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    Australia has opened the blue door into worldwide stardom with this superb show.

    By oceanic6, Mar 25, 2008

    Thank God You're Here is a hit Australian TV show that went on to become a worldwide succuss. It's a simple concept of having a talented performer walk through a door live in front of an audience into an elaborate set that has a brilliant ensemble cast create a situation and throw challenging questions at the performer. The scene could be hilarious, unfunny or just painful to watch depending on the performer's approach but watching them react to this world they no nothing about always guarantees quality television. Perhaps the only bad part of Thank God You're Here is the fact that it's pretty easy to get bored of the show and if it were on any more than once a week the concept would get boring but thankfully it's only on once a week so our interest is firmly contained.

    Populer recurring guests are; radio star Hamish Blake, actor Josh Lawson, comedians Shaun Micallef and Akmal Saleh as well as actor Angus Sampson. All of them deliver consistent performances although the squadrons of new faces are threatening the appearences of the old favorites. Thank God You're Here is justa brilliant reality/comedy show and whether it's done in Australia, Britain, America, Russia, Greece or wherever; the idea will never die.moreless

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    australia is the land of comedya nd thank god you're here is a fine example

    By shae83dtr, Feb 13, 2008

    getting the ebst of the best in the oz comedy world and seeing them quickly react to a situation where they have nio idea whats going on... oh gawd, give me the cahnce, man, it looks like so much fun. its certiantly fun to watch. i personally love when they go with the flow, the more subtle humour the better, fifi box, awesome, hamish and andy, bring them back more often, they're all great most of the time. and the comedians who are tehre everyweek in the situations, they deserve more credit having to keep to their scenario yet go with teh flow, i can't believe tehy keep straight faces, brilliant, absolutely fabulous!moreless

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  • 7.1

    Pretty smart!

    By da_dunker, May 06, 2007

    Living here in Australia, settling down in front of the television each night is a somewhat tedious task, knowing you have to chose to watch either a repeat of CSI or another damned reality show! To turn on the TV one Wednesday night I was shocked to see that a new show had appeared - all the cast had Australian accents and the show was actually funny! It's basically an hours worth of improv acting - 4 guest stars (who have also dabbed in comedy) have around 4 minutes to turn sheer terror into comedy. They walk through a blue door, and are greeted by an ensemble cast member (usually unknown) and greeted by the tag line "Thank God You're Here". There are all different scenarios which the actors are greeted with - medieval times, cruise ships, Cleopatra, circus etc. Its just an awesome show to sit back and really watch the actors struggle or have a great time. And the actors are actually funny which is a real change from those sometimes boring American sitcoms. Some of the regular cast members are Angus Sampson, Peter Rosethorn, Akmal Saleh, Shaun Macalif and Frank Woodley. Ten out of ten, an awesome show! Bring on Season Two!moreless

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  • 9.3

    American TV taxed it and started their own version of it - it's a sign that this show is definitely a "Trendsetter"

    By luvos_united, Apr 25, 2007

    "Thank God You're Here..." - always the opening line for each act.

    It is fun to see what world each comedian is going to be pulled in and to see if they can survive the bizarre situations they are placed in with grace and humour.

    I love to see the faces of each comedian as they open the door and see the strangeness that is placed upon them!

    The show definitely showcases the best of Australia's stand up comedians, including Fifi Box, Hamish Blake and many more that I can't remember at the moment!

    It's definitely a classic and I would always remember:

    "To love, cherish and e-Bay!"

    I can't wait for the next season!moreless

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    This kind of show separates the so-so comedians from the really brilliant ones.

    By ozziefan, Apr 11, 2007

    To be a good comedian you have to be abole to think fast, Thank God Your Here puts people in extrodinary situations where the comedian is supposed to act his or her way out of it.

    Its like not matter how many obstacles come up during the scene they have to try and find a way to get past them.

    What I really love about this show is that you find out which comedians are chumps and which are champs. There is no script so anything could happen.

