Get Shredder!

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Notes (8)

  • Starting with this episode, April no longer wears her yellow jumpsuit.

  • Shredder is no longer voiced by James Avery. William E. Martin would voice him in the eighth (1994) season, and return in 1996 for a trilogy.

  • Starting this episode, the eyeholes on the Turtles' headbands are bigger.

  • The sky has now been changed from blue with white clouds to red with gray clouds.

  • The Channel Six Building meets its doom in this episode also.

  • The opening sequence was completely changed. The theme song was changed to a techno beat and scenes from the live action movies were intercut with new scenes from the series.

  • Starting with this season, the format of the series was changed to a more action orientied show, removing many character building scenes and the cartoon feel of the series.

  • This episode sees Krang and Shredder establish a new base of operations in the Hall of Science. Whilst the Technodrome remains in Dimension X.

Trivia (4)

  • This episode is included on Season 8 DVD release.

  • This episode included on a TMNT VHS and titled "Get Shredder!"

  • When Shredder, Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady escaped at the end of the previous episode Krang was in his android body yet when this episode opened he was in his bubble walker. His body wouldn't be seen again until the series finale "Divide and Conquer."

  • Once again the artists have incorrectly colored the cop cars as black and white.