Temptation Island

Episode 209

Season 2, Ep 9, Aired 1/24/02
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  • The show opens at bonfire with Mark W. giving the coupled women the chance to view video of their boyfriend's caught in an intimate moment. The choice to view is an individual choice, so whether they choose to watch the videotape has no bearing on their partner's obligation to watch. Shannon goes first, and again decides to watch her video alone. She asks the other girls to move away, so that they can't see the screen. Shannon sees John talking to Nayla. He says, "My mind wanders. When I go to sleep at night sometimes my thoughts are with you and sometimes they are with Shannon." Then John and Nayla lay back close to each other on lawn chairs. Shannon comments on what a nice guy John is. Mark W. asks what Shannon saw, and she tells him that John was simply listing all her great qualities. She says, "John talks to me a lot differently, no worries." Nikkole decides to share her videotape with all the girls. She predicts, "Tommy will be with White Eye Shadow Girl. And if so it will be so disappointing." She is right. Tommy snuggles close to Kristen S., and Kristen S. gives her signature purr. Nikkole responds, "I've done better than that. She is such a cheese ball. Not the sharpest pencil in the box. But if that's what attracts Tommy." Mark W. notices that Nikkole is not in the same place where she was a few days ago. Nikkole agrees. Catherine opts to watch her tape. She views Hilary and Edmundo together. She sees Edmundo's hand slide down Hilary's leg. Catherine cries. She says that their relationship was one sided before they came to the island. Kelley decides not to watch. She does not want to see what Mark is up to. Mark W. asks her why. Kelley tells him that she gave him the right to be single. She and Mark want to be individuals and to be selfish while they are here. Back at Tango Mar, the girls are anxious to tell the single guys what they saw at bonfire. It turns out Shannon is more upset than she let on. Though she said no worries to Mark W., she breaks down and cries. Tom A. says that Nayla is probably a girl John could like because she is not a drunk lush. Shannon says, "that cheating is cheating whether they are here or not. And if he cheats it is over." Kelley notices that Shannon is shaken and this makes her happy that she did not watch the tape at bonfire. Later that evening, Executive producer Chris Cowan meets with Mark W. in the surveillance room and explains that they know that Shannon has been trying to communicate with John at the poolside events. Chris explains that they also have reason to believe that Shannon has been trying to write notes and pass them discreetly at the resorts. Mark W. searches the grounds of Tambor Tropical and finds multiple notes stashed in the bathrooms. He reads the notes, that convey Shannon's worried thoughts. Mark W. expresses concern for her. Meanwhile, Shannon is very upset. She cries over missing John. She reflects that it was her suggestion to come to the island and that sucks. Mark W. goes to Tango Mar and tells the girls that they have only two dates left. This is a surprise date select. They are to go to the guy they want to date early the next morning and wake him up with the news that he has only a few minutes to get ready for the date. Kelley chooses Ali. Nikkole sticks with her guns and picks Tommy C. In a surprise choice, John chooses Kristen S. Catherine flip-flops back to Rossi. Mark and Debbie go for a romantic sail around the bay. He notices that Debbie resembles his idea of a perfect girl. She comments that there was an instant attraction and they both get the sense that they can be touchy feely with each other. Later on in the date, as they lay next to each other, they share a romantic kiss. Kelley and Ali take a boat out to scuba dive. Kelley was excited about the date, and Ali seems to say all the right things. He feels that if things go right, a romance between them could evolve. John and Kristen S. adventure on a crocodile safari. She was a bit surprised that John chose her. She feels that her party girl image was misrepresented. She insists she is not the girl that parties and sleeps with everyone. But John chose her because she was the only girl that asked about Shannon. They watch as the crocodiles swim just a few feet away and feast on hand fed chickens. Shannon chooses Kevin to be her date for a deep scuba dive. He has not been on a date with her yet, and choosing him now makes him eligible for the final date. She is attracted to Kevin because he is so passionate about his career. Shannon says, "John is the opposite of Kevin, he would rather watch a special about Morocco on the Discovery Channel