Night of the Rogues

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Notes (5)

  • This episode is released onto DVD as part of the Raphael Slice of season 7.

  • The turtles made Walt the sixth turtle in The Missing Map. If Splinter doesn't have that many human allies and is calling in a kid like Zach to help fight the bad guys, why not his older brother too?

  • Final appearance of Leatherhead, Slash, Tempestra, Scumbug, and Chromedome.

  • Although Zach appears for the final time in this episode, Casey Jones returns in "Cyber Turtles" during Season 8.

  • Final appearance of Zach, the "Fifth Turtle."

Trivia (1)

  • Scumbug and Anthrax make their first and only appearance in this episode but ironically they claim to have encounter the Turtles before.