contributed to her being more feral but average. That's like saying a child who was kidnapped at eight and kept underground for eight years only seeing their captor will come out of it all being relatively average with a few quirks. Implausible. That's what they did to her character. I'm not expecting them to show much, they can't afford too (which again, is why giving her that backstory thought interesting was a bit too much because they never would have the time to explore it properly as evidenced by her in the premiere). But to gloss over it and only use it as comic relief is a disservice to Malia as a character and the development and potential she has, the potential story that can come out of it, disappointing, and just lazy. They made her a series regular after roughly three episodes. They have the time to tell the story for her, there isn't a rush to immediately force her to be part of Scott's pack when she isn't equipped for it yet, nor push the Stiles and Malia romantic relationship either when a nice friendship could have built up first. If she were just a recurring character then maybe I would have taken the leap because it would have made sense that a lot of her stuff happened offscreen but she isn't so it's not.

    Yes. Lydia, God bless her, is so sassy and I love her for it. Plus, I'm just beyond thrilled that they actually refer to Kate as a sociopath because she truly is one, and for some reason most people tend to doubt that women can be sociopathic. I still hate Kate though and really didn't want to see her back.

  • wolffanatic Jun 29, 2014

    Hello, nice to meet you
    I tend to rant very and I do not save words but I found it impressive that I mostly agreed with you.

    I am rather new on here. I didn't find Price until the end of season 3a, and didn' t start posting until 3b.

    I am a teacher and coach, so you can imagine how unrealistic I think some of the writing with the gang at school is sometimes. Especially coach. This is sort of funny but I teach social studies, and in an economics class we were talking about risk reward, and seriously like a week earlier was the episode where coach had them flipping the quarter into the glass. All I could think is I appreciate my job too much.

    However, its probably portrayed as what we would like to say and do. I loved the chemistry teacher before he was killed.

  • bleumystique Jun 30, 2014

    Price recaps are a gem. I started reading them like three years ago maybe? His TW ones are probably my favorite but I followed his The Secret Circle ones and his The Vampire Diaries too. Some lively discussions are often had. It can be a real hoot, and more or less people are passionate but respectful of one another. I've met some pretty cool people over the years. :)

    LOL! Ohhh I can only imagine what it's like watching those school scenes as a teacher and a coach! Cringeworthy at times! Awesome timing! Maybe you should have borrowed from them for the risk reward discussion. I can't recall my Economics class being all that fun. To be fair it was taught by a nun, and not one of the fun ones. LOL!

    I miss the Chem teacher. He actually felt the most like a high school teacher. I'm friends with a few and he reminded me of them. :)

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