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  • 5.5

    Definitely not as good as "Bohemian Rhapsody"

    By tigerdude22, Aug 02, 2011

    Okay, this is the episode that shows how my Season 8 became my least favorite season. Sure, it isn't bad but there are some pretty unwatchable episodes. In fact, I don't think I've ever watched unwatchable episodes in the first 7 seasons. This is possibly one of "That 70s Show"'s worst episode. While Season 8 isn't the best, it also bad but something tells me that the characters are starting to get rehashed since Eric is gone in Africa. There were really no memorable moments in this episode. Not even my favorite characters Fez and Leo could save this episode. I was funny when Leo brought in a bunch of hippies in the beginning of the episode. I also laughed at Jackie getting drunk and having a boob slip as in one of her boob was showing. Don't worry, it's off-screen since this show is TV-14. I don't think I laughed at any else after that. Also, Randy and Samantha have got to be the worst characters in the finale season of this show. Overall, this was just a mediocre episode of "That 70s Show" and it's definitely one of their worst episodes I've seen. 5.5/10moreless

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  • 4.0


    By Canogaparkcindy, Jan 08, 2011

    After the surprisingly good premiere last week, it's no surprise that this episode would be bad. Even Ashton Kutcher's presence could not help this episode. I come to realize that Eric leaving is definitely not the only thing that went wrong this season. Everyone's character has been extremely exaggerated (i.e. Fez and his "foreign" accent, Leo does drugs we get it) Seriously, Fez used to be one of the best additions to the cast, but he hasn't said anything remotely funny in years. His accent has become way over the top, just compare it to his season one accent, you'll see. We've got two new horrible additions the cast. Samantha was probably the worst addition to the cast this year. She's not funny, nothing about her is anything about the 70s, and she's just plain annoying.

    Randy is just as worse, he comes out of nowhere, and starts working with Hyde. Once he came on the show, Laura Prepon got worse and worse. Just everyone in general, it's not the same. Randy is incredibly annoying and not funny, I roll my eyes every time he comes on screen. Josh Meyers, stay on SNL, you don't belong on this show. As for the plot, it's just what you can expect from a season eight episode. Overplayed, exaggerated, and most definitely: not funny.moreless

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  • 10

    Things change, that is life. Get over it and stop watching if you don't like it.

    This show still rocks!

    By LuckyWallace9, Sep 23, 2010

    I mean, come on! This show was never called That Eric Show. The actor chose to leave.

    The remaining actors have made it clear in interviews that this season is all about:

    1. Money

    2. The chance to do a lot of wacky things they have always wanted to do.

    3. Basically a spoof on all the shows that jumped the shark.

    4. They wanted to make it to 200 episodes, a rare landmark in TV, especially these days.

    This show has been one of the best in TV history, because they have always stayed true to the show. It is a new sitcom, set in the 70's, and made in the spirit of those shows. It blows away most of the other crap they make these days.

    I mean how many times have you gotten so wrapped up in the show, that you forget it is filmed in current times instead of the 70's?????

    If you do not like the show anymore, you do not deserve to watch it anymore!!

    The 360 is a classic. Hyde thinks it will help him fire Leo, but instead he keeps Leo on and hires the new guy.


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  • 8.0

    good episode

    By dragondude4, Aug 22, 2010

    after learning that hyde married a stripper everything starts to go wrong and it looks like hyde and jackie aren't not back togeter or get married anyway Leo turns hyde's store into a hippie hang out and we meet that loser Randy a lot of people hate that guy and hyde gives him a job and we see that jackie's dress went wrong and her boobs were showing that's kind of hot and Red and Kitty try to get Hyde's wife Samantha, to leave point place and it doesn't work out and who knows what else is going to happenmoreless

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  • 8.1

    Leo's in for the eighth season rollercoaster.

    By jimbo_001, May 10, 2008

    This episode is pretty good, with Hyde settling back to work in the record store, which Leo has turned into a drug station, and starting to get used to married life, with great reactions from everyone, especially Kelso wanting to see Hyde's wife's boobs.

    Jackie, Donna and Fez at the bar was also very funny, with interesting plot developments throughout, whether it's Jackie not being as graceful as she had planned, or Fez and Donna's partners for the night being married.

    This episode is hardly a classic, but it is funny, and develops a bond between Hyde and Sam, and Jackie making an embarrassing step forward into being single again.moreless

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  • 7.1

    Things go from bad to worse for Hyde, who discovers that while he was away, Leo nearly put the record store out of business. But Hyde's plan to fire Leo goes up in smoke when he ends up keeping Leo and hiring a new guy, Randy.

