Temptation Island

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  • The debut of Fox's "Temptation Island" proved enticing for viewers, with 16 million tuning in to see sexy singles test the fidelity of four couples.

  • "Temptation Island" premiere was the network's highest-rated Wednesday premiere ever among young adults, besting competitors including NBC's "The West Wing" in that demographic, the network said.

  • First episode debuted wednesday night on 9:00pm.

  • All the couples had to be healthy and were tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Andy and Shannon come from Malibu; Billy and Mandy from Atlanta; Taheed and Ytossie from Los Angeles; and Kaya and Valerie from Miami.

  • Andy and Shannon have been together for five years, Billy and Mandy for a year and a half, Taheed and Ytossie for five and a half years and Kaya and Valerie for a year and a half.

  • The reasons because couples decided to get to Temptation Island: Andy and Shannon – Shannon believes that Andy needs to make a bigger commitment; Billy and Mandy – Mandy wants to strenght her devotion to Billy by seeing himwith other girls, while Billy believes that Mandy is the right one for him; Taheed and Ytossie - Taheed's cheating in the past maked Ytossie wanna see if he will be faithful to her; and Kaya and Valerie – Kaya wants to give himself a chance to be single, because he has been jumping from one serious relationship tp another.

  • After five episodes, "Temptation Island" has attracted 17.2 million U.S. viewers, compared to competitor "The West Wing's" 17.5 million.

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