Teen Wolf: Watch the First New Footage from Season 4 (VIDEO)

By Kaitlin Thomas

Jun 04, 2014

Teen Wolf's fourth season promises to be one of rebuilding, as Scott and the pack attempt to move on after the deaths of both Allison and Aiden, as well as the departure of fan favorite Isaac. The first Season 4 teaser revealed the new tagline of "Can't go back," and featured Scott, Stiles, Derek, and Lydia rising from the metaphorical ashes of their former lives. However, the new trailer that MTV released today—which contains the first new footage from Season 4—hints of at least one individual from their past: Kate Argent. 

Presumed dead in Season 1, Kate (Jill Wagner) returned in the Season 3B finale as a werepanther, and she appears in the new trailer as well, so it looks like she's sticking around. But she's won't be the only enemy the pack has to worry about in Season 4. Like, who is this guy? 

Is he the mysterious new character known as the Benefactor? It's not like Teen Wolf hasn't already given us enough nightmare fuel, but that doesn't mean it has any plans of stopping. 

The trailer also gives us a glimpse of relatively new pack members Malia (Shelley Hennig) and Kira (Arden Cho) in action. And from what I can tell, it appears that Stiles is getting some action from Malia. You go, Stiles! Anyway, press play below, then hit the comments with your first impressions of the new season!

Teen Wolf Season 4 premieres Monday, June 23 at 10pm on MTV. 

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  • jal926 Jun 08, 2014

    yes. it is MALIA. dang!

    And then finally got on the stage of Acceptance.

  • adasiam1 Jun 08, 2014

    stiles is having sex with Malia, my favorite, while Lydia is just sitting on the side line and slowly falling in love with him slowly.why would lydia just start showing a sudden intrest in stiles if she never did like him so i think that stiles should just tell lydia its not going to work and just spend the rest of his high school time with malia

  • Bruce2113 Jun 07, 2014

    http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zs9290471rw. Watch it!

  • KateSullivan Jun 07, 2014

    Has anyone else now seen the actual trailer? It was a whole encryption game before its released I would guess on Monday. My biggest concern you know how the whole issue with the Darach is that she was aiming to destroy the Alpha pack? Sort of seems like Kate is on a similar mission as to who the Benefactor is. And the Benefactor has a dead pool and it sound like he has established a dead pool (a term I have only heard on morning radio programs about dead celebrities) and has either hired or offered the list to hitmen. I am guessing that is how Braeden is involved when she gets offered a job. And Scott and Kira want to know how he knows about all of them. I again offer my main suspect..Gerard.

  • Bruce2113 Jun 07, 2014

    It looks crazy, the thing about the new character Liam being a Werecheetah was funny, the dead pool looks like it includes all are friends from becon hills.. Sadly.. But, what else are we expecting.. Lol Kate looks fierce as F**k, the mummy returns creature looks really weird and I look forward to them explaining that. This season looks like it's gonna be amazing!

  • KateSullivan Jun 07, 2014

    Yeah as to Liam, while I doubt Stiles is correct, I have been calling him a long lost Hale since he was cast.

    I presume the dead pool does include all of our Beacon Hills gang, which is why I really think Gerard is involved in this somehow since he knows most of the players (it makes sense when you think about how at some point Kira and Malia seem to be blinded, it would seem a good generic way to deal with the two newer members of Scott's pack that Gerard might not have time to have research - I am guessing both girls will quickly realize their respective coyote and fox eye's will work until their human ones recover). But I do think I will snicker everytime any character says dead pool because I will keep thinking of radio shows and placing money on elderly celebrities.

    I am curious about two scenes, the people in haz mat suits (though not everyone is, which makes me sort of sigh, that is probably Agent McCall's doing) and that Scott gets arrested at some point...and it kind of does not not look like the front of the Beacon Hills station which makes me think he gets himself arrested in Mexico. Not particularly worried about that one though, but yet again, I think I will sigh and Agent McCall will descend before Scott can just escape himself.

    I know one of the pack members goes missing in a way that they need particular help is that they have a different explanation for Isaac being missing than what I thought which was that Argent found friendly relatives in France and Isaac is being hunter trained.

  • WildPict Jun 06, 2014

    I cannot wait for this season to start!!!

  • suzfigs Jun 05, 2014

    After watching this trailer and thinking about the intro for Season's 2 and 3 (mud stomach anyone?), I'm thinking that Jeff Davis has a real phobia against cleanliness.

  • Svanehjerte Jun 05, 2014

    TW rules, but I dislike Malia and Kira. It also seems like a love triangle is coming our way with Lydia and Stiles making out... Ugh...

  • riot Jun 05, 2014

    Is that really the first trailer? It's kinda horrible, but whatever I'm excited.
    The new season sounds pretty cool so far.
    Though I'll admit to definitnely missing a certain someone =[
    Also with the subject being "From the Ashes, Rise" does anyone think we'll get more clarity on Peter? Like we know he's up to stuff, him screaming I'm the Alpha at the end of 3A still gets to me. Like I know the gang is facing other dangers but the amount of power Peter has should be something they're questioning.
    But super excited for the season and to see everyone. Funny how it went from a show with a mostly boys club to having so many female characters.

  • ZweGwebu Jun 05, 2014

    isnt that one of the observers from fringe? :-O

  • Curious55 Jun 05, 2014

    Can't wait!

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