That '70s Show

Eric's Birthday

Season 1, Ep 2, Aired 8/30/98
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  • Episode Description
  • Eric’s 17th birthday is coming up and he really doesn’t want a party. Unfortunately, it’s extremely obvious that Kitty is planning a surprise party against his wishes – she’s even invited his older sister Laurie home from college for the event. Eric enlists Laurie’s help in calling off the party while Kelso naively tries to attract her interest. And Donna, who’s unsure about the state of her relationship with Eric, gets advice from Jackie on what to get him for a gift.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • John L. Schwab

    Writers' Assistant

  • Mila Kunis

    Jackie Burkhart

  • Chris Peterson

    Writers' Assistant

  • Ashton Kutcher

    Michael Kelso

  • Michael Oates Palmer

    Writers' Assistant

  • Fan Reviews (14)
  • Kitty throws a "suprise party" for Eric.

    By thefanof, Jul 31, 2008

  • this was a good ep

    By cube2k8, May 21, 2010

  • Eric's Mum throws a party for him, even though he dosen't want one.!

    By strat_boy, Apr 12, 2010

  • Eric doesnt want a surpise party but guess what he gets one anyway!

    By djmetal777, Mar 03, 2010

  • While Eric wants to celebrate his seventh birthday in peace, Kitty gives him an unwanted surprise party, and an unwanted 8-track player.

    By pudgebyrd722, Oct 26, 2009

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (9)

    • Eric: (with Kitty's voice over) Please, guys. My parents have coasters for a reason!
      Hyde: (with Kitty's voice over) I am going to put my glass directly on the table, that way it will leave a ring.
      Eric: (with Kitty's voice over) But that's immoral!

    • Donna: (with Kitty voice over) The adults are all gone, we're alone!
      Jackie: (with Kitty voice over) Who wants to give Eric a venereal disease!?

    • (Laurie is folding clothes in the basement; she bends over) Fez: Holy Mother! Kelso (nervously): Hello, Laurie. Laurie: Hello, Kelso, Hyde. Fez: Who's the goddess? Kelso: The goddess is Eric's sister. Hyde: She's not a goddess, she's more the earth mother whore type, which works for me.

    • (Laurie comes to the basement to do laundry, wearing only a long t-shirt) Laurie...I want you to stay off my case, it will only take me a minute. Eric: I don't think Kelso's gonna last that long. Laurie: Too bad. It's not like I'm completely naked under this. I'm wearning underwear. (she lifts her shirt) See? If we were at the beach you wouldn't even notice me. Hyde: If we were at the beach, Kelso would be in the water right now.

    • Red: Oh and uh, here's a 20. Laurie: Will that cover for gas? Kitty: Oh well, honey, give her another 10 just in case. Eric: You know, I could use some gas money. Red (laughs): Yeah... and if a frog had wings, it wouldn't bump its ass when it hops.

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    Trivia (3)

    • (looking out the Pinciotti's kitchen door window) Kitty: My lord, Laurie's leaving! The window in the Pinciotti's kitchen door looks out onto the back yard, which is fenced in with a board fence. The Forman's house is on the opposite side of the Pinciotti's house and can't be seen from the kitchen.

    • The music used in this episode was: The Rubberband Man (1976) by The Spinners; Laughter in the Rain (1974) by Neil Sedaka.

    • Donna has another sister named Valerie who is off at college mentioned in this episode. When Kitty and Midge are in the kitchen and Kitty is upset, Midge gives her a book of poetry and tells her that she used it to get through a tough time when Valerie went off to college. Valerie is never mentioned again. Donna has another sister named Tina that is mentioned in the episode Eric's Burger Job. So apparently Bob and Midge had three kids.

    Allusions (1)

    • Donna: It's still three naked women with a dog. Fez: I want to be the Hooterville dog. The gang is watching Petticoat Junction, which was a weekly half-hour series that ran from 1963 to 1970. The opening sequence of that TV series showed three women bathing in the town water tower with a dog.

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