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    low budget

    By ayepes, Jan 13, 2012


    I am sure if Terra Nova were a high budget movie, this episode would have been a 42 min battle, the good guys loose, and then we would have this episode.

    every second after Jim wakes up in the hospital, I was hoping it was an hallucination, something that would make him fight the bad guys with even more determination, and that he would wake up next to the portal just a few minutes after the explosion, but no.

    I still give this episode a 10 because after the first part, it was full of action and suspense, leading to the season/series finalemoreless

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    By TrueTvWatcher, Dec 22, 2011

    Occupation was a perfect episode of Terra Nova because it was every thing I as a viewer hoped it would be; filled with action, suspense, drama, and strong character and plot development. The first half of this two part season finale had a great start with the 11th pilgrimage coming through only to have a suicide bomber come through causing some major casualties and injuries. I like that there was little holding back, and that we missed the fall out afterwards and jumped right to the occupation of Terra Nova. It was fun watching the story unfold and to see Jim waking up to a whole new world!!!!!!!!!moreless

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