Temptation Island

Episode 206

Season 2, Ep 6, Aired 12/13/01
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  • The episode begins with the coupled girls reaction to bonfire. Nikkole tells all the single guys about Tommy's late night endeavors with "White Eye Shadow Girl." Nikkole says that she would rather see Tommy seriously connect with one girl, than mess around with many. Catherine finally begins to accept what all the single guys were thinking: that she was protecting Edmundo this whole time. At Tambor Tropical everyone wonders where Tony went. They all discuss the possibilities, but they believe that he is off the island. Katie mentions that if Genevieve could not indulge the process by being away from Tony for one month, they must have some dependency issues. Donna, the girl who connected with Tony the most, is angry that Genevieve will not let Tony finish his time on the island. Edmundo feels like the situation was left incomplete and he is upset that he never got a chance to say goodbye to Tony. At Tango Mar, Shannon looks forlorn while she stumbles around her room. She notices that all of Genevieve's stuff is gone. Shannon cries over the fact that she'll not be able to sleep tonight because Genevieve is gone. Meanwhile, Nikkole and the single guys are elated about Genevieve's departure. There is a consensus among all the single guys that Genevieve was a pain. None of them hide their opinions that she was infecting the vibe for the rest of them and they are all happy that she is gone. The next morning everyone wakes up as normal, expecting a routine day on the island. But everyone is oblivious to the fact that host Mark Walberg is greeting a new couple at the tiny Tambor airport. The new couple, Mark and Kelley, are immediately led on horseback down the beach and through the Jurassic driftwood gates. In an interview, Mark and Kelley explain that they have been dating for a year and four months. Kelley thought it was love at first sight. She knows that Mark used to be a player, but she trusts him now. Although they both admit that this experience might make them both jealous. Host Mark W. takes Mark to Tambor Tropical and introduces him to all the single girls. John uses the phrase "new meat" to describe everyone's collective reaction. And accordingly all the girls are attracted to Mark. Edmundo reacts with a slight hint of envy, noticing that all girls had shifted their attention away from him to Mark. Mark hopes he does not turn off any of the girls by telling them that he is a cop. He also tells them that he's in the process of trying to grow up. And he bought a house and let Kelley move in. The coupled girls and the single guys can see host Mark W. ride up in the distance with someone else, but they can only speculate as to who it might be. Shannon thinks it might be Genevieve, or someone who works at the hotel. They think it might be a new couple. When Kelley arrives and host Mark W. introduces her, Rossi stands up and yells, "Shut the front door." Everyone is shocked at Kelley's arrival, and Catherine has a similar reaction that Edmundo did, noticing that some attention has been diverted towards the new couple. The girls say that guys are acting like dogs in heat. Kelley quickly describes some of the flaws in her relationship. The most important being that she is a bartender and Mark wants her to enter a corporate position. Host Mark W. leads the new couple on horseback along a mango grove up to a thatched hut overlooking the Tambor bay. They toast to finding all their answers before leaving the island. Kelley says that her biggest fear is realizing that they might not be right for one another. Mark says that he is looking at what is best for both of them in the long run. Mark concedes that it was his idea for them to come. Being single again is a dream come true for him. After the couple is finished eating a gourmet meal, host Mark W. tells them that they have ten minutes to say goodbye. Kelley cries as she thinks out loud that they "will figure it out one way or another." When Kelley arrives at Tango Mar, she enters into a raging dance party. The guys notice her flirtatious attitude and they call her "spark plug," because that is what she acts like for the group. Her forwardness makes all the other girls a little envious of the attention she receives. At Tambor Tropical, Mark enters and tries to get a crash course in finding out the skinny on all the single girls. John calls Mark, the Italian Stallion. Katie is encouraged by the fact that Mark has an education and a job, two checks on her dating musts. The night escalates to all of them throwing each other in the pool. At Tango Mar, Rossi does some smooth talking to Catherine. He tells her that she is an exquisite neon butterfly and he is a butterfly catcher. She admits that his words get her excited. Rossi views this phase as the anchor leg in the race and he wants to win Catherine's heart. Tom A. has moved his attention entirely to Kelley. After seeing Edmundo's antics at the last bonfire, Catherine agrees to meet Rossi behind the cabins. Shot in infrared and subtitled, Rossi asks her to kiss him. They do until Catherine pulls away. This was not the long and passionate, toe-curling kiss Rossi was hoping to deliver. Meanwhile at Tambor Tropical, Hilary rubs Edmundo's bruised toe until they both sneak away to his room. The next day poolside at Tambor Tropical is the Dancing Date Select. All the single girls are outfitted with custom "I like your boyfriend" and "me too" T-shirts. The coupled girls do not find this humorous. Shannon thinks it is terrible. Host Mark W. announces the rules to the date selection. The single girls go along the bridge and dance. One at a time the guys boogie along until they choose the girl they want to date. They are allowed to date someone they have already been out with. Edmundo jigs past Hilary and asks Linda if she wants to go out. Hilary is stunned. Tommy chooses Tiffany. Nikkole is upset that Tommy dances with each one of the girls. She calls him selfish and inconsiderate. John picks Nayla for a second date. Mark chooses Donna. Not surprised, Kelley points out that he would go for a blonde. Shannon is the first couple girl to shake it and she chooses Ruben. Nikkole has no hesitation in choosing Tommy C. In a surprise pity date, Catherine chooses Tony. Rossi says that everyone in America will ask, "What the hell is she doing?" Kelley picks Tom A., who is wearing his signature red cowboy hat. After the date select Hilary is very upset. She paces around the camp and it is obvious that she is disappointed. Hilary and Edmundo have a discussion in his room, but it is not very private with Linda sitting on the bed next to him. Mark enters each of the camps and informs them that tonight may be the last night for many of the people there. So enjoy each moment. Tommy C. comments on Catherine's pity choice and how it could get Rossi kicked off. Rossi is frustrated with Catherine. Nayla toasts to "having no regrets and making good friends." Tommy knows that bonds will be broken. The inevitable break up is about to happen. This affects Kristen S. and she cries until Tommy consoles her.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Debbie Entin

    Herself (Season 2; 2002) [single]

  • Carla Betz

    Herself (Season 1; 2001) [single]

  • Tom Adams

    Himself (Season 2; 2002) [single]

  • Mark L. Walberg


  • Mandy Lauderdale

    Herself (Season 1; 2001)

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