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  • 9.5

    Cameron takes a trip down memory lane.

    By BrushYourTeeth, Jun 04, 2010

    And finds out she's Allison from Palmdale, obviously the title for this episode. I'll get the little stuff out of the way. Pregnant neighbor lady is taken to the hospital by Sarah, who decides to stay and look over her, because Sarah knows how it is to go through that alone. This was interesting to hear, but not my favorite part of the episode. The daddy to the pregnant lady, Casey I think, is a cop and can take John down to the gun range, so training camp looks to be up for next week.

    But what the show really centers on this week is Allison/Cameron. As Cameron's chip goes haywire, she gets flashbacks of when she was interrogating the real Allison to find out the location of John Connor. What is unclear to me is how big of revelation this is. Besides the fact that this explains how John got a hold of Cameron to reprogram, why was Allison picked by John and what for? If those questions aren't answered, then Allison is just the reason we get to look at Summer Glau every time Terminator comes on. Summer Glau really shined this week and the emotional scenes really powerful enough.

    Agent Ellison's reasons for teaming up with Weaver/T-1001 seemed a little hazy, but I am interested to see what role this will have in the greater picture.

    Where was Reese this week? Not like I minded due to the overload of Cameron/Allison/Summer.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Cameron flashes back to the future, Sarah supports her neighbor, and Agent Elision takes the job with Catharine Weaver.

    By BenPotter99, Jun 04, 2010

    Pros: This episode had me hooked from start to finish. The twists kept on coming with Cameron/Alison's plot line, Sarah's plot was very well done and Agent Elision's plot was very interesting. Finally Summer Glau proved to me that she is more than a pretty face in this episode. Her scenes where she was Alison, and even when she was talking to the guidance counselor were very gripping, they all depended on her acting ability, and she sold it. I'd like to see where all the different plots are going at this point, and I am very interested in Catharine Weaver.

    Cons: As much as I liked the Sarah scenes and the Agent Elision scenes, I thought some of them could be cut to make more room for the Alison flashbacks. And the halfway house scenes really got on my nerves, even if the ending did show where the writers were going. Overall: Great episode, very gripping and informative.moreless

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  • 9.5

    This episode tries something different.

    By Michael3312000, Jun 04, 2010

    Allison from Palmdale is a welcome change from the sometimes tiresome formula of this series: Connors run from a Terminator. Summer Glau may be relieved to have been allowed to show emotion in this episode as she also plays the episode title character, the human template that Cameron impersonates. We learn that Allison may have had some relationship to John Connor which ads to more of the predetermination paradox that is known Terminator series. The whole mythos started with a movie where John Connor sent his best friend back in time who turned out to be his father. Same with his uncle. Could John Connor have been in love with Allison because she looked like the Terminator he reprogrammed then sent back to the past? Interesting possible plots stem from this episode and I await more from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Reversed our view of this series!

    By ardee00, Jun 04, 2010

    My wife and I were just about to stop watching this series because it had gotten so repititious and dark. It seemed that every week was about escaping from a near-omnipotent robot from the future. Then they unleased this fine episode and we're back! I hope they continue to add more humor and character deveopment to the program and do a LOT more "stand alone" type episodes!

    In addition to the good acting and character development, this episode also filled out our understanding of Summer Glau's character's past in a variety of ways. We now know how she came to look like that and how she was recruited as an infiltrator. And we know what dark things she's capable of doing to innocent people...

    A strong episode to rescue interest in a program that seemed to be repeating itself. 9.5 stars.moreless

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  • 10

    Cameron remembers Allison. A dark but revealing episode. I hope this isn't the last time we see Allison.

    By BlueKnight13, Jun 04, 2010

    I think this episode brought the series to a new level with the "Plot A" storyline. It sure makes Cameron more interesting and I hope we see more of the future in episodes to come. I also strongly hope this is being done in conjuction with the folks writing the movies. It will be interesting to learn how Cameron was found out and re-programmed. The "Plot B" storylines were less compellling but interesting none the less. The reviewers who complain about a lack of continuity with the Terminator storyline show a lack of understanding of what the writers are doing with the series. Each incursion into the past changes the future so it lets the writers not have to be perfectly semetrical with the previous movies and storylines. Bear McCreary's soundtrack also was superb.

    I just hope this series keeps people watching because sometimes when a series gets deep many viewers get lost (remember Journeyman and Jericho?). I hope this show doesn't suffer the same fate.moreless

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  • 7.5

    Not great IMO.

    By vishus1990, Jun 04, 2010

    This is definately one of the more boring episodes.

    Alirght, I may be wrong, but it seems like it was a filler, and im not to pleased by fillers when I watch that show because of the great and exciting storyline.

    It seemed it started out of nowhere and ended nowhere, so in the end, the viewer didnt seem to get anywhere along the overall storyline, well for me anyway.

