Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Reality Check (1)

Season 3, Ep 19, Aired 3/5/05
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  • Episode Description
  • After the Ultimate Ninja/Drako abomination sends the Turtles into different dimensions with Lord Simultaneous's Time Scepter, Michelangelo finds himself in an alternate world where the TMNT are superheroes, and Splinter has become a supervillain. Michelangelo must help his superhero doppelgangers defeat the villainous Splinter.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Marc Thompson

    Casey Jones

  • Veronica Taylor

    April O'Neil

  • Dan Green

    Additional Voices

  • Darren Dunstan


  • Wayne Grayson


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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (6)

    • Mikey: (Voice over in the opening scene) You are not gonna belive this one! I'm in a world where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are Teenage Mutant Super Turtles! You heard me, Super Turtles! And I get to be a superhero. All right, more like a teen sidekick. But I'm begining to get the idea that the one really bad thing about being a superhero is that you always have to fight supervillans.

    • Splinter: Drako! Leo: And the Daimyo's son. This is what we told you about, Master Splinter. Don: They merged together, somehow. Raph: All into one ugly package. Ultimate Ninja/Drako: We TOLD you we will be back! We TOLD you we will have our revenge! Raph: Revenge THIS, whackbag! (attempts to stop Ultimate Drako, but fails)

    • Ultimate Ninja: Leonardo. Get him first! Drako: No, we agreed. The rat first, then the Daimyo, your father. Ultimate Ninja: Then Leonardo! Drako: They'll pay. They'll all pay! Every last one of them. They shall know the meaning of suffering, beyond time and space!

    • Ultimate Ninja: Leonardo must pay! Drako: No. The Rat, then the Damiyo, your father, just like we agreed! Ultimate Ninja/Drako: Yes. They shall all know the meaning of suffering beyond time and space!

    • Mikey: (as he phases out) If they make a comic book about this, make sure they call me the TURTLE TITAN! (echoes)

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    Notes (8)

    • At the beginning of the episode, Mikey's main focus is on his comics. Interesting that he wound up in a world that had superheroes.

    • Villains: Sliver, Terror-kenetics, Drako, Ultimate Ninja

    • The Super Turtles: Leonardo is Gravi-Turtle, possessing gravity manipulation powers. Donatello is Shellectro, possessing electric powers. Raphael is Grid-X, possesing the power of maximization (the power to grow to giant size). Michaelangelo is Bloboid, possessing a bloblike body which he can shape and contort in various ways.

    • Prologue Narrator: Michelangelo

    • Mikey's cat Klunk makes yet another brief appearance at the beginning of the episode. (He was sitting on the couch while Mike was reading his comic books.)

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    Trivia (3)

    • The Utromidium drains the super-TMNT's powers, so Blobboid should not have been able to morph into Mike inside the cage.

    • Utromidium, the weakness of the Super Turtles, is obviously named after the Utroms, the beings responsible for the Shredder's appearances, and for the Turtles' being.

    • Since Grid-X and Bloboid weren't wearing masks, shouldn't we be able to see their pupils?

    Allusions (6)

    • Fantastic Four The 'Penultimate Nullificator' is a spoof of the 'Ultimate Nullifier' used in the Fantastic Four comics.

    • Hall of Justice Grid-X: He's infiltrated the Shell of Justice, we better scan him. The headquarters for the Super Turtles is the "Shell of Justice," which is a reference to the "Hall of Justice" from the 1970's Superfriends series and most recently in the 2006 comic book run of Justice LEague of America.

    • Danger Room Gravi-Turtle: Is this part of the new Hazard Shell training program, Shellectro?" The Super Turtles are introduced while training in the "Hazard Shell." The Hazard Shell is a parody of the X-Men's Danger Room.

    • Shellectro One of the Super Turtles, Shellectro, has powers similar to the Spider-Man rogue, Electro. Shellectro's mask is designed smilarly to Electro's mask with the lightning bolts pointing upwards.

    • Super-Skrull Sliver having the powers of all four of his enemies is exactly what Fantastic Four enemy Super Skrull can do.

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