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    Save Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    By ArcanePunkster, Dec 08, 2014

    We're looking for support to bring back Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles either as a movie or TV series to give us some closure! Help sign this petition we're looking for at most 50,000 signatures!

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    By Robertinspain, Jun 09, 2014

    Just watched Series 1 and 2 over the last 3 weeks and was very impressed, feel completely bereft now I've finished. The last 10 minutes blew me away.

    On reflection it was interesting to see 31 episodes but so many seemed like fillers and really just dragged the series out and became repetitive.

    Obviously with a time travel story there are many realities as John found when he went into the future and Derek did not know him and Alison wasn't Cameron. However as there was a war with Skynet whatever John, Sarah, Derek and Cameron did in the past, in 2011, had no effect on Skynet as they never found what Skynet was doing in 2011 as the Zeira Corp was supposedly fighting Skynet. Also Derek killed Andy Goode, the inventor of the Turk, which did not get into the hands of Skynet but belonged to Zeira Corp. Also if John Henry had Cameron's chip how could he swap the chips as he would cease functioning when he removed his own.

    Either my wires are crossed or I need a review to resolve my queries.


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    Such a brilliant show. One of the best shows ever.

    By Catharsis, Feb 24, 2014

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles was one of the best shows that FOX ever aired. It had a phenomenal cast, wonderful production and a great writing staff. The story arcs were always intriguing, intelligent and flowed well from one to the other. It kept getting better with every episode and got much better from the 1st to the 2nd season, which was astounding given how amazing the first season was.

    I own both seasons on Blu-Ray, and it looks phenomenal on my plasma screen. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can enjoy this great TV show with your Prime membership. Sadly, it's not on Netflix right now, though it may be in the future, or may have been available in the past, but just isn't right now.

    Ourselves Alone and Today is the Day Parts 1 and 2 are my absolute favorite episodes and are my three goto episodes if I'm in the mood to watch it. I love how they explore the dynamics of how going back in time and changing things can alter the future and change the perceptions and experiences of the main characters. Is Jessie the same Jessie that Derrick knows from his future? Is she the one he knows, or a different Jessie with different motives. I thought the story arc from these 3 episodes were brilliant and really solidified this series as one of my top favorites of all time.

    Yes, I would love for them to bring this back, but on FOX, I doubt that will happen. Yes, they brought back Family Guy after DVD sales blew up and viewer outcries were finally heard. It took Netflix to bring back the other FOX Network victim Arrested Development. Perhaps Amazon can revive this? Who knows. Kickstarter got Veronica Mars fans a big Hollywood feature release, maybe it can do the same for fans of


    I highly recommend it either way, you'll enjoy it, and join the rest of us who wonder what could have been.


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    Fight to bring back TSCC

    By DHK256, Feb 04, 2014

    Hello all, there has been a long campaign in order to bring back TSCC. Over the years we have made significant progress but we need more support from fans like you and me. Search sarahconnorfans on Google and you'll find us. Also follow @BringBackTSCC on twitter for more info on our mission to save the Sarah Connor Chronicles!!!!!

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    fox whats your problem first firefly and now sarah connor chronicles

    By haydenzed, Dec 28, 2013

    fox do u have a problem with SUMMER GLAU because you first destroyed firefly one of the best series of its time then make Sarah Connor Chronicles end with an ending that could make a nun moist and a plot and a story so amazing its like a unicorn that poops jelly bean i just hope u bring it back before skynet send a robot back to shove it robotic foot up your ass and while you at it bring firefly back

    much anger and hate



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    Love this show!

    By TSG, Sep 21, 2013

    Bring it back please :)

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    F**k you Fox

    By akyag, Jun 24, 2013

    Just finished watching the 2 seasons and damn.. What a show ! It was tight !!! lol.. and f**k you fox for cancelling it !

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    The show was amazing and am still gutted it got cancelled

    By abdulay31, Jan 15, 2013

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles is and extension to the Terminator series, am not much of a sci-fi fan but this changed my mind with great writing, plot and acting from Lena Headey and Summer Glau, The story is tight and involves John Connor leader of the resistance in the future 2025 sending one his robot ally to proctect his family from opposition forces Skynet in the year 2007.

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    Never much of a Terminator fan myself, but everything changed when I watched this.

    By lanzie_rulz, Nov 17, 2012

    It was peer pressure. I had no inkling to watch this show otherwise. Some days, I'm glad for peer pressure, because without it I never would have seen how good Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TSCC) really is. Yes, I am a Sci-fi fan in general, which no doubt helps me enjoy the show for what it is, rather than the fact that main plot is about robots trying to take over the world. But really, all anyone needs to be able to watch this show contently is to not take it too seriously. Don't think about how time travel works, don't think about what robots would or would not be able to do. If you just sit there and enjoy TSCC for what it is, then I have no doubt you'll enjoy it.

    TSCC takes off about a year after the events of TerminatorII, following Sarah Connor and her son, John Connor. They are running from the various robots sent back through time to kill them, because in the future John leads the human resistance to the human-robot war. They also have one robot who was sent back to help them (John sent her); her name is Cameron.

    The show then takes them 7 years into the future, aka 2007, and they take up running where they left off.

    Off course, just to spice things up a little Sarah, John and Cameron also have some FBI agents chasing them, and the fiancé that Sarah left behind seven years ago asking all kinds of messy questions.moreless

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    I had high hopes for this show and thank God it's brilliant

    By sfaberge, Nov 02, 2012

    Living in the UK means that I get everything weeks late and I've had to keep my distance from these forums. I had hoped desperately this series would be good and I'm happy to say it was amazing. Far better than any other TV show out there that has come from film.

    Some fans always say that without Arnold Schwarzenegger or Linda Hamilton, it would not be a good Teminator show. I hope they are now proven wrong by the wonderful performances from Lena Headey and Summer Glau. Lena Headey immediately settles into the role of Sarah Connor and she does this very well, it only takes seconds before you accept her as Sarah Connor. Similarly, Summer Glau makes her first appearance not as a Terminator and then reveals herself - just as Terminators were always supposed to be. I was familiar with Summer Glau before this show but she is a brilliant actress and plays a Terminator very well. Not an easy thing to do.

    If I had to nitpick (and of course I do), I would say that Lena Headey (although definitely not her fault) looks too young to have given birth to John Connor. Just one of the handful of pitfalls of looking just too beautiful.

    The special effects in this series are fantastic and this was always going to be a hard part for the show. Without the enormous budget of a film, the effects were always a worry that they would not live up to expectations set by the films. Fortunately, they are executed perfectly and are a tribute to the crew working on the show. As a TV show, the effects rival those of 24 and Lost.

    This show is perfect and the cast and crew really capture Terminator very well whilst also making it their own. Unfortunately I still can not go on the forums because they are some 5 episodes ahead of TV here. What a shame!moreless

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