Temptation Island

Episode 208

Season 2, Ep 8, Aired 1/17/02
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  • The show opens at Tambor Tropical with the old temptresses revealing their thoughts about the arrival of the new singles. There is a consensus that none of the old girls like change. Katie says that she does not like new people at all. Kristen S. gets a little possessive when she refers to the coupled guys as "our men, not yours." In an interview, Edmundo talks about how the arrival of the new singles has jolted the whole community. At Tango Mar, the sentiment is very similar. Tom A. says, "the new guys are like huge monsters. They are all tall and cut." Everyone has a sense that Rossi is scared that Brian is coming back. His return threatens Rossi's play for Catherine. Catherine says in an interview that she likes beautiful men. She says, "Brian is tall, dark and handsome. He has it all." She is excited about challenging her attraction to Edmundo's physique with Brian's perfect body. Poolside at Tambor Tropical we get to meet the new singles. Each of the new singles has a chance to introduce themselves to the couples. Jocelyn, 31, from Woodland Hills, CA goes first. She says, "I likes muscle cars, so guys get ready for a test drive." Nikkole comments out loud that her boyfriend Tommy needs to close his gaping mouth. By his reaction it is clear that Tommy is physically attracted to Jocelyn. The next single is Aaron T., 31, an oral surgeon from Chapel Hill, NC. He assures everyone that meeting him will be more fun than a root canal. Debbie, 25, from Los Angeles, CA amuses everyone with her acting ability when she introduces herself. Chad, 27, from Newbury Park, CA goes next. Caneel walks up and everyone recognizes her and cheers. She exclaims, "Girls. The bitch is back. Guys, I'm here for you." Shannon says that she didn't think Caneel was a bitch. Aaron S. from New Orleans, LA tells everyone that he is currently a law student. Magalie, 26, from Chula Vista, CA shows everyone her dancing skills. Brian is the last single to introduce himself, and he says, "everyone deserves a second chance, this must be mine." Edmundo shakes his head knowing Catherine can't take her eyes off Brian. Mark W. tells the couples that each one of these new singles was selected specifically for them. Mark W. asks Chad to step forward and he goes to greet Kelley. Aaron T. was selected for Shannon. She had an intuitive sense that Aaron T. being a successful professional was chosen for her. Aaron S. goes towards Nikkole. Nikkole knew whom she was going to get because he was the tallest guy there. Brian and Catherine are the obvious chosen pair. Mark W. hooks the guys up for their dates. Magalie goes first and she heads towards Mark. Kelley knows that Mark likes dancers and she is not surprised that Magalie was chosen for Mark. John and Caneel are paired together. Jocelyn heads towards Tommy. Nikkole says that seeing the look of horror on "white eye shadow girl" made the whole experience worth it. Edmundo and Debbie are the last ones hooked up. Shannon says that it is ironic how "the old singles feel threatened by the new singles, when they are our boyfriends." Nikkole and Aaron S. do not maintain the best communication on their date. Nikkole thinks that Aaron S. is too young. She also talks constantly about Tommy C. They end up walking around Montezuma shopping for Tommy C.'s birthday present. On the other side of the island, Tommy and Jocelyn spend their date on the beach. Tommy thinks Jocelyn is the finest girl out of all the new singles. Tommy feels that Jocelyn is down to earth and allows him to be in the moment. Jocelyn thinks that Tommy got a bit touchy-feely when they frolicked in the water. And Tommy concludes that Jocelyn is "bad, but bad meaning good." Catherine says that she gets giddy thinking about her date with Brian. She gets the feeling that she is a little girl all over again. They spend the first part of their date feeding baby monkeys at a wildlife reserve. Over a romantic dinner, it is obvious that Catherine is giving all the signs that she wants to get intimate with Brian. Debbie and Edmundo hike to a high waterfall and end up climbing up the side of it and jumping off. They splash in the emerald pool below. Fed up with blind dating at this stage of the experience, Shannon is in no mood for this date. Shannon and Aaron T. ride wave runners for their date. She thinks that he has a great job and a great body, but horrible hair. She wishes she knew him well enough to tell him to fix his hair. John and Caneel take an ATV tour that leads them to a giant waterfall. Caneel spends some time getting reacquainted with the way things have been playing out on the island. She tells John that he needs to let go and just go with what he feels. Chad and Kelley take a boat ride out to a bay where they jump