The 100 "His Sister's Keeper" Review: Siblings, Am I Right?

By Kaitlin Thomas

Apr 24, 2014

The 100 S01E06: "His Sister's Keeper"

Well, we couldn't avoid the love triangle forever, guys! After last week's very dark, very mature storyline about the problems facing the men and women on the Ark, "His Sisters's Keeper" focused on the relationships between the Hundred on the ground. I suppose it was only a matter of time before the series had to explore The CW's mandated hormonal teen angst, as well as Bellamy and Octavia's complicated sibling relationship, but neither of the two storylines in this episode were as interesting as they could've been. And they certainly didn't carry the same weight as what we saw in "Twilight's Last Gleaming." 

To be honest, after Octavia was kidnapped last week, I thought we were going to spend more time with the Grounders and discover more about their primitive society, but most of Octavia's scenes in "His Sister's Keeper" featured her climbing through tight spaces while wielding antlers as a weapon. I'm not saying I expected to be invited to the Grounders' next council meeting—although I'd like to talk to them about where to buy chains and locks—but we didn't learn much of anything about them this week. In theory, I'm cool with having the Grounders remain mostly a mystery, but before long, they're going to have to do something "serious," because right now they're the Hundred's main enemy on Earth and they don't feel all that dangerous. Especially when they're just picking off faceless nobodies.

In "Twilight's Last Gleaming," the writers made us care about characters we'd just met shining a light on their relationships; unfortunately, they haven't extended the same courtesy to the teens on the ground. If you're on The 100 and your name isn't Clarke, Bellamy, Finn, Jasper, Octavia or Monty (what happened to Monty? Where are you, Monty?), you're pretty much disposable. New characters are introduced—maybe they're given a name, maybe they're not—so that the writers have people to kill off, and while I applaud them for continuing to showcase the brutality of the world these folks live in, at some point they're going to have to try to make viewers care about the people who die. We know they can do it, and we've seen how great the series can be when they do it; that's why The 100 will never fulfill its potential if they just keep murdering people we're not invested in. 

Intercut with the action on the ground this week were flashbacks to various points in both Bellamy's and Octavia's lives on the Ark. We already knew it was illegal for people on the Ark to have more than one child, and we already knew their mother was floated once Octavia was discovered, but we never knew the specifics of her discovery. Since the series premiered, Bellamy has been Octavia's protector, and he always seemed like a willing participant in that regard, but as we learned this week, he often feels burdened by her existence. "My life ended the day you were born," he told her after rescuing her. That was kind of harsh, but it's easy to see why Bellamy might've come to resent Octavia over the years. He's been unable to live his own life because he promised his mother that he'd look after his sister and protect her. 

It's obvious that, despite Bellamy's protests, he would do anything for Octavia. He took her to the masquerade party (which was ultimately how she was discovered), and he shot the Chancellor just so he could board the dropship when he learned she was being sent to the ground. His resentment of her is unique on The 100, where no one else has siblings, but ask anyone who was burdened with a younger (and cuter) sibling and they will tell you how much better their life was before said younger sibling came in to being. It doesn't mean we don't still love each other at the end of the day, but siblings can definitely be a pain, and they do come to resent each other for things that seem completely ridiculous to outsiders. It happens. My brother is still mad at me for deleting his progress in Zelda in 1995, and that's not even that bad compared to what happened between Bellamy and Octavia. What I'm trying to say is, siblings are crazy, guys!

Over in the teen romance section of camp was Finn, who was torn between his lifelong friendship with and love for Raven and his newfound friendship with and love for Clarke, the latter of which he's not sure he's ready (or even able) to stop. Last week I commented on Clarke's maturity in her reaction to Raven's history with Finn, and that mostly carried over to this week as the two ladies returned to the sex bunker to find something Raven could use to fix the broken radio. For her part, Raven didn't respond too well to the news that her boyfriend basically since forever had only waited 10 days before getting into another girl's pants—which, fair enough. Finn has all the makings of the hero, diving in to save his fellow survivors without a moment's hesitation, but that doesn't mean he has all the answers or only makes good decisions. Karma finally caught up to him this week when he was stabbed by a Grounder during Octavia's rescue, and I obviously don't believe the series will kill him off (especially after attempting to clean him up with a haircut), but he definitely needs to sort out his priorities once he's healed.

It should come as no surprise the love triangle is still the least interesting part of The 100, but I think that if the series develops Finn beyond the obvious hero archetype, and Raven beyond the scorned lover (she was pretty awesome when she was working with Abby on the Ark), the love triangle will feel more integral to the series and viewers will be more accepting of its existence. Now that we know a bit more about Octavia and Bellamy's background growing up on the Ark, I feel like I at least understand where each of their characters is coming from. I still think Octavia's an idiot for even thinking of running off on her own again, but at least understand her motivations. And if The 100 insists on never fleshing out any other members of the Hundred, the least it can do is flesh out the ones we already know. The show is off to a good start, it just needs to keep at it.


