Everybody Loves Casey

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  • 8.5


    By thefanof, Jun 22, 2010

    This is one of those episodes that you probably do not appreciate initially, but after repeated viewings you start to see the true genius behind it. When ever Fez and Big Rhonda have an interesting storyline then you know you are in for a good episode.

    Luke Wilson's performance as Casey Kelso really helped revitalize this show and in some ways save it. That 70's Show did not need this recurring character, but he certainly led to some highly enjoyable moments in the show's eight season history. Memorable episode, quoteworthy episode, go out of your way to watch this one.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Ah, how influential Cosmo is...

    By jimbo_001, Apr 01, 2007

    This episode is a good leadup to the season 4 finale with Kelso and Jackie breaking up again, this time because Kelso has a revelation about what the guys have been telling him for years... that Jackie puts him down an awful lot for someone she supposedly loves, and Eric's jealousy of Casey going into overload when he befriends everyone.

    This episode is very funny, with Casey's advice to Fez blowing up in his face, and him getting dumped by the girl he for some reason loved, Big Rhonda, and Kitty being sucked in by his handsomeness aswell as Kelso's advice to Eric which was inspired by Cosmo.

    Overall, this episode is great as we see the small changes in Donna's character that will be enlarged in the next episode aswell as providing quite a few funny and dramatic moments.moreless

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