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    • KateSullivan Aug 09, 2013

      This was the show when I watched a bunch of the Comic Con previews that really surprised me that I liked it. I had heard it was coming out and sort of rolled my eyes at it. Heck, I think I saw a really quick trailer of it in the spring and thought it was dumb. Now, I am positively intrigued. I mean, I am going to watch and probably enjoy the Tomorrow People and I think I will probably figure out how quickly ABC gets things on Demand so I can watch that Agents show and I think I will actually like Brooklyn Nine Nine (though I fear its time slot, 8:30 on Tuesdays on Fox seems to be becoming as much of a death knell spot as 8:00 on Thursdays on ABC, oh how I wish the other once had just remained a mid way season show...). My concern about this one, though, it seems very likely that it will be playing in a spot where I already have a couple shows, one of which that returns mid season (I am guessing a Monday at nine slot for this one, that might try and take advantage of something which might cross networks, but it could try and hop onto the second half premiere of Teen Wolf on MTV, I think there could be audience cross over)

    • modernfamily120 Aug 10, 2013

      I think that this show will end up Thursday @ 9:00.