Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Same As It Never Was (3)

Season 3, Ep 21, Aired 3/17/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Ultimate Drako sends Donatello to the future without him-- a totalitarian regime where Shredder rules the earth. Donatello's brothers are weak and tired from the war, and not all of their friends have survived this long. Donatello must bring together his brothers to face the Shredder one last time to avenge all of those who have fell to his evil.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Marc Thompson

    Casey Jones

  • Veronica Taylor

    April O'Neil

  • Dan Green

    Additional Voices

  • Darren Dunstan


  • Wayne Grayson


  • Fan Reviews (12)
  • Now THIS is dark and gritty!

    By MrTerminator, Aug 21, 2013

  • The best TMNT episode.

    By ArucardPL, Feb 16, 2009

  • Wow, I did NOT see this coming.

    By jeffilan, Apr 01, 2006

  • What an awesome episode, one of the best in the series, if not the best. A darker version of the turtles

    By ankush22, Sep 23, 2007

  • It\'s diffrent...

    By karaisninja, Oct 25, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (10)

    • Don: (after killing Future Shredder) My brothers, my poor brothers. This world, this future, it's a nightmare. Future April: It was a nightmare Don, but you, Leo, Raph, and Mikey, you gave us back out future. Don: (begins fading out) April! It's happening again! Something's pulling me away it's stronger this time! Future April: Don! Just remember there's always hope no matter what! No matter what! Don: AHHHHHHHH! (fades out completly) Future April: And thank you.

    • Donny: (after Mikey died) Mikey. Noooooo!!! You'll pay Shredder! If it's the last thing I do, you will pay. (starts shooting) Auuughhhhh!!! Shredder: (grabs Donny) 30 years it's been. And this is all you have? Truly pathetic. (breaks exo-suit's arm, making Donny fall) Disgusting creature. (kicks Donny)

    • (after Future Leo and Raph dies, April prepares to fire her bazooka) Future April: Karai! End of the line. (Karai charges after April, but April shoots a missle at Karai and hits her) Karai: (tries to get up, but couldn't) Master. I am finished. (then dies)

    • Future Karai: (while fighting Leo) I beg you Leonardo, leave this place. Or you will force me of which my duty commands. (resumes fighting and throws Leo to a glass box) Future Leo: Not this time Karai. This time you have to make a choice. Once and for all! (fights and beats Karai, picks up his sword) I'm sorry, Karai. But I never wanted it to be this way. (gets ready to slice Karai but slices a Karai bot, then gets sliced by Karai, then dies) Future Karai: Forgive me Leonardo. Future Raph: Leo! NNNOOOOOO! (fights Karai but gets defeated, and crawls to Leo) Leo. Leo!! (tries to crawl one more time but dies)

    • Future Mikey: (after Hun gets stomped by Shredder) Come on! We have to buy Donny some more time! (beats up a couple of Karai bots then gets surrounded) Donny! Donny I--(gets sliced by all Karai bots) Aauuggghhhhhhhh!!! Donny: Mikey! Nooooo!

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    Notes (11)

    • Donatello's exo-suit is a reference to the non-canon Volume 3 of the Mirage comics, where Donatello was rebuilt as a cyborg after a spine-shattering accident.

    • With the 30 year timeskip, the future Turtles are at least 44 years old. Future Karai is over 50, but barely shows it (other than grayer hair).

    • Villains: Shredder, Karai, Foot Ninja army, Karai-Bots, Hun, Stockman, Drako, Ultimate Ninja (all but the last two are in the future)

    • Prologue Narrators: Karai and Shredder

    • This episode also contains a reference to the Image comic--- Michelangelo has lost his arm in this episode, an event that happened to Leonardo around #18 or so of the Image comic.

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    Trivia (7)

    • Stockman's jar (which contains his brain) is now attached to Hun's body.

    • From the size and shape of his coat, it looks as if Leo still has his shell; but with the coat on, we can't tell if his shell has been damaged or weakened. It is also possible that during the years, Karai has developed a sword that could slice through their shells.

    • Why did Karai remain totally unmarked, despite being shot directly with a futuristic rocket launcher?

    • Raph's good eye keeps movie. It starts off on the right, switches to the left during the first half of the final battle, then reverts back.

    • Karai's sword may be of special alien metal, or ordinary Earth steel rolled 700 times to increase its strength, to make it hard enough to penetrate a Turtle shell. However, re: Stockman and Hun--we learn the resistance fighters saved them five years before the events we see here, and three decades have blipped by...which means Baxter remained in the Shredder's employ for a quarter of a century. I got the impression Shredder would have crushed him years ago after all his repeated failures and betrayals. Although, this being an alternate dystopian reality, perhaps events before Donny dropped out of the time stream went differently as well. Or Shredder, in his infinite cruelty, decided death was too good for Baxter and dreamed this torture up instead.

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    Allusions (2)

    • Evil Con Carne Apparently, Stockman DID indeed get a similar fate to that of Hector Con Carne from the show Evil Con Carne.. His brain was still in a jar, but it was attached to Hun's body. One of the Shredder's apropos punishments, it would seem.

    • The Terminator In the beginning, while the Shredder is addressing the public, Karai-Bots are shown blasting machine guns connected to their arms and stepping over human bones. The shots are similar to those of the grim future portrayed in the Terminator movies.

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