Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Good Genes (2)

Season 4, Ep 25, Aired 4/8/06
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  • Episode Description
  • To cure Donatello the Turtles made a deal with the devil aka Bishop. Now they have to retrive a pendant that is supposed to help Bishop in his research. The thing is that the pendant is in the heart of the Foot-building, and Karai won't just hand it over

  • Cast & Crew
  • Christopher Yost

  • Darren Dunstan


  • Frank Frankson


  • Marc Thompson

    Casey Jones

  • Michael Sinterniklaas


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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (7)

    • Bishop: You'd be wise to listen to your friend, animal. Leatherhead: I've waited a long time to do this. Now you will know the meaning of pain! (tosses Stockman aside) Bishop: Dr. Stockman is working on a cure. He's the best chance Donatello has for survival. Harm me, then Stockman stops; and your friend has no chance. Leatherhead: Fine. For now, villain. (to Stockman) Dr. Stockman, show me what you have so far.

    • Agent Bishop: Impressive, Mr. Leatherhead and to think I was going to dissect you. What a waste that would have been. You're even more brilliant than Dr. Stockman. Baxter Stockman: What?! Splinter: Then it works? (a mutant transforms back into the worker) Agent Bishop: Doctor, preparing airborne version of the cure for the New York outbreak as well as a sample for Donatello if his brothers fulfill their side of the agreement.

    • Agent Bishop: (to the turtles who wants the Heart of Tengu) Ok, now hand over the item; then you can get your dear brother back. (Michelangelo gives the item to Bishop. Suddenly, an alarm is triggered.) Computer voice: Base destruct sequence initiated. Evacuate. Agent Bishop: This base was compromised by your presence. You have 15 minutes to collect your brother and evacuate the premises. Pleasure doing business with you. (Bishop runs off to escape the base, leaving the Turtles behind.)

    • Splinter: Dr. Stockman, Agent Bishop told us that you would administer the antidote to Donatello. Stockman: To think that I sunk so low let my unparallel genius would be used to save one of these... freaks. Unfanable. Leatherhead: Where is the cure, Stockman? Stockman: I'm pulled from sweet oblivion. For what? This?! (Leatherhead grabs Baxter Stockman) Leatherhead: Show us the cure, now! Stockman: Cure?! You stupid animal! Agent Bishop lied. There is no cure. Splinter: What?! (Leatherhead growls as his eye color changes from yellow to green)

    • Water Ninja: The crystal is destoyed... Fire Ninja: And with it, Karai's hold over us. Earth Ninja: She thought that because we could not touch it, she was safe. Wind Ninja: But now it is dust. (The Metal Ninja changes into his true form, the others follow suit) Metal Ninja: And we are free! Free to resurrect the true Shredder! Water Ninja: And with it, a new age of chaos Wind Ninja: ...shall begin. (The five of them vanish.)

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    Notes (2)

    • Villains: Karai, various Foot Ninjas, Mystic Foot Ninjas, Stockman, Bishop

    • Prologue Narrator: Leonardo

    Trivia (1)

    • How come Karai didn't find it strange that Mikey and Raph were still alive? I mean, sure we know that they escaped, but Karai dosen't.

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