    Hard to have a favourite person on the show, usually the regulars make me laugh the most, like Angus Sampson, Josh Lawson and Frank Woodley.

    Its great to see something fresh and original come out from Australia. We are used to terrible skit shows and boring predictable jokes.

    Thank God Your Here is a pleasant change!moreless

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    My housemate couldn't understand why I was laughing so hard at a television show and why I would count down the days till the next episode was on....until he sat down and watched....he now understands :P

    By AUSCris, Mar 15, 2007

    This is the funniest show I have seen in a very very long time. It brings back basic comedy from having scripted performances, into on the spot, improvised comedy. Like the good old days! A quick run down of the show: it consists of 4 actors. 4 seperate performances. One group task. And warm-up tasks in between. All judged. All in competition for the coveted TGYH Trophy. Do yourself a favour, and tune in when this show airs. I promise you won't regret it!moreless

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  • 8.5

    Pretty good!

    By alexlips, Feb 16, 2007

    After literally thousands of different reality/game shows that there have been in the past 50 or so years, still another brilliant idea is founded. Thank God You're Here is a totally original Australian show which is where different celebrities walk into a room and have to follow a set up or skit. This show was so popular in Australia on Channel Ten that a major US network, NBC have made their own version of it. Season 3 of Thank God You're Here looks to be really, really good! Sometimes I couldn't be bothered to watch this show but when I do I enjoy it.moreless

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    Its the best show but i wanna see adam spencer on it.

    By Benbow2006, Nov 17, 2006

    First off this is an awsome show, second of all who agrees there should be a best of the best, third it could use some new blood, i recently encounted a comedian Adam Spencer he is great and i think he should go on thank god your here he is very funny.

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  • 9.3

    Now this really is the best Australian comedy in years. After almost nothing new from this country\'s television, TGYH shows that an experienced comedy team can deliver the goods again. Consistently funny and surprising, this is a show to watch.

    By SteveT_AU, Oct 24, 2006

    There is very little completely original about this show, yet what they've put together is just enough to be great fun. Basically, they've taken theatre sports, or improv theatre (much like the UK/US show "Whose Line is it anyway?"), and turned it into a competitive gameshow, each week pitting four comedians (or recently general celebrities) in a test of comedy skill.

    At first, I wasn't sure just how far or how long this concept could be extended. But the very simplicity of the format, combined with good guest selection, has marked it as a winner. From the team behind "The Late Show", "Frontline" and "The Panel", TGYH puts actor and comedian Shane Bourne in charge as the host, with only usual team member Tom Gleisner adding the other regular role.

    Recent inspiringly funny guests have included Arj Barker, Cal Wilson and Alan Brough, as well as regulars such as Tahir, Angus Sampson and Frank Woodley. It's not really a scripted show (drama or comedy, what I usually prefer), but it is original, it is funny, and that's what we need more of on Australian television.moreless

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  • 10

    A show that guests actually want to appear on. As the number 1 comedy show of the moment, it is entertaining no matter who you are.

    By davo_087, Oct 20, 2006

    Thank God You're Here is easily the best quality comedy going around at the moment. This is proven by the numerous networks worldwide that are purchasing rights to the idea. Created by Working Dog Productions in Australia, who already have countless hits to their name, this show appeals to all demographics. While many shows aim their humour at one particular type of viewer, TGYH has something for everyone with different scenes and humour styles of the guests. It is a show that comedians and actors want to appear on, unlike maybe Dancing With the Stars or Celebrity Survivor. It is an opportunity to shine and promote their career, but at the same time there is the risk that they will crash and burn on national TV. It is fascinating to see the varying styles used by each guest in tackling the scenario. The whole format works so smoothly, not overdoing it with each performer getting an equal chance to perform and just the right amount of input from host Shane Bourne and judge Tom Gleisner. A pilot premieres on NBC in America in November, a chance to turn this small piece of brilliance into a world wide phenomenon.moreless

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