out and snorkel around thousands of tropical fish. Chad has a real impact on Kelly when he tells her that she needs to not settle in her relationship. He helps her believe that she can have everything she asks for. Her boyfriend Mark and Magalie do not connect well on their date. They are scheduled to receive poolside massages, but Mark will not let the masseuse touch him. He won't even get a head massage for fear of messing up his hair. Magalie does some seductive stretching, which does not impress Mark. She complains that he was the most boring date she ever had. When Catherine gets back from her date with Brian, she and Ali have a gossip session. He can tell that something special has happened. Catherine is glowing. Ali asks if she thought about Edmundo. Catherine says that she did not think about Edmundo once on her date. But choosing between Rossi and Brian is a difficult situation. She fears hurting one of them. That night at Tambor Tropical when everyone gets back from their dates, they arrive at a raging dance party. The tension between the old and new singles rises while everyone parties. Kristen S. gets annoyed when Magalie and Jocelyn dance on top of the pool bridge. When John and Caneel get back from their date, John sees the party scene and is not into it. He finds Nayla and they walk off together. John likes Nayla because she is not a crazy partier. John tells Nayla, that when he goes to sleep at night sometimes his thoughts are with Shannon and sometimes they are with Nayla. Nayla reassures him that it is natural. She came into this experience without any ideas of becoming emotionally attached. They lay next to each other hugging and getting close. John finds it easy to loose himself in the moment and he does not think about Shannon while he is with Nayla. At Tango Mar everyone is partying and enjoying the night. Nikkole notices that Tommy C. makes it clear to all the new guys that she is with him. He hugs and kisses her in public view. Tom A. slides in and tries to do the same thing with Kelley. All the guys feel pressure to make their connections known. Brian and Catherine dance in the middle of the palapa. Everyone notices how very sensually their dancing becomes. Rossi feels disrespected. He takes Catherine's relationship with Brian as a slap in the face. Even if he and her were just friends, he is hurt. Rossi walks over to Brian and pours water on him. Then he picks Catherine up and throws her in the pool. Brian jumps in and Rossi tells Catherine, "Everything will be okay now that Brian, your savior is here." Rossi gets out of the pool, and Brian follows him. Rossi turns around and pushes Brian in the pool. Catherine admits that she was being selfish. But that is the name of the game. It is her experience. In night vision, Brian and Catherine go off together to the beach later that night. In Nikkole's bungalow, Tommy C. and Nikkole talk about how bad they feel for Rossi. Tommy C. advances his relationship one step further with Nikkole. They are making out when Kelley and Tom A. walk into the room. They wish Tommy C. a happy birthday and head off to Tom A.'s room. Shannon sleeps next to a picture of John. Catherine wakes up confused. She reiterates that she does not want to hurt anyone. Shannon cries that she is getting physically ill by all the other girls' physical relationships. She says, "All the other girls are going crazy. Doing things they are regretting." At the guys bonfire that night Mark W. gives the opportunity for the coupled men to watch videotape of their women caught in an intimate moment. It is their individual choice. Meaning if they watch the videotape their girlfriends are not required to watch. Mark goes first and he passes. He explains that he does not want to see what is happening to Kelley; it will take away from his and her experiences. Edmundo follows suit. He claims that he is not afraid to see and just wants to respect her time. John throws a curveball and decides to watch. He sees Ruben dancing with Shannon. John is hurt because seeing Shannon partying is his Achilles heel. John admits that he has made some chicken decisions in order to sleep at night. This was not one of them. But he does rationalize that it was the guys who were touching Shannon while dancing and not vice versa. And Ruben is not even on the island anymore. Tommy watches and sees Nikkole partying with Tommy C. This prompts Tommy to think it is time to switch gears and pump up the volume with what he is doing on their side of the island.moreless

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  • Debbie Entin

    Herself (Season 2; 2002) [single]

  • Carla Betz

    Herself (Season 1; 2001) [single]

  • Tom Adams

    Himself (Season 2; 2002) [single]

  • Mark L. Walberg


  • Mandy Lauderdale

    Herself (Season 1; 2001)

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