– Current Population of the Hundred (not including Bellamy or Raven): 90

– Bellamy was recruited to shoot the Chancellor by a member of the guard (the guy who's also responsible for Octavia being arrested and Bellamy losing his place as a cadet). MUTINY! MUTINY! MUTINY! I really can't wait for the mutiny storyline take hold on the Ark. The show is setting it up so well.

– Raven: "Do you love him?" Clarke: "I hardly know him." See? Even Clarke is like, "Develop the characters more, show!

– What the Grounder was doing with Octavia still isn't really clear. She wasn't locked up at first, which I found odd, but after she escaped and he recaptured her, he chained her up. Was he really saving her from the rest of the Grounders? He did blow the foghorn to drive them away from the rest of the rescue team. He seemed like a cool guy until the Finn stabbing, but he's just been bopped on the head and was about to be killed, so it's kind of understandable he lashed out first. Either way, I really want to know more about the Grounders! 

What did you think of "His Sister's Keeper"?

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  • alcalde Jul 30, 2014

    &If; you're on The 100 and your name isn't Clarke, Bellamy, Finn, Jasper,
    &Octavia; or Monty....

    Be careful. The last time someone said something like that, Lost gave us Nikki and Paulo.

  • Ouji-San May 01, 2014

    I thing the show is becoming weak.

  • CKgirl Apr 27, 2014

    After the first episode, I went on kind of a rant about population biology based off of Octavia/Bellamy's irritating behavior, in that they had no right to be the amount of butthurt they are about their mother being executed, because Octavia shouldn't even exist and their mother HAD to have known that before she got pregnant again, and that her having a second baby was pretty much the most selfish thing she could have done because without population control all of civilization would die. So score for my prediction there!
    But I still have a lot of unanswered questions: HOW did her mom get pregnant again - aren't there any birth control/ abortive options on the Ark? I still think that there has to be, otherwise everyone on the Ark would have to commit to being celibate/sterilized past having their first child, because no birth control method is 100% effective. If the mom had come forward as soon as she realized she was pregnant, would she still have been punished, or would they have helped her? Accidents happen. Who's Octavia's dad, and why wasn't he also punished? It's not like Octavia's mom immaculately conceived, and I can't imagine they wouldn't ask that question before she was floated. Unless maybe it's that creepy guard guy? Was she raped? I got the feeling that the mom only started that relationship because it was necessary to keep Octavia safe and hidden. Plus all of my more general questions of how they keep track of genealogy on the Ark - are they at the point where you are only allowed/forced to marry certain people in order to keep the kids from being inbred? A population size of only 4,000 (now 3,700) is pretty damn small, especially considering a good chunk of that has to be over the age of fertility. Just so many questions about how this is all supposed to work to preserve the gene pool of humanity balanced with controlling overpopulation to not overtax the Ark.

  • ILoveTVandDDsBB Apr 26, 2014

    wonder if there will be a cannibal grounder group

  • Scrabble Apr 26, 2014

    I liked it. The Bellamy/Octavia storyline in particular. I did not like the cliche, 'storm's coming,' final line but will breeze over that because at least from the preview seems an actual storm is coming.

    I felt slightly guilty at the end because the whole ep I'd be thinking, 'Wow. Everything is Bellamy's fault.. Almost every death so far in the show, Olivia getting captured. So much.' Then Olivia said it and I'm like - 'Hey, Olivia. It's not that simple!' Bellamy was just as harsh but that whole scene made sense to me. However much they love eachother (sometimes because of how much they love eachother), siblings can be the worst. I am glad we got those flashbacks too because it gave the entire relationship much more weight. And I though the show aged them down well but maybe it was just that Flashback Blakes had showered.

    The grounder that saved Olivia is played by Ryan Naysmith - an attractive dude - and this is the CW. For that reason alone, I assume he will ultimately be a good guy/?love interest depending on the age he's playing. I feel like it's too early to get much information about the grounders so am glad this episode didn't spill too much. If they turn out to speak english in the exact same way as the Arkfolk though I will rage.

    And I'm glad the love triangle nonsense is out in the open so quickly. I didn't understand how Raven could be so in love with Finn so was good to get background on that at least. (Finn grates at me; I can't help it).

  • Scrabble Apr 26, 2014

    *Oops. Octavia.

    Also - grounders grabbed Jasper and Octavia, patched them up and sent them home. Grabbed Random Dude and Random Girl and killed them instantly. It's almost as if the Grounders know which kids are our main characters. Jeez, show. Won't get away with that a third time.

