Temptation Island

Episode 207

Season 2, Ep 7, Aired 12/20/01
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  • This episode opens with a brief recap of some of the dramas that are unfolding in each resort. Catherine feels guilty over the looming vote off because she picked Tony for her next date instead of Rossi. Kristen S. feels emotional but secure because she does not think that Tommy would vote her off. Hilary wants to smooth things over with Edmundo. When they talk, Edmundo admits that he regrets not choosing her for his next date because he expected her to be around until the end of the island experience. Catherine and Rossi discuss why she did not choose him for her next date. She feels that Rossi gets in her head and makes her confront issues that she does not want to deal with. Rossi tells her to stop it and just be honest. She expresses feelings for other people and she knows that is what this experience is all about. The four couples take off on day dates. Tony and Catherine's date takes them sailing around a turquoise bay. Tony tells Catherine that his goal was to date her and now that he's achieved it he does not know what to do. He says that he was "flabbergasted" that she chose him for a date, because everyone expected her and Rossi to continue blossoming. Tony knows that Rossi took it personally that Catherine didn't pick him. This leads Tony to feel that if he ends up with Catherine then he deserves her. Catherine says that this date helped her realize what she wants. The fact that Edmundo chose Linda for his date was also a surprise, especially to Hilary. Edmundo reveres Linda's natural beauty and intelligence. She is a normal, sexy girl and that is exactly what he wants. While eating lunch on the beach, they talk about Hilary. Linda knows that Edmundo does not want another needy girl. She thinks that all Hilary wants is a relationship, something that Edmundo is carefully evaluating leaving. Edmundo enjoys his date with Linda so much that he takes back any regrets he had about not picking Hilary for the date. Shannon and Ruben take their date on an ATV tour and then wine tasting down on the beach. Shannon says she feels that they connect on an emotional level. They get a little tipsy during the tasting and share a few laughs. Nayla and John take a sea kayak out to a deserted island and hike through the lonely seashore. This is their second date and John starts to open up to Nayla. He says that it takes time for him to become romantic with someone, but he and Nayla are connecting emotionally and intellectually. Nayla thinks that the girls at their resort are rooting for her because they balance each other. Mark and Donna horseback ride along the beach. Mark says that he needs his girl to be someone that turns heads with her sex appeal. Donna realizes that Mark chose her based solely on physical first impressions. On the date Mark thinks that he might not have it so bad with Kelley, but then again being single is not that bad either. Kelley chose Tom A. for her date. They have connected since her first night on the island. He told her that this is about her journey and she can let him know how she wants him to fit in. At dinner, Tom A. finds out that Kelley is a great girl involved in an unhealthy relationship. Kelley says that she often feels condemned by Mark in their relationship. Tommy and Tiffani visit a monkey sanctuary. Tommy watches enviously as Tiffani holds a baby monkey close to her chest. Tiffani says that she does not understand why Tommy is with Nikkole. She thinks that Nikkole is "frumpy and needs a tan and a workout." Fireman Tommy C. and Nikkole go deep-sea fishing on their date. Nikkole sticks to her guns by choosing to date Tommy C. She says she is experiencing the nervous energy you have when start a new romance. Tommy C. reveals he wants to kiss her at some point during the date. At Tango Mar, the guys that did not go on dates are riled up. The pounding rain added to the intrigue of what might occur during the last night for many of the single guys. Everyone starts to do body shots. Tom A. and Kelley are the first to lick the salt off each other. Catherine and Rossi, and Nikkole and Tommy C. also do body shots off one another. Rossi glorifies the incident and describes that Catherine held the lime in her mouth, "like back behind her molars." At the end of the night, Tommy C. and Nikkole stroll on a romantic walk down the beach. Tommy sees this as the perfect night to take their relationship a step further. He does this by giving her a serious kiss good night. The next morning the coupled women arrive at Tambor Tropical and they are faced with their most discriminating vote off. Mark W. tells them to view it more as an invitation to stay than a vote off. He also tells them that one of the singles, Jeff, had to leave the island for a family emergency. The girls are told to choose the one guy who they want to stay and be a part of their collective journey. Nikkole chooses Tommy C. and the rest of the girls smile because they recognize Nikkole's true feelings. Nikkole says she thinks more about Tommy C. than her boyfriend. Shannon chooses the world champion windsurfer Kevin. Although she bonded with Ruben their perspectives were too similar. Kevin has experienced totally different things from Shannon, and she likes that. Catherine chooses Rossi. She says that her choice makes her challenge herself and question things about her relationship. Kelley chooses Tom A. Mark W. explains that these are not their choices for their final