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    By futuramarama, May 19, 2011

    Hyde is tired of The Circle, and vows to not do it again, which changes his personality, and not in a good way. Will he go back to The Circle with everyone else?

    Fez's friend, Andrew, comes, and he might be going back to his homeland for good. Andrew tells Jackie what Fez said (about calling her ugly), and Jackie realizes she and him were meant to be.

    Donna decides to go to college- for good. But will a surprise visit from Eric (in the next episode) change things?

    Great lead up to the series finale. I can't wait to see how it all goes down. Will Eric and Donna get back together? Will she leave? What will Fez and Jackie be like as a couple? Final grade? A+moreless

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    a good episode

    By dragondude4, Aug 22, 2010

    in this episode we learn that Fez brings a friend from his unknow country and too think his friend speaks in a english accent and he is nothing like Fez and later on Kitty and Red plan on selling the house but later on Kitty doesn't want to leave due to memnories and Fez's friend talks to him and tells him if Fez has nothing left in point place he should go back home and Jackie and Fez now become boyfriend and girlfriend and Donna dumps loser Randy and plans to go to college and we learn that Eric is coming backmoreless

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    By juanito_L0pEz, May 17, 2010

    I thought dat dis hea was great i mean damn dawg jackie and Fez man dat be a great way to endKelso and eric comin back made me pretty happy i mean it made a difference in da episode fo me and i really like how da last episode of the 70s show was da end of 70s and the beginin of da 80fo dem ijus wanna say dat i loved randy though next to fez he be da 2nd best character and i think dat its just was a pretty good show and all dat stuff well peace dawgs, juanito


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    The episode before the series finale...

    By Canogaparkcindy, Aug 11, 2008

    this episode was just so sad to see, the beginning, the plans of Kitty & Red going to Florida still hasn't changed, now they are going to sell the house, also sad when Kitty was showing the house & telling the people all the good times they have had there. And finally after 10 years, Jackie & Fez finally hooked up! The other sad thing is that Donna is moving on & leaving Point Place also. Whoo! Randy's gone forever! That goodbye was humiliating. Ah I love this episode, I love the whole intervention with Hyde to go back to the circle. And Fez's friend is hilarious. Another great cliffhanger, Eric is coming home!moreless

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  • 9.2

    Hyde quits the circle!... briefly.

    By jimbo_001, May 12, 2008

    Hyde's un-intervention is the highlight of this great episode, and while the Randy trying to get Donna back storyline could have been lifted out, the rest of the episode worked really well as a setup to the final episode, with Red selling the house, after a few uninspiring tours by he and Kitty, and Fez's foreign friend comes over to join Fez's hatred of Jackie, resulting in Fez and Jackie actually being together, which the gang immediately bet against, this also happening in Donna's hundredth threat that she's going to leave town, Eric coming back proving this fact.

    Hyde deciding to quit the circle is the funniest plot, since it's so unbelievable, and the fact that it turned out to be stress causing the hallucinations was a hilarious conclusion, and Hyde getting his own store is a great ending for his character, but the show's not over yet because anything can happen in the next, and final, half hour instalment of that 70s show.moreless

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    The mystery of Fez's origins has been solved...thank you very much...

    By Zabzugu, Jun 07, 2007

    Despite the supposed mystery of where Fez comes from, I think it was given away in this episode.

    It's clear that Fez is from Central or South America, and looking at Wikepedia for countries in these regions that where both English and Dutch colonies, there is only one:

    Fez is from Guyana!!!!

    "...The Dutch West Indian Company built a fort in 1616 on the Essequibo River. The Dutch traded with the Indian peoples and, as in Suriname, established sugar plantations worked by African slaves. While the coast remained under Dutch control, the English established plantations west of the Suriname River. Conflict between the two countries meant parts of the region changed hands a number of times, but by 1796 Britain had control of the region. The Netherlands ceded the colonies of Essequibo, Demerara, and Berbice to Britain in 1814."

    Mystery solved!moreless

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    This episode is F to the U to the N to the N to the Y, FUNNY!

    By raidenzz123, Sep 17, 2006

    Greetings to fans of That '70s Show! This particular episode of That '70s Show very very amusing. Actor Danny Masterson is very talented. He should be more recognised than Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace. I was surprised and very humored when he actually played Fez, Donna and Andrew in the Circle. Philip Stark and Dave Schiff are really awesome writers as the episode is well-written and also well-plotted. It was a great sub-ending for this show as it is the second last episode for That '70s Show. Wilmer Valderrama is really good in his role of Fez. HAHAHAHAHAHA! IT WAS FUNNY!moreless

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    wierd,funny, and where the hell is fez from

    By tomuchtv, May 22, 2006

    ok episode 8:21 love of my life-

    i thought fezs friend(from his country) coming to vist was funny(i like the actor who played him justin long from dodgball, waiting),with his help jackie and fez finally got together(although his attempt to makeout with jackie was funny),still dont know where fez is from but that dosent upset me(thaaat much),

    hydes bad trip(where he takes the role of everyone eles in the circle)was super funny and kinda wierd to see him as fez and donna especially, and the whole intervention to get him back in the circle(b/c he quit the circle)was also funny, hyde was way too productive while he quit but he finally joined the circle again and had one with leo and his dad,

    the whole kitty/red moving to florida was good too,when kitty showed the house it was awsome to see what we had been looking through all these years(the audiance and tv viewers), also very emotional

    about randy and donna, well im like most fans, i dont really like randy but he was ok, i think i like him more as just a friend of the gang, not donnas bf and it was good that she didnt take him back,the show ending with the gang not believing donna was gonna finally move(b/c shes said this befor)and her saying that she was and nothing was gonna stop her and kitty running out to say that eric called and hes coming home was a great ending and a great way to lead us in to the series finalemoreless

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    Going out in style, although I wasn't even born until 5 years after the 70's were over, I still love it, the show that is. The gang's last circle in the basement, last moments of the 70's were quite memorable.

    By agentorange06, May 21, 2006

    That finale, what can I say about the last time they will be seen as a superficial girl, a foreigner, burnout, Hot Donna, Foreskin and Hyde, lol. I was glad to see Eric made it back in time to apologize to Donna and to see them together again. Kitty and Red are like my dream of what parents should be and her laugh will only be heard now on reruns. Jackie and Fez hooked up and through several stages of awkwardness got thier first kiss in order. It seemed like I just started watching the show but its been years, and now my Thursdays are rendered otherwise useless. All in all it was a great ending to a great era.moreless

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  • 5.0

    so dissapointed

    By thillesheim, May 20, 2006

    dude come on! this was the series finallie! make it better!!!! i mean, we arn't sure exactly where fez is from and topher grace only came back for like the last 5 minutes. yes, i think the show is awesome but this episode was so dissapointing. what's wrong with topher grace? this was where his carreer took off, show some respect and do a whole damn sure he made a butt load. he could have done a whole episode witth different writing. but im glad that eric and donna ended up together(}big shocker.....not)


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