  • natesjokes Apr 25, 2014

    They've only eaten once in 10 days... and that was a panther? split between 100ish people. How are they still alive?

  • Laurpr2 Apr 25, 2014

    Well Bellamy has aged remarkably well. And it's no wonder he has anger issues.

    Soooo much lens flare. This show makes it look like JJ Abrams showed restraint.

    Glad we got the love triange drama out in the open at least....I'm actually pretty pleased with how the CW is handling it. I was expecting the secret to drag on for weeks.....Now maybe we'll get a "The Other Woman" relationship between the two :)

  • digital_dice Apr 25, 2014

    Luckily the lens flare is limited to flashbacks. According to the Youtube clip I saw of Jason Rothenberg(producer), episode 6 was the last of the flashback episodes.

  • mad-pac Apr 25, 2014

    I really liked the Octavia/Bellamy story, but the love triangle on the planet's surface seemed completely forced. It's definitely too early for "Do you love him?" questions, and things like "If you think you're special, you're wrong." Wake up and smell the breakfast, lady! People are being killed in droves in the Ark (as far as they know), the Grounders or radiation or starvation may kill the delinquents sooner than later, and life is basically sh*t for everybody and she's concerned whether Clarke loves Finn? Have some perspective!

    The story in the Ark, on the other hand, was much more compelling. Just imagine spending all your life in a room, and sometimes in a small compartment under the floor, which was getting proportionally smaller as time went by. That would be enough to drive anyone insane.

    And... Octavia was the prisoner of a Grounder and some extras died. Honestly, that barely registered on my radar. Which shows the writing is inconsistent. I knew Octavia was in no real danger, after all this is not Game of Thrones, where anything can happen to anybody.

    All in all, the show still holds my interest.

  • ummhaniyyah Apr 29, 2014

    I think show is well-written even around the annoying love triangle.

    The writers have set things up so that we see how harsh life is on the Ark, especially for working/lower class people like Raven. Life isn't pretty for higher ups like Clarke, but they aren't scrounging for rations either.

    Finn has literally been Raven's life-line (imagine what sharing his rations with her from an early age would have meant when those are already restricted) for most of her life. She doesn't appear to have known her father and her mother was an alcoholic who traded Raven's rations for booze -- plus, when we first met her character she had figured something was up re the prisoners because her daily visits to Finn had been interrupted. She got in that rickety spacecraft to Earth because of Finn. It makes sense that she would react the way she has - completely in character and context, even if it's annoying to watch.

    Finn not wanting things to be over with Clarke is understandable, too, she's really charismatic and on the Arc because of the class structure would have been completely unapproachable. On Earth she treats him like a super hero equal. Plus, he hasn't dated anyone else and has been on Raven lock-down forever, so his reactions make sense.

    Still, I hope the Love Triangle doesn't compromise characters I love. Clarke is a strong female lead - so smart and capable -- so, I really don't want to see her diminished by mooning over Finn or cat fights with Raven.

    Octavia and the Grounder: Liked the parallels here. Here is someone who has spent years being hidden away in a compartment in the floor of her family's quarters being hidden in a hole in the ground and the second time around chained up by her Grounder. It may be that he had good reasons and it was for Octavia's own protection - but Octavia, understandably isn't having it anymore.

    Loved the flashback scenes with Bellamy and Octavia's unnamed mother. She was intense.

  • ummhaniyyah May 02, 2014

    @mad-pac The love triangle element they introduced (to my surprise) this latest episode was Clarke feeling that she needs Finn emotionally. I hope that's not a signal of a spiral into real melodrama. I hope it's just some temporary trauma filled stuff and not a trend. I like Finn, but surely he's not that important. Though I guess, this may also have to do with Clarke losing her best friend and her anger at her mother.

  • digital_dice Apr 25, 2014

    "All in all, the show still holds my interest."

    I feel the same way. Plot holes and lack of realism aside, this show nicely fills a void in my current viewing habits. The fact that it doesn't fall into the overcrowded category of doctors, lawyers, cops/detectives/FBI, comics or supernaturals is a plus. Offering a different kind of story is probably the strongest point of The 100.

  • jacobwright984 Apr 24, 2014

    This show would be a hit on a major network cw doesn't have the budget for this type of series,Also how did these grounders survive a nuclear winter?

  • MarlboroMagpi Apr 24, 2014

    I think they are two group of grounders.

    One that wants to kill them all off. Another one (could be just one) who might not necessarily want to kill them off just yet or could be friendly.

    I liked the Bellamy and Octavia back story as it explains the character motivations more.

    I am still quite excited to watch the show and the pace still fast enough.

    I do think they need to balance the story on the ark and the story down below a bit more in each episode so viewers will have it more interesting.

    Despite negative reactions from some, I am still enjoying this show and Crisis. Crisis is especially good this week.

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