dates, and to drive home that idea, he will let them choose one more guy to stay. Since Kelley has had the least time to get to know any of the guys, she can choose the fifth guy. Kelley chooses Ali. She says that Ali is a riot and someone who would make her laugh the whole time on a date. Ruben, Kaine and Tony must leave immediately. Their small group just got a little bit sadder and a little bit smaller. Next the coupled guys are faced with the same choice. They must decide who they want to invite to stay. Tommy goes first and chooses Kristen S. He thinks that she is a person of substance. They get along well and there is a flashback of them kissing on the beach. Edmundo chooses Linda over Hilary. He says that he came into this not thinking that he would have to consider other people's feelings. Mark chooses Amanda because she is outgoing and always has a smile on her face. When John approaches the line of single girls he says, "everyone knows how this is going to go." John explains that Nayla is the only girl who makes him feel something meaningful when he hugs. Mark W. reminds them that they are not locked into dating these people for their final dates. Then, he lets Mark the new guy, choose one more girl. Mark chooses Katie. Mark thinks that Katie, although she may not be exactly what he wants, she is brutally honest. Hilary is disappointed, and surprised that Edmundo did not pick her. Edmundo says that she did not play her cards right. She has not acted her age and expects too much from him. He thinks keeping her on the island would affect him negatively. The newly formed groups from both resorts meet on the beach at Tambor Tropical. Mark W. informs them that they are both going on group outings, but to decide who goes where, they must have a Tug of War. The match is to be decided by a series of the best two out of three matches. The first match everyone is involved, the second is the coupled guys versus the single guys, and the last if needed, pits the coupled girls versus the temptresses. They are competing for a five-star mountain resort and luxury catamaran sail or a rustic camping and river-rafting trip. After sizing each other up during a heated stare down, the coupled guys side wins the first match. After winning, John asks if the other team did a little drinking last night. However, in the guys against guys match, the single guys win and this devastating defeat destroys some of the coupled guys' egos. Catherine says that it must suck losing to their single men. When the girls are forced to tug against each other, Catherine puts her game face on. This was the fastest match. Right from the start single Katie falls and the coupled women win easily. Nikkole says that they could have beaten them with one hand. With cheers of "Pitch a Tent" the coupled girls choose the luxurious trip. John brags to Shannon that he has been pitching a tent for two weeks. Shannon glares at him. At Villa Caletas, the coupled girls and single men are treated to the beauty of a tropical mountain resort. The entire place is covered in cobblestone. With constant wining and dining, they are pampered tirelessly. Under the shelter of a canopy, they lay in a line and all receive deep tissue massages. The rain pours, and Tom A. makes fun of the other camp trying to pitch their tents. Meanwhile, at the jungle campsite, Amanda gets frustrated thinking of the poolside massages. But then they make a large fire and get some quality time bonding. There is a consensus that they got a much better outing because they spent some real time together. Linda feels that she is becoming much more attracted to Edmundo. The next day they wake early to go white water rafting. They experience class II and III rapids. This takes away a lot of the emotional pressures that everyone is feeling. On the 71-foot catamaran, the coupled girls camp is treated to a lazy day sailing in the deep blue. Rossi feels like he has finally solidified his connection with Catherine and she will choose him for her final date. He is confident that she is thinking about him more than Edmundo at this point. After they return from sailing, the coupled women and single guys are rushed off to Tambor Tropical. Again everyone gets a sense that something bad is going to happen. Mark W. warns them that change is omnipresent. And once again change has arrived. A posse of new singles race down the beach on horseback and enter the driftwood gates. Right away, Catherine notices Brian, the first single guy to be voted off. Rossi is stunned. Catherine turns around and comments that Brian is so hot. Also, Caneel the first temptress voted off by the coupled women is part of the group. Mark W. tells them that each one of these new singles were chosen specifically to meet the couples desires. Catherine begins to say, "what's up" to Brian. John acknowledges Caneel and Shannon glares at him. Mark W. tells everyone that they will not meet the new singles tonight. As they walk away, Catherine and Shannon argue over who gets to date Brian. Catherine is sure that he is there for her. Tommy C. tells us in an interview that Brian being back in the game is Rossi's "worst nightmare."moreless

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  • Debbie Entin

    Herself (Season 2; 2002) [single]

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    Herself (Season 1; 2001) [single]

  • Tom Adams

    Himself (Season 2; 2002) [single]

  • Mark L. Walberg


  • Mandy Lauderdale

    Herself (Season 1; 2001)

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