rather than actually going there." Edmundo and Amanda take their date on zip lines. Edmundo has come to the realization that he has been too hard on Catherine. Amanda has fun sailing through the rainforest canopy. They fly hundreds of feet over the tropical foliage locked in only by their stomachs. When Catherine wakes Rossi up, at first he is a bit dazed and does not seem that excited about going on a date. They hike to a waterfall, and Catherine thinks that the date goes very comfortable and cool. They go for a swim in the huge waterfall pool and Catherine claims, "that they both get into the moment." However the mood takes a sour turn on the car ride home, Catherine says that it sucks that she has to choose between Rossi and Brian. Rossi volunteers to remove himself from the picture. But this is not what Catherine wants. She is just not used to being put in situations like this. Tommy and Linda go for a hike and this prompts Tommy to say that he really misses Nikkole. He thinks about her every day, and reveals that coming here might have been a big mistake. He starts to realize what he and Nikkole had and how the island experience might alter it forever. Tommy C. and Nikkole go windsurfing. She has good luck getting her sail up and standing on the board. Tommy C. is embarrassed because he spends the whole date falling without standing up on the board. Back at Tambor Tropical, Mark and Debbie's infatuation heightens as he pushes Debbie in the pool. They go and recline in a hammock together. Mark says that this is exactly what Kelley feared. He never thought that he would find a girl like Debbie. As they get closer Mark asks her why her heart is beating so fast. She tells him that it is his heart that is beating so fast. Edmundo and Linda swim in the pool together. Edmundo says that he is convinced that Linda is the girl that he likes the most. That night they set up a tent on the beach. Their close talking eventually leads to kissing. Linda gets excited as to where this relationship might lead. Edmundo says that this was his best night ever. Just being on the beach under the stars in front of the ocean with Linda was his idea of a "dream date." Back at Tango Mar Nikkole walks into her room and sees her roommate Catherine and Brian making out. She runs back to tell Rossi so he can see what Catherine is up to. Rossi follows her and sees them kissing. Rossi realizes that he should probably go another route. He acts nonchalant and says, "Oh well." The next morning at breakfast the women hear their call to bonfire. Everyone is caught off guard. Nikkole predicted that they would not have any more bonfires, and she is forced to eat her words. Catherine says that she gets nauseous every time she goes to bonfire. Later that night at the guys bonfire Mark W. tells them that this is their last bonfire before the final bonfire. This choice is about watching a piece of videotape that was shot without their girlfriend's being aware that it was taped. With the cameras in front of them all day every day, this tape was shot either in surveillance or in night vision when they didn't know they were being filmed. John goes first and does not want to watch but he forces himself to. He puts the clamshell in its usual spot so everyone can see. John sees a videotape of Shannon sleeping next to a picture of him. After the video is done, John stands up and hugs Mark. John feels thankful that he saw her alone. But he feels bad that he does not have a picture of Shannon. Edmundo decides to watch and he sees Catherine and Brian making out on the beach. Shot in night vision, Catherine and Brian get very passionate. This tape leaves Edmundo's heart pounding. He says, "Watching another dude working my chick is hard to watch. Although I can't have a double standard. I am exploring as best I can." Mark decides to watch. He sees Kelley sneak into Tom A.'s room. The tape is short and he is left without knowing if they got intimate. Tommy decides that his tape was probably the best saved for last. He watches and sees Tommy C. and Nikkole getting very hot and heavy together. This leaves Tommy very disturbed and at a loss for words. He says, "Seeing your girl with some guy is hard. But I am guilty of doing some things as well. You make your bed. I have to accept it or deal with it." The footage leaves Tommy very devastated. He says in an interview that he is burning up inside.moreless

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  • Debbie Entin

    Herself (Season 2; 2002) [single]

  • Carla Betz

    Herself (Season 1; 2001) [single]

  • Tom Adams

    Himself (Season 2; 2002) [single]

  • Mark L. Walberg


  • Mandy Lauderdale

    Herself (Season 1; 2001)

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