That '70s Show

Romantic Weekend

Season 3, Ep 16, Aired 2/20/01
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  • Episode Description
  • Eric finds a brochure for a nice motel and plans a romantic weekend with Donna, who’s glad for the chance to get away from her feuding parents. Both lie about their whereabouts to their parents. But the lie blows up in their faces when they learn who their neighbors are at the motel. Meanwhile, Kelso thinks that he's not a man any more because he can't perform with Pam Macy.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Dave Schiff

  • Mila Kunis

    Jackie Burkhart

  • Philip Stark

  • Ashton Kutcher

    Michael Kelso

  • Melina Root

  • Fan Reviews (3)
  • A true classic.

    By Grey90, Aug 29, 2008

  • Kelso can't get it up.

    By Canogaparkcindy, Jul 31, 2008

  • A lot of Amish people can't raise Kelso's barn!

    By jimbo_001, Mar 19, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (6)

    • (explaining how he was making out with Pam Macy in the school orchestra room) Kelso: You know the really, really bad thing that can happen to guys when they're with girls? Fez: Oh, did Mr. Cooper come in to buff the floor? Kelso: No. Okay. Let me put it this way. The buffer wouldn't buff. Fez: Poor Mr. Cooper. Hyde: No, Fez. I think what he's trying to say is the rabbit wouldn't come out of the hat. Eric: The weasel wouldn't pop. Hyde: The alphabet soup never spelled "go."

    • Donna: We're spending the weekend at a hotel. Hyde: What, car sex isn't good enough anymore? Fez: I would love car sex... Or just sex... Or just a car.

    • (Bob and Midge, rushing into the dark hotel room) Bob: You get off my daughter! Red: Bob! What the hell? Midge: Oh, Kitty! What a pretty nightgown! Kitty: Thank you, Midge. Could you hand it to me, please?

    • Kelso: If this is about maturity, I want nothing to do with it!

    • Kelso: Guys, I gotta tell you something... I'm omnipotent.

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    Trivia (3)

    • Donna: Ever since my dad lost the store, he just shuffles around in a not-completely-closed bathrobe. It's really depressing. Bob lost his store, "Bargain Bob's Appliances", shortly after the episode Jackie Bags Hyde earlier this season.

    • The music used in this episode was: T.N.T. (1975) by AC/DC; Back In The Saddle (1976) by Aerosmith; Saturday Night (1975) by The Bay City Rollers; Tell Me Something Good (1974) by Rufus & Chaka Khan.

    • Kitty: Will Michael's parents be home? Eric: Yes. Red: Are they as dumb as he is? Eric: I can't lie. Yes, yes they are. Red: Right answer. That was a trick question. I know they're dumb. Both Eric and Red say that Kelso's parents are dumb; but in the first season episode, Career Day, we see Kelso's father at work, and he seems to be quite intelligent.

    Allusions (1)

    • Kelso's dream and the sequence during the end credits are both allusions to I Dream Of Jeannie, a half-hour sitcom that ran from 1965 to 1970.

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