    It was also low and boring to watch IMO. They better pick up the slack because they have enough competition with ratings and all and I dont want to see such a good show (well from Season 1) be taken off the screens.

    7.5, only that high because I really like the show.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Cameron use to be a real live person. Wow.

    By jaybee63, Jun 04, 2010

    Great episode, totally fixed on Cameron. She loses her memory(interesting) or hard drive! And gets flashbacks from her real live? Actually it was very sad that Cameron was made as an image of Allison and that she killed her own image. The scene that she calls home to her mother is heartbreaking. And the image of the pregnant mom reveals that Allison is yet to be born. Maybe there will be more episodes like this, it makes Cameron more human and you can emphatize with her. Which i find difficult to do so.

    But in the end its the cold strange Cameron back again.moreless

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  • 10

    Of course, every terminator has a human prototype, and in Cameron's case, it was someone John in the future knew, chose for something, and perhaps, loved.

    By m00nshadow, Jun 04, 2010

    This is the story of Cameron's origins, and is wonderfully executed. It raises many interesting questions about, for example, why John "chose" Alison, and why he later chose to send Cameron back in time. Did John and Alison have a relationship based on love? Is that what Cameron meant when she told John that she loves him and he loves her? Or did he come to love a machine who eventually learns to be lovable? (Of course, the pre-Cameron future John would have been much older than Alison, but what the heck, it's after the apocalypse, so anything probably goes.)

    In any case, Glau is simply superb at being these two characters, one of whom is heartbreakingly human, and the other, utterly inhuman. You never doubt which one is on screen. In terms of future plot complications, was Cameron lying when she claimed to belong to a peace faction? Hmmm.moreless

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  • 9.0

    A very significant episode along with major developments for a major character in the present and the future.

    By TinCan101, Jun 04, 2010

    "Allison from Palmdale" was a great and very important issue that developed the plots surrounding the character Cameron and her origins. Ever since the jeep explosion in "Samson and Delilah", we've seen Cameron's character act out of the 'norm', with her temporary revertion to her original orders and human-like personality quicks. But ever since her rampage, her abrupt loss of memory and self has been the first major consequence of her damaged chip.

    After crashing her cart in the supermarket, Cameron blanks out and believes she's a girl named Allison Young. Flashforwards (more flashbacks) into Cameron's memory reveal that a resistance fighter named Allison Young has been captured and interrorgated by an initially unknown cyborg.

    The post-Judgment Day visions add to the terminator mythology--a move that has attracted both positive and negative response from some viewers. While it is easy to conclude that the terminator's were built using a human model, this is (to my knowledge) the first time it's ever been explicitly stated in the franchise. But as the flashforwards/backs continue, it is revealed that Allison is being questioned by a pre-captured Cameron, who is trying to obtain a better understanding of her template.

    Allison is initially rebellious, but after an unspecified amount of time and an unsuccessful escape attempt, she breaks down and begins to tell Cameron about herself. This all leads up to the reveal that it is Cameron who is questioning Allison and that she wants to meet John Connor.

    Cameron mentions to Allison that not all of the machines want the human race destroyed, that some of them want piece. Cameron has been called out as a liar before and to me this is a prime example of her lying in an attempt to gain information. It seems obvious that there is no seperate movement in the machines. Cameron's attempt to kill John in the past back in "S&D" emphasises that point.


    Back in the present, we are treated to glimpses of Cameron's shattered persona. The lines between her machine nature and her suddenly overpowering human nature are blurred. The fairly significant point is made: "She does not remember she is a machine." The length and depth of her programming and nature is hinted at in this episode, which is blatent foreshadowing for future episodes in the series.

    Cameron/Allison's visits with the shrink and her interactions with Jody also give insight into the complexity of her character. The move here is a major one. Cameron's character is developing and it is incredibly hard to develop a character who is not human. If Cameron had been called shallow and uninteresting before, this episode took giant steps to prove those opinions wrong.

    I'm really looking forward to see where the writers are planning to take this the plots and developments introduced in this episode. They made a bold move with Cameron here, and despite some critism, it's paid off.


    Also, ending with this point, which has been a point of contention among various forums and boards. Did Cameron kill Allison Young?

    Personally, I'm saying no, she didn't kill her. The way the episode intertwines the clips of Cameron picking up and strangling both Jody and Allison is fairly significant, and if that's not enough to convince someone, then the way that the actions are mirrored should be.

    Cameron didn't kill Jody, answering John's question with a shrugged, "Apparantly not." This implies that she did not kill Allison either. ---

    My favourite bit in this episode was when the councillor asked Cameron what she was going to do when she found John Connor. Cameron replied, "I'm going to kill him and hang his head on a pike for everyone to see."

    And people think there's a faction of machines that want piece.moreless

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