Now You See Me

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Quotes (1)

  • Dunham: Commander.
    Taylor: What is it, Dunham?
    Dunham: What's your reason for leaving the colony today?
    Taylor: Beg pardon?
    Dunham: All citizens need a valid, colony business-related reason for departing.
    Shannon: He's right, Commander. Your new lockdown protocols, no exceptions. You said it yourself.
    Taylor: That I did. (to Dunham) Good job, soldier.
    Dunham: Thank you, sir.
    Taylor: You're dismissed.
    Dunham: But I haven't-
    Shannon: Just go.

Notes (1)

  • Original International Airdates:
    Slovakia: January 17, 2013 on JOJ Plus

Allusions (2)

  • Elisabeth: (to Skye) Nurse Ogawa is prepping and sterilizing the CO2 inhalers for the arrival of the 11th. Maybe you can help with that.
    Another in-joke and reference to the Star Trek franchise, this time Star Trek: The Next Generation. Nurse Ogawa was Dr. Crusher's able assistant on a number of episodes.

  • Elizabeth: Jim, I'm a doctor, not a chemist.
    This line of dialogue references the original Star Trek and a popular running protestation from Leonard "Bones" McCoy any time Captain Kirk asked him to perform a miracle, metaphorical or otherwise. It's also a bit of an in-joke, as executive producers and writers Brannon Braga and René Echevarria both worked on a number of the Star Trek franchise shows.