That '70s Show

That '70s Finale

Season 8, Ep 22, Aired 5/18/06
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  • Episode Description
  • December 31, 1979, and the gang is gathered at the Formans' house for one last New Year's Eve of the '70s. A party isn't a party unless the gang's all here... and some old friends return to celebrate the new decade, while some others get ready to leave.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Mila Kunis

    Jackie Burkhart

  • Danny Masterson

    Steven Hyde

  • Tricia Kangrga

  • Laura Prepon

    Donna Pinciotti

  • Michael Karlich

  • Fan Reviews (74)
  • Farewell "That 70s Show"

    By tigerdude22, Jul 04, 2011

  • perfect

    By futuramarama, Apr 08, 2011

  • This episode is the greatest, yet most hilarious episode to date. There are montages of famous scenes within this episode to make you remember why we all love this show!

    By Eddiespice, Aug 03, 2006

  • it was pretty clever that they brought back eric after 10 minutes, didn\'t give a preview with him in it, and left him uncredited, because it made me wonder if they would bring him back.

    By flamemonkey5, Aug 03, 2006

  • a very dissapointing final episode. the basic story line to have the gang get together for new years eve and say good bye to the 70s is great...however the rest of it fails miserably.

    By jennmark, Aug 06, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (17)

    • Eric: I wish there was just some way to take the edge off. (in the next scene, stoned) Eric: Edge, you're officially off.

    • Kelso: Hey, guys. Look, I'm a rhino! WOOF! WOOF!

    • (after Hyde gets Packers tickets for Red) Randy: My grandfather was on the Packers waiting list for 30 years. When the tickets finally came, he was 90 years old. He ate them.

    • Kelso: I got this four foot bottle rocket, and I'm gonna tie it to my arm, and light it, and just blast into the future!

    • Kelso: Yeah, things are going great in Chicago. I even taught my baby daughter how to say "Burn." She doesn't use it right though. I get her a lot more than she gets me.

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    Notes (5)

    • In Latin America, there weren't ending credits. After the gang went upstairs to count down, just when they were going to say "zero!", the license plate that says "'80" appears.

    • That '70s Finale did well for FOX garnering 10.02 million viewers.

    • Although there were hopes that Fez's real name and/or homeland would be revealed in the finale, neither one was. Over the years, there were hints dropped about where Fez is from, but no confirmation of any one place.

    • Even though the finale was separated into two separate episodes, there was no title sequence for part two. Instead, the actors names just appeared on the screen and a transition like music played over the license plate as they went to commercial.

    • The license plate at the end of the ending credits finally switches from '79 to '80.

    Trivia (11)

    • The first three flashback scenes (the "foot in ass" flashbacks, the water tower flashbacks and Hyde hitting Kelso flashbacks) have some flashbacks the persons shown as remembering them can't know as they didn't witness the event or it was imagined by someone else. Hyde's flashbacks (about falling off the water tower) feature a scene that he didn't witness in "Too Old To Trick Or Treat, Too Young To Die" (Donna and Eric alone on the water tower, and Eric falls; Hyde was sneaking at Pinciottis' at this moment). Red's flashbacks (about "foot in ass") feature a scene from Fez's dream sequence from "That 70s Musical" ("and don't let bed bugs put their foot in your ass"), and Kelso's flashbacks (about being beaten by Hyde) feature a Star Wars-themed scene from Eric's dream sequence from "The New Hope" (Han Solo, portrayed by Hyde, punches Chewbacca, portrayed by Kelso). The only entirely consistent flashback sequence is Donna's.

    • In this episode, Red gives Hyde a check; it's all the money that Hyde paid as rent. In Sleepover, Red said, after Hyde gave him money for rent: Red: You know, I'm going to take that money and open him a savings account.

    • Kelso: Speaking of hot chicks, what's going on with you and that stripper wife of yours? Hyde: Hmmm... not good, man. She's gone. Hyde shows up with a stripper wife in the eighth season episode Bohemian Rhapsody. He later finds out that she's already married, and she leaves, in the episode My Fairy King.

    • Kitty (to Hyde): Now that we're staying, maybe you could shave your mustache, because, Honey, you look like a forty-year old male prostitute. While Hyde spent most of the fifth season with facial hair, that was a beard and mustache. He shaved that off for Jackie in the episode Black Dog, and remained clean-shaven until the eighth season, when he appeared with the mustache in episode Spread Your Wings.

    • Kelso "falls" off the water tower for the final time in this episode, marking it as the fourth fall by him overall in the series. The first three falls occured in Water Tower (1 - 21), The Immigrant Song (5 - 24), and Bohemian Rhapsody (8 - 1).

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    Allusions (1)

    • (after a montage scene of Red threatening to put his foot in various people's asses) Hyde: Did you ever actually do that... with your foot? Red: Once. On Iwo Jima. I can't talk about it. The Battle of Iwo Jima was a fierce fight in the Pacific Theater near the end of World War II. It took place from February 19 to March 26, 1945. The Americans suffered numerous losses, but eventually took the Japanese island. Red has previously mentioned other battles that he was involved in in the Pacific Theater during World War II, most notably, Guadalcanal, in the episodes Drive-In and Long Away.

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