    By Collegebound06, Dec 25, 2006

    Things go from bad to worse for Hyde, who discovers that while he was away, Leo nearly put the record store out of business. But Hyde's plan to fire Leo goes up in smoke when he ends up keeping Leo and hiring a new guy, Randy. Meanwhile, in an effort to get over Hyde, Jackie drags Donna and Fez out for a night on the town, but ends up humiliated when she reveals a little too much.

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  • 6.4

    Bittersweet Episode

    By ArtCorvelay, Feb 04, 2006

    "Somebody to Love", the second episode (although aired along with the first as one) of the 8th season continues in the style of the first as a promising start to a season of uncertainty.

    First we start with Hyde in the kitchen, who has just learned of his drunken marriage to a Las Vegas stripper, this is the first sign of this season's steady decline. The drunken Las Vegas marriage plot is one of the biggest cliche's in comedy history, and the fact that he married a stripper makes it just that much dumber. This story also sees the introduction of one of the shows worst characters: Samantha the stripper. As ridiculous as this storyline is, the resolution of Hyde wanting to stay married for absolutely no apparent reason was the topper. (Especially since he has been anti-marriage in the last few episodes). The only thing good that came from this story was Kelso's reaction.

    This episode also sees the introduction of the hands down undisputed WORST character in the history of series: Randy, played by the extremely untalented Josh Meyers. This character is so bad that I can't decide which I am more upset about, Topher and Ashton leaving or this dumbass joining.

    But despite all of that, this episode did have a bright side. The main story of the record store was very entertaining (dispite the intro of Randy). Hyde and Kelso return to the record store, where Hyde left Leo in charge at the end of last season. They find that Leo has turned the place into a hippie hangout. Hyde, Leo and especially Kelso are all in top form in these scenes. Kelso trying to open the pickle jar was absolutely classic.

    Unfortunately the other main story was only mildly funny. Jackie, Donna and Fez go out to a bar and nothing much really happens. We see Donna lose alot of interest in Eric very fast as she goes out with another guy (very sad). There is a very uninspired subplot with Jackie as she gets drunk and feels insecure and a somewhat funny plot with Fez hooking up with some swingers.

    Overall this was a very bittersweet episode. It had some very bad plotlines, some disasterous characters intoduced and started the begining of a major decline in the shows quality, credibility and cleverness. But it also was one of the last very funny episodes of the show's run and sadly one of the last times we get to see Ashton Kutcher's amazing role as Michael Kelso.moreless

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  • 7.7

    Still bored.

    By attilasd, Dec 12, 2005

    This episode was not any better than the last. However, I do sort of like Randy. Hopefully Josh Meyer will be able to bring what we lost with Eric. Am I the only who is annoyed with Sam? She's even worse than Brooke was last year. She's the epitomy of a dumb blonde. Hyde needs to divorce her so he and Jackie can get back together.

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  • 8.9

    Second part of the Season 8 Premiere

    By ozziefan, Dec 07, 2005

    This is the 1st time we see Leo in Season 8 and he has made a massive mess of Hyde's record store. Leo as an Allman Brother is really funny!

    Hyde feels he has to fire Leo, because he is useless. But he can't because Leo's like a father figure to him. Instead he hires a new guy Randy to do all the work that Leo never did. I don't really like Randy too much, maybe its bvecause I am so used top the other characters and introducing someone who is so different is hard for me to handle.

    Also Jackie goes out with Fez and Donna to break men's hearts in an attempt to get over Hyde. Things end very embarressing for her and a lot better for Fez and Donna.

    I like Hyde's stripper wife she comes across as someone who genuinely cares for Hyde and he feels comfortable with her. It'll be interesting to see how things end up between Hyde, Sam (stripper wife) and Jackiemoreless

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  • 9.2

    A great start even without Eric

    By wbfreak54, Nov 06, 2005

    A really great episode, that has many twist. Hyde got married, Jackie flashed, Kittie made a tape for Eric, FEZ meet a women that was did Donna, and Kelso was stupid like Kelso always is.

    There was alot of intresting things that happend in this. I belive that even though Eric, and Kelso eventually will leave, left. This show is holding its weight.

    The story about Hyde, Jackie, Kelso, and Samantha, Hydes new stripper wife, and that hole triangle of love, hate, sex and marrage. Well actually there were four of them so it was a love square.

    Well i will still watch this untill they jump the shark. Also this was a two parter with Bohemian Rhapsody that aired at the same time so this will be on both.

    "Quote Nevermore"moreless

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